The MARRIAN line is an important element in my ancestry.   It is an unusual and distinctive name with early Huguenot connections, although there are others bearing the same or similar surname from Ireland and elsewhere which appear unconnected at present.   I have done much work on the many different branches and have redacted those with the more outlandish spelling variants unless they have proven links to the main tree.

What you will find here

You will find a complete listing of all Births, Deaths and Marriages taken from the General Register Office listings for England and Wales (those without an entry in the RIN column are either from Ireland or Essex and are not part of our family); just click as appropriate below to call these up.   The chief component of the site is the GEDCOM tree linking all these together - including many links to US, Canadian and Australian families.   Click on GEDCOM below to go to the index from which to select your initial individual.

What you will NOT find here

You should find no details of LIVING persons.


I can do no more than apologise for the chosen display medium.   GED2HTML aka Gendex is the ‘best of a bad lot’ of programs to choose from; it was not designed to cope with the sophistication of modern genealogical software.   It does rather reluctantly accept dates by ‘quarter’ in the Q1 1845 format, meaning the first quarter of 1845 - essential when using the GRO indexes.

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