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The WEDGWOOD line is an important element in my maternal great-grandmother’s ancestry, herself a WOOD.    Through this are also established several links to branches of the WOOD family of Burslem.   Early generations of the DANIEL family of Burslem have been added, thus taking the potting line back to 1530.

What you will find here

You will find a complete listing of all Births, Deaths and Marriages taken from the General Register Office listings for England and Wales (those without an entry in the RIN column have yet to be tied in to the tree as of now); just click as appropriate below to call these up.   The chief component of the site is the GEDCOM tree linking all these together - including many links to US, Canadian and Australian families.

What you will NOT find here

You should find few details of LIVING persons; the cut-off date of 1924 coincides with the date of publication of ‘Wedgwood Pedigrees’.   Anyone whose birth was recorded then will still be included here.


I can do no more than apologise for the chosen display medium.   This follows slavishly the straightjacket of the GEDCOM 5.5 Standard and cannot be tailored to cope with non-standard fields.   The ‘Occupation’ field, for instance, is a mess and only gives the place of occupation and not the occupation itself.   A good point, however, is the ‘Source’ list; I have made use of this exclusively for the 1841 thru 1911 Census information - including the official reference number modified to begin with the last two digits of the year [eg. 81. means 1881, etc.].

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