The TRENT line is my maternal grandfather’s ancestry.   Click here to see my grandfather and his young bride canoodling in front of an early movie camera on their honeymoon in Paris in 1912.   I have attempted to build on the work of my late cousin Sr Zoë Trent and this site is a tribute to her.   It has undergone a major update to include all Trents who have appeared on the various UK censuses up to 1911.   The Trents originated in Dorset and the publication by Ancestry of most of the Dorset parish registers and the 1911 Census has enabled so many uncertainties to be resolved.   The new availability of the 1939 Register means that all the persons alive then now have full dates of birth included - although some individuals chose to give incorrect information to the enumerator.

What you will find here

You will find a complete listing of all Births and Deaths taken from the General Register Office listings for England and Wales down to 1925 (those without an entry in the RIN column have yet to be tied in to the tree; Marriages have now been extended down to 1939 to tie in with the 1939 Register; just click as appropriate in the box below to call these up.   The chief component of the site is the GEDCOM tree linking most of these together.   For anyone interested in TRENTs from Virginia I can thoroughly recommend Drema Swader’s website.

Corrections will continue to be gratefully received.

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