This is my wife’s family.   Our’s are supposedly ‘ALWAYS spelled with two Ls and two Ts’ and ‘ALL WILLMETTs are related’ or so the family aver.   Fings ain’t necessarily so; and here you will find a variety of spellings of the name together with a stab at piecing them together in some kind of order.    There are in fact TWO distinct families today who regularly spell the name as WILLMETT: our’s, who originate in Devon, and another, who appear to have come to England in about 1775 from northern France and made their fortune as shipbuilders.

Grateful Thanks

Naturally I could not have achieved all this singlehanded.   I owe a deep indebtedness to the work of others, some published, a lot not.   I must thank numerous individuals who have added their own lines to the published material.   The result is much COMPLETELY NEW MATERIAL never before published.    This tree is still growing with much missing; additions and corrections will be gladly received so together we can make it even better.


I can do no more than apologise for the chosen display medium.   This follows slavishly the straightjacket of the GEDCOM 5.5 Standard and cannot be tailored to cope with non-standard fields.   The ‘Occupation’ field, for instance, is a mess and only gives the place of occupation and not the occupation itself.   A good point, however, is the ‘Source’ list; I have made use of this exclusively for the 1841 thru 1901 Census information - including the official reference number modified to begin with the last two digits of the year [eg. 81. means 1881, etc.].

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