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The WOOD of Burslem family line is an important element in my maternal great-grandmother’s ancestry.    They are an important family of master potters and are contemporaries of the WEDGWOODs with whom they interlink repeatedly.

Grateful Thanks

Naturally I could not have achieved all this singlehanded.   I owe a deep indebtedness to the work of others, much published, a lot not.   The seminal work on the line is ‘The Wood Family of Burslem’ by Frank Faulkner, published in a very limited edition in 1912.   Happily this was reprinted in 1972.   Even copies of the reprint are now scarce and expensive too.

Lastly I must thank numerous other individuals who have added their own lines to the published material.    The result is much COMPLETELY NEW MATERIAL never before published.   Although nothing genealogical can ever be 100% reliable, I believe that the following tree is the most definitive yet.    Corrections will be gladly received so together we can make it even better.


I can do no more than apologise for the chosen display medium.   GED2HTML aka Gendex is the ‘only/best of a bad lot’ of programs to choose from; it was designed in the stone age and cannot cope with the sophistication of modern genealogical software.   It very reluctantly now accepts dates by ‘quarter’ in the Q1 1845 format meaning the first quarter of 1845 - essential when using the GRO indexes.   The occupation and notes fields are a plain mess; although part of this is a result of a change in the GEDCOM standard some years back.    Many of my favourite fields are missed out altogether.

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