Acme Cards, London 01-381 2034

From Lilliput magazine, June 1938.   Lilliput often juxtaposed photos to make a joke or a political point.

LT1 Chelsea’s Mayor

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David Allen & Sons Ltd., London, Harrow, Belfast &c.

A postcard by the artist Hassall was produced by the Duke of York’s Headquarters saying “Citizens of, or those connected with, the Overseas Dominions are eligible as recruits.   Further information can be obtained from the Adjutant to whom communications should be addressed.”

King Edward’s Horse   The King’s Oversea Dominions Regiment.

Bibesco Hut, Sloane Square, London S.W.

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H. Alwin, London. Series 110

Not much is known about this small London publisher.   His cards bear great similarity to those of other publishers such as Vedy below.

Chelsea Bridge.   Identical to 239-6 by F C Morgan below.
Chelsea - The Duke of York’s School.
Chelsea - King’s Road.
Chelsea - Sloane Square.

The cards below, although anonymous, are similar, or in some cases identical, to both those published by Alwin above, F C Morgan and Vedy.

Chelsea Hospital. - Ranelagh Gardens.
Chelsea Hospital Grounds. - Shady Avenue.
Chelsea Hospital - Old Gate
Cheyne Walk and Chelsea Church.
Chelsea. - The Old Hospital.
Chelsea. The Royal Hospital.

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Andrew & Sleigh Ltd

The following cards were published for the “1st Middlesex Royal Engineers (Volunteers). Headquarters: 67, College St., Chelsea S.W.”

Blockhouse Constructed at Deal. Aug., 1902
Bridge Constructed at Head Quarters, 1901
View of Camp, Clacton-on-Sea, Aug., 1903

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T. & R. Annan & Sons, Glasgow

This series of ‘Miniature Reproductions of Famous Etchings’ is included for interest as it includes many views by Whistler.

1. The “Adam and Eve”, Old Chelsea
2. Limehouse
3. Tyzac, Whiteley & Co.
4. Old Putney Bridge
5. Thames Police
6. Billingsgate

28. Old Westminster Bridge

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Art and Humour Publishing Co., 27 Chancery Lane, London W.C.

Published the A & H “Convalescent” Series.

325 God Bless our Red, White and Blue!

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Aurora Publishing

Printwise Publications, Unit 9C, Bradley Fold Trading Estate, Radcliffe Moor Road, Bolton BL2 6RT

Aurora is a modern (c.1990) publisher and their series Historic Sights of Old London includes:

Sloane Square - Named after Sir Hans Sloane, founder of the British Museum

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A & H Aymotte, Battersea

A few numbered (and sometimes anonymous) real photographs were published across the river by A & H Aymotte originally of 72 Battersea Rise, but later at 126 Latchmere Road, SW11.   In 1930 the firm - now just H Aymotte - moved away to 548 Commercial Road in Portsmouth, Hants:

1600 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
and its anonymous version:
1600 Cheyne Walk, Chellea [sic]
1603 Chelsea Bridge

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The Badger Press, Westbury, Wiltshire

One of a series of 18 old music halls drawn by Nick Charlesworth in 1981, a pen and ink drawing of:

Chelsea Palace King’s Road

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J. Beagles & Co., Ltd., E.C.

A major London publisher of real photographic cards included the following in their extensive range:

London Life - No.22. The Chelsea Pensioner
170P Peace Pageant on the River Thames. The Prince of Wales landing at Cadogan Pier
669X House of Thomas Carlyle, London, at 24 Cheyne Row, Chelsea

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Bell, Pickard & Co., Ltd., London E.C. - “Finsbury” Series

Included a charming set of six coloured cards with a Chelsea Pensioner theme in their Series 1550:

A fairy tale
Baby’s Nurse
Come along
Gee up!
Lighting up time
The Veteran’s race

There are identical pictures used by Misch & Co. Ltd. in their “Aristochrom” Series and similar images from the same photo shoot were published in A & G Taylor’s “Orthochrome” Series.

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Publications BIG BEN - Poitiers

Here is an example from a French publisher on the Chelsea Pensioner theme:

No 25 A Chelsea Pensioner. L’hôpital de Chelsea, à Londres, a été fondé en 1682, comme maison de retraite pour les vieux soldats sans famille et les invalides de guerre. Ceux-ci sont appelés « Chelsea Pensioners »

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Boots Cash Chemists “Pelham” Series

Boots “Pelham” Series published an enormous range of postcard views across the realm.    This set of 12 cards of Chelsea (including three cards of Battersea Park, which miraculously has crossed the river to become part of Chelsea) is typical of their production.

Bandstand, Battersea Park, Chelsea.
Battersea Park, Chelsea.
Cadogan Pier, Chelsea.
Cheyne Walk and Embankment, Chelsea.
Duke of York’s School, Chelsea.
The Embankment, Chelsea.
The Lake, Battersea Park, Chelsea.
Old Church, Chelsea.
Royal Hospital, Chelsea.
Royal Hospital, Chelsea.
Sloane Square, Chelsea.
Sloane Street, Chelsea.

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Brentnall & Cleland, Cremorne Wharf, Lots Road, Chelsea, S.W. 10

Entitled “Coals for All” published a magnificent advertising card.

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Brompton Hospital

For the moment a couple of real photos of Brompton Hospital taken just after the war remain to be classified:

Brompton Hospital
Nurses Home

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Mrs. Albert Broom, 36 Burnfoot Avenue, Fulham

Albert Edward Broom was born in Chelsea in 1864 and married at St Saviour’s Chelsea on 15 August 1889 to Christina Livingston; in 1903 Christina began publishing local postcards under her imprint; all are real photographs and hard to find.   Albert died on 21 January 1912 aged only 47 and Christina carried on the business and did not die until 5 June 1939; we are fortunate indeed, therefore, that her daughter Winifred Margaret (born on 7 August 1890) made a list of much of her mother’s postcard output and lodged 306 of the glass negatives in the Museum of London, where they still are today.   Only the Chelsea cards are noted below.   Certain of the plates with R. prefixes had been sold and the cards re-issued by Johns and other local publishers.

R.24Chelsea Bridge Road.
R.29Albert Bridge.
R.79Chelsea Hospital.
R.84The Square, Chelsea Barracks.
R.85Chelsea Barracks.
R.86Chelsea Barracks.
R.87Shady Walk, Chelsea.
R.88Chelsea Hospital.
R.89Chelsea Hospital.
240King’s Road, Chelsea - top of Oakley Street.
241King’s Road, Chelsea - Royal Avenue.
242King’s Road, Chelsea - “Traylen’s”.
243Sloane Square - “D. H. Davies’s”.
244Markham Square, Chelsea.
245Markham Square, Chelsea.
246Holy Trinity, Chelsea.
246King’s Road, Chelsea - “Whitelands”.
247King’s Road, Chelsea - from corner Manresa Road.
248Sloane Square.
249Sloane Square, showing Peter Jones.
250Cadogan Gardens.
251Royal Hospital Chelsea - The Pensioner’s Gardens.
258Burton’s Court.
259Chelsea Barracks.
293Pont Street - looking across Sloane Street.
298Pont Street - looking towards church.
305Royal Hospital Chelsea.
318Sloane Street.
370King’s Road, Chelsea - Police Station.
371King’s Road, Chelsea - “Man-in-the-Moon” to Beaufort Street.
372King’s Road, Chelsea - Church Street to Carlyle Square.
392Peter Jones - Sloane Square.
481St. Thomas More’s Buildings - Beaufort Street, Chelsea.
1442Holy Trinity, Chelsea. Interior.
1443Holy Trinity, decorated with palms etc.
1444Holy Trinity, side altar.
14591st Life Guards. Royal Avenue, Chelsea.
1470Chelsea Hospital.
1471Burton’s Court.
1472Markham Square.
1473Cancer Hospital.
1474St. Columba’s, Pont Street.
1518St. Jude’s, Chelsea.
1555Holy Trinity, Sloane Street.
1561St Barnabas, Pimlico.
1562Old Chelsea Church.
1565St Luke’s, Chelsea.
1566Chelsea Congregational Church.
1571Boys of the Duke of York’s School. (group with football).
Y 17Rev. G H Andrews and Boys of the Duke Of York’s R.M. School.
 Chelsea Barracks.
 Chelsea Barracks. Another different
 [Various Chelsea Pageant Costumes.]
 [Queen Elizabeth - Chelsea Pageant Costume.]
 The International Suffrage Fair, Chelsea Town Hall. Nov 1912.

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E. Brown, 7 Walton Street, SW

Nearly every card of Brown’s derives from an original real photograph published by E. Hammond, 173 Brompton Road, SW (H); two appear to have been published by Johns (J)

Cadogan Square, Chelsea (H)
Hans Place, Chelsea (H)
Lennox Gardens, Chelsea (H)
Lennox Gardens, Chelsea (H) Different view
Ovington Square, Chelsea (H)
Ovington Square, Chelsea (J)
Ovington Street, Chelsea (H)
Pont Street, Chelsea (H)
Walton Street, Chelsea (H)
Walton St. S.W. (J)

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W. B. Buchanan, Chelsea

Nothing is known about Buchanan of Chelsea; I include the only known card by him - and it’s not even a view of Chelsea, in the hope that more research may provide more information; it is a strange card of a woman wearing a hat and apron, pushing down the street a wheelbarrow piled high with wicker baskets presumably containing herring:

“Caller Herrin’”

The card I have is dated 9th March 1912 and was sent to Mrs Buchanan c/o Mrs Hadgood in Wimborne, Dorset; the message reads “Many thanks dear for your nice letter & pretty card to Father. We are so glad you are having such a delightful visit to your old friend. Of course I shall be very glad to go to the mother’s meeting on Monday. Excuse only a card. Will is nailing up the vine and I am just setting out to do some shopping. We all send you our love including Iago - I am looking forward to seeing you soon - B.”

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Douglas Burrage, Oakley Studios, Chelsea

Douglas Gerald Harcourt Burrage (1890 - 1966) was the son of Edwin Harcourt Burrage, Journalist, and Alice Louisa née Reynolds.   Enterprisingly he published an outline map of Chelsea upon which purchasers could mark their location with a bold X and give other travel information.   He is, however, best known for his set of pen and ink drawings, each framed within a double lined border and supplemented by capital typescript text, and going by the title of “TALES OF OLD CHELSEA”.   The following titles have been seen:

 1 The Albert Bridge
 2 The Oakley Studios
 3 The Duke of Monmouth’s House
 4 Turner’s House at 119 Cheyne Walk
 5 The Tree that grew inside the Studio
 6 The Chelsea Studio Club
 7 Whistler’s House at 96 Cheyne Walk
 8 Nell Gwyn’s House
 9 The Old Chelsea Bun House
10 The Famous Lombard Restaurant
11 The Old Chelsea Smithy
12 The Chelsea Old Church
13 The Devils on the front of the Six Bells
14 Chelsea’s Underground Passages Two different versions
15 The Extraordinary House of the Mad Dr Phene
17 Crosby Hall
19 The Wentworth Studios

50 ‘Goosey’ Chapman of the Smith Street Doss House
51 ‘General Chelsea’
52 The Bailiff who became deeply interested in Art
54 All Mild’s Reluctant Donkey
57 Salome of Phené Street
59 The Coq d’Or Restaurant
60 The Murderer’s Club

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Anon - C

A nice series of anonymous real photographic cards is characterised by rather foggy sepia tones and numbers preceded by C:

C2 Chelsea, Cheyne Walk
C3 Chelsea, Royal Hospital

C6 Chelsea, Flood Street

C13 Chelsea Bridge

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A single anonymous sepia card c.1930, the divider on the back of which says CANBRIDE in minute lettering:

Lombard Terrace, Chelsea

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Cardcraft Publishing Service, 89 Manchuria Road, London, S.W.11

Published a charming set (?12) of pen and ink sketches of Chelsea by Albert Percy Jaques Warren (1895-1976) of which the following titles have been noted:

Chelsea Embankment and Old Church
Chelsea Old Church
Cheyne Row, Chelsea
Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
Crosby Hall, Chelsea
Justice Walk, Chelsea
Old Cottage, Glebe Place, Chelsea
The Royal Hospital, Chelsea
St Luke’s Church, Chelsea

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The Carlton Tower, Cadogan Place, SW1

Published their own artist drawn card:

Home of the famous Rib Room

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Carlyle’s House

Over the years several distinct sets of cards of Carlyle’s House were published for sale to visitors, many sharing the same image, but distinguishable by the card backs.   The earliest were a set of six undivided backs and are characterised by the imprint beside the picture “From . . CARLYLE’S HOUSE. Cheyne Row, Chelsea, London, S.W.”.   These were followed by two sets with the imprint on the back “From CARLYLE’S House, 24, Cheyne Row (Formerly 5, Great Cheyne Row), CHELSEA, S.W.” - one (slightly earlier) in a larger typeface than the other.    Real photographic versions are known to exist of some of the images, but anonymous on the back.    Later still appeared some ‘Frith’ style versions of the same images, some with the imprint “British Manufacture.” forming the divider.   After the second world war Photochrom took up the challenge and published cards from new real photographs bearing a number of differently detailed imprints, but all essentially “Published by Country Life Ltd. Printed by Photochrom Co., Ltd., Tunbridge Wells - A Property of The National Trust”.

TitleU/BLargeSmallR PFrith
Carlyle’s House, from Cheyne Row 
Back view of Carlyle’s House from the Garden 
The Ground Floor Rooms    
Carlyle’s House. Dining Room, Back Dining Room, and China Closet  
Carlyle’s House. The Spare Room  
Carlyle’s House. The Drawing Room & Mrs Carlyle’s Bedroom  
Carlyle’s House. Mrs Carlyle’s Bedroom  
Carlyle’s House. Carlyle’s Bedroom  
Carlyle’s House. The Garret Study 
The Kitchen    
The Kitchen  
Carlyle’s Statue•    
Carlyle’s Statue by Boehm  

Titles and views of the post-war Country Life cards are similar:

Carlyle’s House. Exterior Three different versions
Carlyle’s House, Chelsea. From the Garden See also Excel version
Carlyle’s House. The Drawing Room See also Excel version
Carlyle’s House. The Kitchen See also Excel type version
Carlyle’s House. The Attic Study

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Chaucer Publishing Co., 62 Chaucer Rd., Herne Hill, SE

Chaucer seem to have specialised in the production of a characteristic series of multi-view “Greetings from....” postcards of London localities.   The twelve multi-views appear to have been specially commissioned for each card.   They later moved to 129 Railton Road, still in Herne Hill, and produced another similar series of “Picture Gems of....” often re-utilising photographs from other publishers.

80 Greetings from Chelsea

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Chairman Cigarette Series

Published a set of cards entitled “Old English Pottery and Porcelain” of which two (numbers 2 & 21) feature Chelsea items

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E Cheesman

E Cheesman published his own pen and ink drawing of Church Street, Chelsea

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Chelsea Flower Show

Postcards of the Chelsea Flower Show, starting with the Royal International Horticultural Exhibition in May 1912.

CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW MAY 18th, 19th & 20th [1915]. ROYAL HOSPITAL GARDENS SLOANE SQUARE    Printed by Johnson, Riddle & Co. Ltd., Southwark SE
The Octagonal Garden, CHELSEA SHOW 1915 (Silver Gilt Flora Medal) Designed and Constructed by ERNEST DIXON, PUTNEY, SW
The Octagonal Garden, CHELSEA SHOW (Silver Gilt Flora Medal) Designed and Constructed by ERNEST DIXON, PUTNEY, SW
R. H. S. CHELSEA SHOW Photo: Smith Collection   Printed by Essex Telegraph Press Ltd, Colchester, England

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The Chelsea Hotel

A modern promotional card of the Chelsea Hotel, showing nearby retail outlets:

The Chelsea Hotel

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Chelsea Old Church

A set of possibly six cards with a distinctive frame appear to have been published anonymously for the Old Church:

Exterior - from the South-East

Additionally about a dozen real photographic cards exist, including:

From Sir Thos More’s Chapel
Lawrence Chapel
Lawrence Monument
Sir Thomas More’s Tomb
Stanley Monument
The Chained Books
Uncovering 14th cent Window 24-8-22
William Ashburnham’s Bell
14th cent Window - Temporary framing
14th cent Window - Reconstructed

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The Chelsea Publishing Co.

A set of artist drawn cards by T. Binney Gibbs dated 1925 and printed by The Talbot Press (Richard Wood), Saffron Walden:

Chelsea Bridge
Old Houses Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
Town Hall, Chelsea

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The Chelsea Society

In about 1960 The Chelsea Society published their own series of postcards, mainly photographs of old prints but some contemporary views too:

The Banqueting Hall at Cremorne Gardens
Beaufort House, formerly the Great House of Chelsea
Blackland’s Farm, King’s Road
Exterior of Carlyle’s House, No. 24 Cheyne Row
Interior of the Chelsea Bun House, in Jews Road (now Pimlico Road)
The Finish of Doggett’s Coat and Badge Race
The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh opening the new Chelsea Embankment in 1874 by Chelsea Old Church
Chelsea Old Church in 1788
View down Cheyne Walk from the south door of Chelsea Old Church, showing Hans Sloane’s tomb
The Foreshore and Lot’s Road Power Station
Jenny’s Whim Bridge, 1750, on the site of the present Chelsea Bridge
Kypp’s view of Chelsea, 1699, showing Beaufort House
Monmouth House, Laurence Street, near the site of the Chelsea China Works (1745-69)
Pond House Cottage, the residence of the Chelsea Common keeper
St Luke’s Church, Chelsea, 1828
Shrewsbury House in Cheyne Walk
South-east view of the Royal Hospital in the early 19th century
The Suspension Bridge at Chelsea, mid-19th century
Whistler painting his mother in the studio at 96 Cheyne Walk
World’s End Tea Gardens on the site of the “World’s End”

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Chelsea Stationery Stores, 207 King’s Road, SW

A nice little set of real photographic cards were published by this retailer; the following titles are known:

Mulberry Walk
Renaissance Oakley Street
Vale Avenue

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Chelsea Temperance Society

The Chelsea Temperance Society was founded in 1837 using Sydney Hall in Pond Place.   In about 1906 they published a set of cards showing their original Sydney Hall and vacant site nearby at the southern apex of Bury Street, together with architect’s drawing for a new building.   The new Sydney Hall was opened in June 1908; it is now home to the Oratory School.

Sydney Hall. Where for 52 years the work of the Chelsea Temperance Society has been carried on.
Platform of Sydney Hall. Where for 52 years the work of the Chelsea Temperance Society has been carried on.
Site for new Hall & Institute. £6,000 required.
Proposed Hall for the Chelsea Temperance Society.

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Chez Luba, 116 Draycott Avenue, Chelsea

La Maison des Specialities Russes

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A Ciardo

Windows with Little Harts, Pond Place, London SW3. Photo by A. Ciardo

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Colourmaster International

The brand name for Photo Precision Limited, St Ives, Huntingdon, Colourmaster is a major publisher of modern postcards, being especially active during the 1950s, 60s and 70s.   Many cards are anonymous, but distinguishable by the prefix PT to the card numbers.

PT 1014 King’s Road Chelsea, London
PT 8028 Chelsea Pensioners, Royal Hospital, Chelsea
PT 9984 Godfrey Street, Chelsea, London
PTG 10005 Large FAGA style artist drawn map card of Chelsea

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Convent of the Adoration Reparatrice

Published directly by the convent:

This famous old mulberry tree, which may be seen in the Convent garden, 28 Beaufort Street, Chelsea, once the property of Blessed Thomas More, dates back to the time of the lord Chancellor, who was beheaded in 1535 in defence of the Catholic faith.
Chapel of Adoration Reparatrice, 28 Beaufort Street, Chelsea, London SW3. Built on what was once the property of B. Thomas More. (Portrait by Holbein). Visitors are welcome to see the old boundary wall and mulberry tree which date back to his time (1480-1535)
Note This is the same photograph as published in 1912 by Lofthouse, Crosbie & Co. but with an inset on the top left of Holbein’s portrait of Sir Thomas More.

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Edwin C. Cook, 317/9 Fulham Road, SW

Edwin Charles Cook was born in 1855 in Darenth, Kent, and started life like many postcard publishers as a bookseller and stationer, must be counted within the top three publishers of Chelsea postcards.   His prolific output of top quality real photographic titles began around 1905 making his cards most collectable; in addition a handful of scarce non-photographic cards of his are equally sought after.   He appears to have sold many of his plates around 1912 as a number of these postcards were re-published under the Sidders Series imprint.   He died on 23rd July 1922.   Most of his cards of Chelsea Hospital were published in a letter and number series; these are listed first followed by the rest in alphabetical order.

ARoyal Hospital, Chelsea
BRoyal Hospital, Chelsea
B1‘Pensioners’, Royal Hospital, Chelsea
CTerrace Gardens, Royal Hospital, Chelsea
C1‘Pensioners’, Royal Hospital, Chelsea
CwConvalescent Ward, Royal Hospital, Chelsea
DTerrace Gardens, Royal Hospital, Chelsea
ERoyal Hospital, Chelsea
E1‘Pensioners’, Royal Hospital, Chelsea
E4Sloane Court West
FRight Wing, Royal Hospital, Chelsea
F1Entrance to Terrace Gardens, Royal Hospital, Chelsea
HTerrace Gardens, Royal Hospital, Chelsea
iSouth Front, Royal Hospital, Chelsea
I1Royal Hospital, Chelsea
IIIIRoyal Hospital, Chelsea
KRoyal Hospital, Chelsea
L1Royal Hospital, Chelsea
MChillian Walla, “1849”, Monument, Royal Hospital, Chelsea
NThe Library, Royal Hospital, Chelsea
O1From the Avenue, Royal Hospital, Chelsea
PRoyal Hospital, Chelsea
P1The Hall, Royal Hospital, Chelsea
P2‘Pensioners’, Royal Hospital, Chelsea
Q1The Hall, Royal Hospital, Chelsea
RWest Gate, Royal Hospital, Chelsea
S1Royal Hospital, Chelsea
TEast Gate, Royal Hospital, Chelsea
VEntrance to Grounds, Royal Hospital, Chelsea
W1“Pensioner”, Royal Hospital, Chelsea
?XThe Lodge, Royal Hospital, Chelsea
X1“Pensioners”, Royal Hospital, Chelsea
ZThe Chapel, Royal Hospital, Chelsea
Assembley Hall
The Avenue, Holy Trinity, Brompton Road
Beaufort Mansions, SW two collotypes, one of the front, the other of the gardens at the rear
Beaufort Street
Beaufort Street from Battersea Bridge
Brompton Hospital
[Brompton Hospital]
Brompton Oratory
Cadogan Gardens
Cadogan Gardens
Cadogan Place
Cadogan Place
Cadogan Square
Callow Street
Carlyle House, Cheyne Row
Carlyle Square 3 Different Views
Cathcart Road
Cathcart Road
The Chapel, Consumption Hospital
Church, Brompton Hospital Same image
Chelsea Bridge
Chelsea Embankment
Chelsea Embankment Gardens
Chelsea Embankment Gardens
Chelsea House Earl Cadogan’s
[Chelsea Pageant Character]
[Chelsea Pageant Characters]
Chelsea Town Hall
Cheyne Court
Cheyne Walk
Children’s Hospital, Tite Street
Christ Church, Chelsea
Christ Church, Chelsea Interior - Harvest Festival
[Christ Church Vicarage, 27 Tite Street, Chelsea]
Church Street
Consumption Hospital, Fulham Road
Draft leaving 2nd London General Hospital 28.3.18
Duke of York’s R.M. School, Chelsea
Edith Grove
Elm Park Gardens
Elm Park Gardens
Elm Park Gardens
Elm Park Gardens
Elm Park Mansions
Elm Park Road
Elm Park Road & Mansions
Emmanuel Church, Park Walk
Emmanuel Church, Park Walk
Fernshaw Road
Finborough Road
Fulham Road
Fulham Road Webster’s corner
Gilston Road
The Grove Baptist Chapel
Gunter Grove
Gunter Grove Different
Holy Trinity, Brompton Road
King’s Road
King’s Road
King’s Road
The Laboratory
Lennox Gardens
Lexham Gardens
The Lodge, Brompton Hospital
Lowndes Square
Margaretta Terrace
“Mystery” House, Chelsea
[Nurses Home, Chelsea Infirmary, Cale St, London S.W.]
Oakley Crescent
Oakley Street
Old Chelsea Church
Old Chelsea Church & Embankment
Old Cottages, Glebe Place
Old Houses, Chelsea
Onslow Gardens
Onslow Square
Onslow Square Different
Park Walk
Police Station Walton Street
Pont Street
Royal Avenue
Royal Avenue Anonymous - but same writing as previous
Royal Hospital Road
Secondary School for Girls
Sir T More Buildings, Beaufort St
Sloane Court   Sidders Series
Sloane Square
St Barnabas, Pont Street
St Leonard’s Terrace
St Luke’s Chelsea Exterior
St Luke’s Chelsea Interior
St Luke’s Chelsea Interior
St Luke’s Chelsea Interior
St Luke’s Chelsea Interior
St Luke’s Chelsea Interior
Sydney Street
Tedworth Gardens
Tedworth Square
Tite Street & Children’s Hospital
Tregunter Road
Vanderbilt’s Team of Greys
Wellington Square
Wellington Square Different View
Whitelands College
Women’s Hospital Fulham Road
[2nd London General Hospital, Chelsea]

An anonymous and untitled card of a uniformed page boy with the letters KPP for ‘King’s Picture Playhouse’ on his hat. Similar in feel to other Cook cards

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Culpeper Ltd

Published in 1984 for the Chelsea Physic Garden a set of cards:

An autumn day in the Chelsea Physic Garden, London
Statue by Rysbrach of Sir Hans Sloane (1660-1753)
Summer in the Chelsea Physic Garden, London
Chelsea Physic Garden. Specimen of Romneya trichocalyx (a Californian tree poppy)

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The Cynicus Publishing Co., Ltd., Tayport, Fife

No place would be complete without its Cynicus cards:

Church Street, Chelsea
The Height of the Season at Chelsea

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Anon - D714/1225

Nothing is known for sure as to who published this nice little set of six platesunk real photographic cards, but one of the views is the shopfront of Wright & Sons, Printers, 43 King’s Road:

Chapel of Duke of York’s School, King’s Road
Chelsea Embankment and Bridge
Duke of York’s School, Chelsea
Durham Place with Durham House, Chelsea
King’s Road, Chelsea
Sloane Square, Chelsea

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Daneshill Brick & Tile Works, Ltd., Basingstoke

A single promotional card of their products is entitled:

Niche with 1¾" Moulded “Daneshill” Bricks at “Shelley House,” Chelsea

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Davidson Bros.

This prolific national publisher naturally included at least two comic cards with a Chelsea Pensioner theme:

Extremes Meet by Tom Browne in Series 2519
For you an I are past our dancing days by Dudley Hardy in Series 3007

and in their Real Photograph Series:
No.1007 “Thomas Carlyle” J. McNeill Whistler

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T. Dawson

T. Dawson published a splendid shopfront of his establishment entitled:

T. Dawson, The Chelsea Naturalist, 93, Lower Sloane Street, Chelsea, London, S.W. Dealer in Birds, Dogs and other Pets

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E. Deacon, 187 Sloane Street

Teddy Deacon published a splendid shopfront of his establishment the Glo'ster

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C. Degen, London

Carlo Degen was born in Germany in 1871; he set up in business publishing postcards in 1895 and by 1901 he was living in Chislehurst, Kent, with his young London (Brixton) born wife Elsa.   He published exclusively top quality real photograhic views of London.   During the 1914-8 war, he would either have been interned or would have returned to Germany.   After the war his cards reappear in his distinctive style, sometimes anonymously, until continuing under the imprint “C. & A.G. Lewis Limited, Nottingham” in either their Colonial Series or, less frequently, their Robin Hood Brand.   Later still a new series was produced by “Charles Skilton Ltd., London S.W.19 (Incorp. C. Degen, Estd. 1895)” and, later still, this series was continued in the 1950s by A.V. Fry & Co.., London.    For convenience the complete picture is represented in the table below:

140King’s Road, Chelsea   
200Lexham Gardens, S.W.   
205Royal Avenue, Chelsea, S.W.   
206Markham Square, Chelsea, S.W.   
294Carlyle’s House, Cheyne Row, Chelsea, S.W.   
369Oakley Street, Chelsea   
370Cheyne Walk, Chelsea   
371Chelsea Embankment   
379The Quadrangle, Royal Hospital, Chelsea   
380The Royal Hospital, Chelsea   
381The Royal Hospital, Chelsea   
382The Avenue, Royal Hospital, Chelsea   
383The Gardens, Royal Hospital, Chelsea   
390Pimlico Road, London, S.W.   
391Lower Sloane Street, London, S.W.   
392King’s Road from Sloane Square, Chelsea   
445Sloane Square   
446Sloane Square and War Memorial, Chelsea   
447King’s Road, Chelsea   
495Sloane Street from Sloane Square   
1226LONDON, Sloane Street   
1252LONDON, Lower Sloane Street   
1253LONDON, The Quadrangle, Chelsea Hospital   
1254LONDON, Sloane Square   
1255LONDON, The Avenue, Chelsea Hospital   
1256LONDON, Pimlico Road   
1257LONDON, West Gate, Chelsea Hospital   
1258LONDON, Sloane Court, Royal Hospital Road  
1396LONDON, Sloane Square and War Memorial   
1397LONDON, East Gate, Chelsea Hospital   
1398LONDON, Chelsea Bridge    
1399LONDON, King’s Road    
1400LONDON, King’s Road   
1401LONDON, Chelsea Barracks   
1748LONDON, Chelsea Old Church and Cheyne Walk   
2446LONDON, Sloane Street, Sloane Square   
2531LONDON, Duke of York’s Headquarters, Chelsea   
2603LONDON, Lowndes Square    
3520Pimlico Road, London, S.W.   
3722Sloane Square, S.W.-   
3730Markham Square, Chelsea-   
3731Royal Avenue, Chelsea-   
-Bibesco Hut, Sloane Square-   
 Later 1950s Cards    
134Fulham Road, West Brompton   
136The Royal Cancer Hospital, Fulham Road, London   
139Fulham Road, West Brompton   
160Sloane Street, London   
300Oakley Street, Chelsea   
301Albert Bridge, Chelsea   
302Cheyne Walk, Chelsea  
303Cheyne Walk, Chelsea   
304Royal Hospital, Chelsea   
305Royal Hospital, Chelsea   
306Cheyne Row, Chelsea   
307Cheyne Row, Chelsea   
308Upper Cheyne Row, Chelsea   
309Upper Cheyne Row, Chelsea   
310Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, with Whistler’s House, No. 96   
311Chelsea Bridge and Power Station   
312Chelsea Town Hall   
314Kings Road, Chelsea   
315Kings Road, Chelsea   
316Carlyle’s House, Cheyne Row, Chelsea   
317Cheyne Walk, Chelsea   
318The Thames and Cheyne Walk, Chelsea  
319Swan Walk, Chelsea   
320Shrewsbury House, Cheyne Walk, Chelsea   
330Sloane Square, Chelsea   
331Sloane Square, Chelsea   

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E. T. W. Dennis & Sons Ltd., Scarborough

A late, 1980s, Prestige series postcard of a No.19 bus from this national publisher:

L016150DL London [Sloane Square]

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Dickens, 8 Mulberry Walk

A single privately produced artist drawn card by Gerald C Dickens dated Jan 1920, written and posted in 1933 by Marie:

8 Mulberry Walk, Chelsea Home of Sir Henry Fielding Dickens 1849-1933 & Marie née ROCHE 1852-1940

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J. Arthur Dixon, Ltd., Newport, IOW

J. Arthur Dixon started publishing “Natural Colour Photogravure” postcards in the 1960s, later merging to become part of the Dixon Robinson Group, when the card numbers began to be prefixed with “L6/”.   The following cards of Chelsea have been noted:

Lon. 1610Chelsea Pensioners, London
Lon. 1662Chelsea Pensioners, London Same view as the above
PLO/22122King’s Road, Chelsea, London
SP. 312Royal Hospital, Chelsea. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at the Founder’s Day Parade, 1962
SP.*313Royal Hospital, Chelsea. Figure Court
SP. 314Royal Hospital, Chelsea. A group of In-Pensioners in their various uniforms
SP.*315Royal Hospital, Chelsea. One of the Long Wards
SP. 316Royal Hospital, Chelsea. The Council Chamber
SP.*317Royal Hospital, Chelsea. A room in the In-Pensioner’s Club
SP.*318Royal Hospital, Chelsea. A Sunday morning Service in the Chapel
SP. 319Royal Hospital, Chelsea. In-Pensioners at Dinner in the Great Hall
L6/SP. 5360Three Laughing Chelsea Pensioners. By J. Gough
L6/SP. 5361Going Home. By Frank Hall (1877)
L6/SP. 5449Royal Hospital, Chelsea. The Great Hall
L6/SP. 5450Royal Hospital, Chelsea. The Council Chamber
L6/SP. 5451Royal Hospital, Chelsea. Figure Court
L6/SP. 6586Royal Hospital, Chelsea. A Sunday morning service in the Chapel
L6/SP. 7073Royal Hospital Chelsea. In-Pensioners in their various uniforms
L6/SP. 7086Founder’s Day with Princess Diana
L6/SP.10795Royal Hospital Chelsea
L6/SP.10796In-Pensioners of the Royal Hospital Chelsea
L6/SP.10891Royal Hospital, Chelsea. The Inspection of the In-Pensioners Founder’s Day 1991
L6/SP.12309East Wing, Royal Hospital, Chelsea

* Also noted with L6/ prefix.

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Dover Publications Inc

In 1977 Dover Publications produced a booklet entitled “Thirty-Two Picture Postcards of Old London”.    This contained just two postcards of Chelsea:

Cheyne Walk along the Thames in 1911, showing the tower of Chelsea Old Church
Cheyne Walk this time looking West

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R. A. Dunn, Kennington

Rather a mystery as to why Dunn should have published this solitary, but splendid, real photographic card:

2902 Sloane Street

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Eagle Aerophotos Ltd., Reading

Royal Hospital, Chelsea

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English Life, Tel:01-993 7268

R28 London, Chelsea Pensioners

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The English Riviera, Vaughan Parade, Torquay

Published an extra large postcard promoting the 16-18 June 1989 Chelsea Flower Show and also their later display at Abbey Park, Paignton Sea Front between 20th June and 15th September 1989.   The display [of topiary] features Alice in Wonderland as seen by Torbay’s Arts and Recreation Department; the magic fairytale of Lewis Carroll’s characters all in living plants and included varieties of Pyrethrum, Alternathera and Sedum.

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Eversheds, St. Albans

Hotel Rembrandt, Thurloe Place, London, S.W.7

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Excel Series

Nothing is known at present about this national publisher of postcards which was active between about 1935 and 1955.   I know of only a handful of their local Chelsea titles - all real photos, although there appears to be a full set of nine of cards from Carlyle’s House, which includes three portraits of the family.   These latter are from the same photographic negatives as used by Photochrom for the Country Life series of views of Carlyle’s House.

225 Chelsea Bridge, London
This seems to be the full set of nine cards of Carlyle’s House
Carlyle’s House, Chelsea, from the garden
The Drawing Room, Carlyle’s House, Chelsea
The Kitchen in Carlyle’s House, Chelsea. Similar in style to the card above but anonymous

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The FAGA Series

Publishing under the logo FAGA, Frederick G Foley, who died in 1989, produced between 1961 and 1985 a series of larger format hand drawn map postcards of the London area and elsewhere.   In later years the series was continued by Charles Skilton & Fry Ltd (now also defunct).

12 Chelsea (1965)
56 Kensington & Chelsea (1972)

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C. W. Faulkner - Series 144 “Views of Chelsea”

A set of six cards published in an envelope by a big national publisher.   Only the envelope bears the publisher’s name - the cards themselves are strictly anonymous.   Each sepia card however is distinctive enough to be recognisable by the following text above the message section:


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The Fine Art Studio, London W1

Published two foggy views of Battersea Bridge:

Foggy Evening - London
Thameside - London

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H. Flack, 315 Kings Rd., Chelsea, S.W.

This newsagent stocked a large range of postcards, published by many different firms including Photochrom and others, under whose names they will be found listed.    He also published a set of 6 cards of his own under the printer’s imprint D.32/750:

88022 The Old Church, Chelsea, S.W.
88023 King’s Road, Chelsea, S.W.
88024 St John’s Church, Chelsea, S.W.
88025 King’s Road, Chelsea, S.W.
88026 Sir Thomas More Buildings, Chelsea, S.W.
88027 The Carlyle Statue and Embankment Gardens, Chelsea, S.W.

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Gordon Fraser Gallery Limited

Set up by Gordon Fraser (1911-1981) this small company, primarily publishing greetings cards, during the 1960s produced several series of postcards of Chelsea.   The earliest series was designated AA06 and comprised about 20 real photographic views; this series appeared later under the imprint LCHL, but some of the titles were renumbered differently.   Two sets were produced specifically for Chelsea Old Church - one in B/W, the other in colour.   Another set appears to have been produced for Carlyle’s House.

1 Royal Hospital Colonnade and Portico
2 Royal Hospital Figure Court
3 Corner of Lawrence Street
4 Chelsea Old Church
5 Cheyne Walk
6 Upper Cheyne Row
7 River Thames, Chelsea Reach
8 Albert Bridge
9 Sloane Square formerly AA06-14
10 Carlyle’s House, Cheyne Row probably re-issued in set LCYL below

19 Carlyle’s House, Chelsea. The Dining Room probably re-issued in set LCYL below

35 The Lister Hospital, Chelsea Bridge Road. The Institute of Preventive Medicine.

LCHC Chelsea Old Church
1 More Chapel
2 General View of Chancel
3 More Tomb
4 Monument of Thomas Lawrence
5 Dacre Monument
6 Cheyne Monument

C1 Sanctuary
C2 Kneelers. ‘The Royal Set’
C3 Kneelers. ‘The More Set’
C4 Exterior
C5 More Chapel
C6 General View of Chancel
C7 More Tomb
C8 Font

LCYL Carlyle’s House
5 Carlyle’s House, Chelsea. The Garden
? others

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F. Frith, Reigate

Francis Frith was a prolific publisher of local postcard views across the length and breadth of the kingdom and still in business today.   Postwar they published a series of Chelsea views centred around Sloane Square; the cards were in three styles: coloured; real photographic full frame with a deckle edge (suffix F); and real photographic with white border (no suffix).   They also appear to have published cards in their characteristic style for others, such as Carlyle’s House.

SS.2The River. Sloane Square
SS.3Royal Hospital Road. Sloane Square
SS.4Ormonde Gate. Sloane Square
SS.5Cricket Ground, Royal Hospital Road. Sloane Square
SS.6Sloane Square
SS.8Sloane Street. Sloane Square
SS.9Eaton Square. Sloane Square
SS.10Kings Road. Sloane Square
SS.11Eaton Square. Sloane Square
SS.13Eaton Terrace. Sloane Square
SS.14Cliveden Place. Sloane Square
 Another series:
Chel.1Royal Hospital Chelsea

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A.V. Fry & Co., Ltd., London

The output from this publisher will be found at C. Degen, London

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