A Catalogue of Chelsea Postcard Views

This is very much a ‘no frills’ simple listing of all known picture postcards ever published of the Chelsea area of London.   It is intended primarily as a guide to collectors to enable them to check their own holdings of Chelsea cards.   To this end as many views as possible are also available for viewing at low resolution.

The only satisfactory way of structuring this listing was to sort the cards by name of the publisher - with an ‘anonymous’ section at the end, crudely sorted yet again by grouping together cards with a similar feel to them.   It should be noted that views deriving from the same original photograph sometimes appear under different publisher imprints, whether due to sale of a business, sub-contracting, or other reasons.    Where this is known, the card(s) involved are cross referenced to the source.

To properly ‘set the scene’ it is perhaps useful to discuss the views in their historical context.   Whilst ‘picture’ postcards proper did not appear before 1894, Chelsea is perhaps fortunate in philatelic terms in having hosted in 1891 the Royal Naval Exhibition; the exhibition featured prominently a model of the Eddystone Lighthouse and this was illustrated on a commemorative postcard that was available for posting under a special franking:-

In 1897 to commemorate the diamond jubilee G. White, Steam Printer, 396 King's Road, SW produced a colourful card for presentation to Sunday School children; although not strictly a picture postcard, it mirrors the countrywide trend at that time for such memorabilia:-

The earliest known picture postcards proper of Chelsea are the following two ‘court size’ views of Carlyle's House, Cheyne Row and Chelsea Hospital, Garden Front:-

I would dearly love to know who published these cards and when, together with details of any more titles in the set.

The only appearance of un-divided backs is the following numbered series, again published anonymously, but bearing an uncanny resemblance to the cards later to appear under the Stengel imprint below:-

68460Old Chelsea Bridge & Embankment.
68461Chelsea Hospital.
68462Chelsea Palace.
68463Duke of Yorks School.
68467Old Chelsea Church.

Index of Publisher’s Names

Acme Cards, London
David Allen
H. Alwin, London
Andrew & Sleigh, Ltd.
Annan of Glasgow
Art and Humour Publishing Co., 27 Chancery Lane, London WC
Aurora Publishing
Aymotte, Battersea
The Badger Press
Bell, Pickard & Co., Ltd., London E.C. - Finsbury Series
Bell, Photo, 23 Church Road, Harlesden, NW - See John Walker & Co.
Big Ben - Poitiers
Boots Cash Chemists “Pelham” Series
Brentnall & Cleland
Brompton Hospital
Albert Broom, 36 Burnfoot Avenue, Fulham
T. Austen Brown
E. Brown, 7 Walton Street, SW
W. B. Buchanan
Douglas Burrage, Oakley Studios
Cardcraft Publishing Service, 89 Manchuria Road, London, S.W.11
The Carlton Tower Hotel
Carlyle’s House
Chaucer Postcard Publishing Co., 62 Chaucer Rd. Herne Hill, SE
Chairman Cigarettes Series
E Cheesman
Chelsea Flower Show
Chelsea Historical Pageant
The Chelsea Hotel
Chelsea Old Church
Chelsea Publishing Company
Chelsea Society
Chelsea Stationery Stores, 207 King’s Road, SW
Chelsea Temperance Society
Chez Luba
A. Ciardo
Colourmaster International
Convent of the Adoration Reparatrice
Edwin C. Cook, 317/9 Fulham Road, SW
Culpeper Ltd
The Cynicus Publishing Co., Ltd., Tayport, Fife
Daneshill Brick & Tile Works
Davidson Bros.
Marion Dawson
T. Dawson
E. Deacon, 187 Sloane Street
C. Degen, London
E. T. W. Dennis & Sons Ltd., Scarborough
Dickens, 8 Mulberry Walk
J. Arthur Dixon Ltd., Newport, IOW
Dover Publications Inc
R. A. Dunn, Kennington
Eagle Aerophotos Ltd
English Life
The English Riviera, Torquay
Essex Telegraph Press
Eversheds, St. Albans
Excel Series
Eyre & Spottiswoode
The FAGA Series
C. W. Faulkner - Series 144 “Views of Chelsea”
The Fine Arts Studio, London, W1
H. Flack
Gordon Fraser Galleries Limited
F. Frith, Reigate
A. V. Fry & Co., Ltd., London
Gale & Polden Ltd
Gibbs & Co., Kingsland Road
Goodhews Limited
A. Gooding
Good Intent
Graphic Colour Printing Works
E. Hammond, 173 Brompton Road, SW
Hans Crescent Hotel, Knightsbridge, London, S.W.1.
George G. Harrap & Co., Ltd., “London” Series
The Hart Publishing Co. Ltd.
H. B. Series
H-G, L
"Herriot" Series - Dickens
Frank Hill, 39 Kings Road, Chelsea
Russell Hiron, 46 Dacre House, Beaufort Street, S.W.
H.M.& S. L.
Holiday Inn International
Holy Redeemer and St. Thomas More, Chelsea
Holy Trinity Church, Sloane Street, London
Images and Editions
Insight Cards
Inter-Art Co.
Jarrold & Sons Ltd. Norwich - Cotman Color
Johns - 177 Longley Road, Tooting
Johnson, Riddle & Co. Ltd., Southwark SE
John Jones (Chelsea) Ltd., London, S.W.
Timothy Jones, 340 Kings Road, Chelsea
Judges Ltd
Kardorama Ltd
F. Kehrhahn & Co., Bexley, Kent
K.F.A.S.Ltd, 26 Alfred Place, SW7 - Renshaw Series
The Knight Series
D. Knights-Whittome
Lansdowne Production Co., London
The Laverock Press, Gillingham, Kent
LC & Co
Lewis - Degen
Living Picture Post Card Co., Leicester
LL & ND Phot.
Lloyd’s, Stockwell
Locomotive Publishing Co.
Lofthouse, Crosbie & Co., Tower House, Trinity Square, London, E.C. - [later] Hampton, Middx.
London Photographic Co.
The London Shoe Company, 21 & 22 Sloane Street, SW
London Transport Museum
Lovering & Co.
The Macrae Gallery, 16 Fulham Road
Simon McBride Prints
Malin & Cooper, 303 Fulham Rd. S.W.
Marshall, Keene & Co.
Charles Martin, 39 Aldermanbury, London, E.C.
J. Maxwell & Son, Dumfries
Misch & Co. Ltd.
MLM Series, 17 Moor Lane, E.C.
H. B. Moody
F. C. Morgan & Co. Ltd., London E.C.
L. E. Muller, 454 Kingsland Road, E.8
National Series
ND Phot. - Neurdein Frères
J. Newbury
Oxford University Press
Pageantry Postcards
Pamlin Prints
U. W. A. Parkes
Park’s Press
A. G. Parry, 134 Earl’s Court Road, S.W.
Pastel Publishing Coy., Ltd.
F. Pattison
Peter Jones
Phillipes & Lees
The Photographic Greeting Card Co. Ltd.
Photo Precision Limited, St Ives, Huntingdon
Photo Tourists Association
Pictorial Stationery Co. Ltd.
Pirie, Randall & Co.
Pomona Toys
Kate Pragnell
Qualis Photo Company
R.A.(Postcards), Ltd., E.C.4
Real Britain Ltd
Real London
H. Reid, 52 Ellerby Street, S.W.6
RHHR Limited
Richardson & Company
Robertson, 43 King’s Road, SW
Rotary Photographic Ltd.
Royal Court Hotel
Royal Hospital, Chelsea
Royal International Horticultural Exhibition
J. Russell & Sons
The Scientific Press Ltd.
Douglas Scott, Fulham Road, South Kensington
A. Severn
Shamrock & Co., Photographic Printers & Publishers, London EC
Maud Shelley, London SW
Shepherd, 753 Fulham Road, S.W.
Sidders Series
Charles Skilton Ltd, SW19 - See C. Degen
Edward Gordon Smith
Stackman, Brough & Co. Richmond
Stanesby & Co., 179 Sloane Street, SW
Stengel & Co Dresden (ST & Co. D)
Stills Publishing
St. Columba’s Church, Pont Street
St. Joseph’s Convent
St. Mark’s College
Sunshine Comic
A. & G. Taylor, 9 Long Acre, Aldersgate St., London, E.C.
Temprint Ltd. (Beric Tempest), TR26 3HT
Tichnor Bros., Inc., Boston 15, Mass
Time Out Postcard Advertising
Times Newspapers Ltd
Titchfield Series
Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd.
University & City Association
Valentines Series
A. F. Vedy, 249 & 420 King’s Road, Chelsea, SW
Ian G. Walker, South Godstone, Surrey
John Walker & Co. - Bells Series
Waterlow & Sons Ltd.
Watkins & McCombie Ltd.
Wellington Series
Frank Wells, 190 Ebury Street, S.W.
Wesleyan Church, Manor Street, Chelsea
A. J. West
Wildt & Kray, London E.C.
The Woodbury Series
The World of Brewing
The Wrench Series
Wright’s Dairy
Young & Cooper
Anon - No. 664
Anon - 1600
Anon - 4472 or 5629
Anon - Alwin
Anon - C
Anon - D714/1225
Anon - Faulkner
Anon - G
Anon - KPP
Anon - Lofthouse, Crosbie & Co.
Anon - M
Anon - Blessed Thomas More
Anon - PT
Anon - SH 2010
Anon - Wrench
Other Anonymous