Anon - G

Printed in Germany, these cards are characterised by the capital letter G enclosed in a diamond lozenge together with a printer’s number indicating a date of 1912.   Nothing is known as to the name of the publisher of these cards, although Gale & Polden, the well known national publisher of military cards (see below) is a prime contender.

1103 Chelsea Barracks, LondonD8312 12
1159 Grenadier Guards Band entering Chelsea BarracksD9677 12
1160D9678 12
1161 Dismounting Guard, Chelsea BarracksD9679 12
1162 Main Archway, Chelsea BarracksD9680 12
1163D9681 12
1164D9682 12
1165D9683 12
1166D9684 12
1167 Saluting Colours, Chelsea BarracksD9685 12

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Gale & Polden Ltd

Given the presence of no fewer than three army establishments in Chelsea, it must come as no surprise to find many military postcards published by Gale & Polden in “The Wellington Series”:

Duke of York’s Royal Military School. All Ranks
Duke of York’s Royal Military School. Band Playing on the Green
Duke of York’s Royal Military School. Dormitory
Duke of York’s Royal Military School. Drums playing on the Green
Duke of York’s Royal Military School. Gymnastics
Duke of York’s Royal Military School. Harriers
Duke of York’s Royal Military School. Heavy Weights
Duke of York’s Royal Military School. Matron and Staff
Duke of York’s Royal Military School. Off to join the Army
Duke of York’s Royal Military School. Past and Future
Duke of York’s Royal Military School. Trooping the Colour
Duke of York’s Royal Military School. Tug of War

In their "Enamelette" Series:
Life in the Army. - Tailors shop at Chelsea Barracks

and Real Photographic cards:
9. Canadian Regts. Coronation Contingents, Duke of Yorks School, Chelsea, London
33. Colonial Coronation Contingents Camp, Duke of Yorks School, London
46. Colonial Coronation Contingents Camp, Duke of Yorks School, London
223. Church Parade, Colonial Coronation Contingents, London
Church Parade, Colonial Coronation Contingents, London. Two further but different un-numbered cards
261. Colonial Coronation Contingents Camp, Duke of Yorks School, London
Duke of Yorks School, Chelsea

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Gibbs & Co., 454 Kingsland Road, E.8

Gibbs & Co were employed as photographers by St Mark’s College and, apart from numerous group photographs of the sporting teams, they also did a series of photographic views of the college buildings.    L.E. Muller later joined the firm and took over the business completely in 1910.

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Goodhews Limited, Brewers

Produced a map card of The Pier Hotel, Cheyne Walk, promoting its Charcoal Grill.

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The Good Intent

This popular restaurant at 64 Cheyne Walk, on the corner of Church Street, opened on Monday 1 June 1908.    Miss Marion Dawson, who lived upstairs until the building was bombed in 1941 by the same landmine that destroyed Chelsea Old Church, produced two charming drawings set within a chequerboard border; the first in 1908 shewing the exterior view, the second in 1909 shewing the interior.   Marion Dawson produced another view of the exterior, but without the chequered border, entitled: Cheyne Walk, Chelsea.   By 1917 the restaurant had moved to 316-318 King’s Road and 64 Cheyne Walk became a ‘dolls hospital’ under the name Pomona Toys; The Good Intent was still flourishing after the second world war.

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A. Gooding, 149 Fulham Road, S W

This newsagent commissioned a handful of local coloured views of the South Kensington area under the printers imprint D. 492/1084.

Albert Memorial
Cancer Hospital
Consumption Hospital
[147] Fulham Road. Opposite Pelham Crescent
[149] Fulham Road. Shewing their shop
South Kensington Station
St Lukes, Sydney Street
Sydney Place

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The Graphic Colour Printing Works

A seemingly anonymous set of ten cards illustrating the Chelsea Historical Pageant of 1908 is known to have been published by the Chelsea Pageant Committee and printed by the Graphic Colour Printing Works, Reading and London.

Cassivelaunus & the Druids
The Synod of Chelsea
May Day in Chelsea Fields
Henry VIII Visiting Sir Thomas More
Sir Thomas More’s Farewell to Chelsea
Catherine Parr interceding for Lord Dudley
The Funeral of Anne of Cleves
Queen Elizabeth attends a Masque
Charles II, Nell Gwyn & The Old Soldiers
George III [sic - this is incorrect and should be II] at Ranelagh Gardens

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E. Hammond, 173 Brompton Road, SW

Apart from a few early collotypes, similar to those published by Wrench, Hammond are noted best for their real photographic cards, most of which are identical (*) to those published by E. Brown of 7 Walton Street.

South Avenue, Brompton Parish Church

Cadogan Square *
Hans Place *
Lennox Gardens *
Lennox Gardens
Lowndes Square
Ovington Square *
Ovington Street *
Pont Street *
Pont Street *
Police Station, Walton Street
Walton Street *
Walton Street, S.W.   different

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Hans Crescent Hotel, Knightsbridge, London, S.W.1.

A view of the hotel photographed by Stuart. An earlier version has the postal district incorrectly as W.1.

Hans Crescent Hotel, Knightsbridge, London, S.W.1.

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George G Harrap & Co., Ltd., “London” Series

Only a single Chelsea card from this Londonwide series is so far known; others include Tower Bridge, The Law Courts, etc.   This is artist drawn by Ellis Silas (born 1883) and appears to be No.19 in the series:

Cheyne Row, Chelsea

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The Hart Publishing Co. Ltd., London, E.C.

A solitary real photograph:

1/36 Chelsea Hospital, London

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H. B. Series, London, E.C.

Published under the soubriquet ‘Entire British Production’ a comic postcard with a Chelsea Pensioner theme:

1031 Him’s Ancient and Modern

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“Herriot” Series - Dickens

St Luke’s New Church, Chelsea, in which Charles Dickens was Married

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Frank Hill, 39 Kings Road, Chelsea

Frank Hill was a photographer and a solitary card of his is a real photograph of a famous Chelsea Pensioner: W. Adams - A hero of Punniar Dec 1843.   This is the same man later to be photographed by Frank Wells.

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Russell Hiron, 46 Dacre House, Beaufort Street, S.W.

Russell Hiron worked from 17 Hindon Street between 1897 and 1901 before moving to Dacre House.    I believe him to have been born in 1853 in Bordesley, Worcestershire, and to have married Catherine Sarah Bowyer in 1880 at Uttoxeter.   Three superb real photographic cards of his are known, his name on each marked with a mauve rubber stamp:

Chelsea Town Hall
Elm Park Rd. S.W.
and an untitled view of the rear of a large unidentified house and garden, which may not even be in Chelsea.

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H.M.&S.  L.

The true name of this real photographic publisher is not now known; three Chelsea cards have, however, been noted:

120 Crosby Hall
121 Crosby Hall Only slightly different
553 Burton Court

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Holiday Inn International

Printed by Ordnance Survey, Southampton for Holiday Inn:

Holiday Inn® Chelsea. 17-25 Sloane Street, London SW1X 9NU

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Holy Redeemer and St. Thomas More, Chelsea

Photo by Jeremy Grayson:

Holy Redeemer and St. Thomas More, Chelsea

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Holy Trinity Church, Sloane Street, London

Published their own set of real photographic cards in the 1950s:

The Chancel Gates
The Font
The Lady Chapel Altar
The Main Entrance, Sloane Street
The Memorial
The North Side Window
The Pulpit

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Images and Editions Ltd, Stamford, Lincs

Photographed by Andrew Lawson:

13L The Chelsea Pensioners, London

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Frederick Byng Inglis, 293 Kings Road, Chelsea

Born in Hackney in 1852, married Emily Elliott in 1887, died 1927 and published a postcard of the Electric Cinema Theatre, stating:
White Marmolo Terra Cotta used in the erection of this Building supplied by Shaws Glazed Brick Co, Ltd. Darwen. Lancs.

Church Of Our Most Holy Redeemer, Cheyne Row, Chelsea

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Insight Cards, Tisbury, Wiltshire

Photographed by Mark Fiennes and featuring the erstwhile colourful sandwich-board man, who used to stand prominently outside the Chelsea Antique Galleries:

Folio 6 No. 23 The King’s Road, Chelsea

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Inter-Art Co., Barnes, London, S.W.

Published in their “Comique” Series, one card of a Chelsea theme comprises a drawing of a white-bearded Chelsea Pensioner with an arm around the neck of a young cherubic boy:

1975 The lads who fought and won

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Ja-Ja Heraldic Series

No place in the British Isles would be complete without its Ja-Ja coloured coat of arms; Chelsea is no exception.

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Jarrold & Sons, Ltd. Norwich - Cotman Color

A post-war set of six coloured postcards:

KRHC 101 Royal Hospital, Chelsea - Chapel
KRHC 102 Royal Hospital, Chelsea - Great Hall
KRHC 103 Royal Hospital, Chelsea - A Long Ward
KRHC 104 Royal Hospital, Chelsea - North Front
KRHC 105 Royal Hospital, Chelsea - Figure Court
KRHC 106 Royal Hospital, Chelsea [Uniforms]

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Anon - M

These real photographic cards were issued from 1925 by Richard Frederick Maycock, successor to Johns and are listed under that name immediately below.

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Johns - 177 Longley Road, Tooting

The most prolific publisher of Chelsea views - all as real photographs - Richard Joseph Johns, born in Cornwall in 1849, came late to postcards and acquired in 1912 some of Albert Broom’s plates from his widow.   He went on to publish over 200 of his own views of Chelsea before he sold out in 1930 to his partner Richard Frederick Maycock; cards from the later years carry the anonymous imprint M.    Johns himself died in 1931, aged 81, and many of the original glass negative plates still survive.

9022nd. London General Hospital, Chelsea
902St Marks College, Chelsea
9032nd. London General Hospital, Chelsea
906Church St, Chelsea
909ST LUKES CHELSEA[Ex Broom R.??]
910ST LUKES CHELSEA[Ex Broom R.??]
911CHELSEA HOSPITAL[Renumbered from 880 - Ex Broom R.88]
913Church St, Chelsea
914Church St, Chelsea
915CHELSEA HOSPITAL[Renumbered from 889 - Ex Broom R.89]
916Church St, Chelsea
917Paulton St, Chelsea
920Chelsea Embankment
922Chelsea Embankment
923Chelsea Embankment
926Oakley St, Chelsea
927Albert Bridge
929Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
930Cheyne Walk, SW
931The Old Parish Church, Chelsea
932Vale Avenue, Chelsea
933Chelsea Bridge
933AOakley Street, Chelsea
934Albert Bridge
936The Chapel, Chelsea Hospital
937West Gate, Chelsea Hospital
938Duke of Yorks School, Chelsea
939Tedworth Gardens, Chelsea
940Tedworth Square, Chelsea
941Cheyne Court, Chelsea
942Royal Avenue, Chelsea
943Royal Avenue, Chelsea
945Sloane Court East, Chelsea
947Ormonde Gate, Chelsea
948Burton Court, Chelsea
949Burton Court, Chelsea
3500Cheyne Row, Chelsea
3501The Police Station, Chelsea
3502Old Chelsea Church
3503Old Chelsea Church
3506Embankment Gardens, Chelsea
3507Oakley St, Chelsea
3508Upper Cheyne Row, Chelsea
3509Upper Cheyne Row, Chelsea
3510Beaufort House, Beaufort St, Chelsea
3511Beaufort Mansions, Chelsea
3513Kings Rd, Chelsea
3514Catholic Church, Beaufort St, Chelsea
3515Battersea Bridge
3519Carlyle Statue, Embankment Gardens, Chelsea
3520Sloane Monument, Old Chelsea Church
3521Turner’s House, Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
3522Upper Cheyne Row, Chelsea
3523Leigh Hunt’s House, Upper Cheyne Row, Chelsea
3524Dr Phene’s House of Mystery, Chelsea, SW
3525Carlyle’s House, Chelsea
3526Whistler’s House, Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
3528Argyll Mansions, Chelsea
3529Argyll Mansions, Chelsea
3530Alexandra Mansions, Chelsea
3531The Clock House, Chelsea
3533Church of the Holy Redeemer, Chelsea
3534Carlyle Square, Chelsea
3535The Town Hall, Chelsea
3536King’s Road, Chelsea
3538Church of the Holy Redeemer, Chelsea
3542Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
3543Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
3545Cheyne Court, Chelsea
3546Cheyne Court, Chelsea
3548Rosetti Mansions, Chelsea
3549Rosetti Mansions, Chelsea
3550St Loo Mansions, Chelsea
3551Cheyne Gardens, Chelsea
3552Cheyne Gardens, Chelsea
3553Chelsea Embankment
3554Christ Church, Chelsea
3555Royal Avenue, Chelsea
3556Walpole St, Chelsea
3557Holy Trinity Church, Chelsea
3558Sloane Square, SW
3559First Church of Christ Scientists, Chelsea
3561The Polytechnic, Chelsea
3563St Simons Church, Chelsea
3566Wellington Square, Chelsea
3567Lennox Gardens, Chelsea
3568St Luke’s Church, Chelsea
3569Sloane Court West, Chelsea
3572Sloane Square, SW
3574St Jude’s Church, Sloane Court, SW
3575Sloane Gardens, SW
3576Chelsea Barracks
3577Cadogan Court, Chelsea
3581Kings Road, Chelsea
3589Cheyne Hospital, Chelsea
3591Tite St, Chelsea
3593Victoria Hospital, Chelsea
3599Draycott Place, Chelsea
4500Whitelands College, Chelsea
4501Ashburnham Mansions, Chelsea
4502More’s Garden, Chelsea
4503More’s Buildings, Chelsea
4504Kings Picture Playhouse, Chelsea
4505Vale Avenue, Chelsea
4506Kings Rd, Chelsea
4507Chelsea Embankment
4508Chelsea Embankment
4509Edith Grove
4510Gunter Grove
4511Fernshaw Rd
4512Glebe Place, Chelsea
4515King Henry VIII Hunting Lodge, Glebe Place, Chelsea
4516King Henry VIII Hunting Lodge, Glebe Place, Chelsea
4517Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
4519George Eliot’s House, Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
4520Chelsea Embankment
4524Chelsea Rectory
4526Chelsea Rectory
4533St Lukes Church, Chelsea
4534The Library & Polytechnic, Chelsea
4538Bramerton St, Chelsea
4540Church St, Chelsea
4543Elm Park Gardens, SW
4544Elm Park Gardens, SW
4546Elm Park Gardens, SW
4547Elm Park Gardens, SW
4548Kings Rd, Chelsea
4549Kings Rd, Chelsea
4553Redesdale St, Chelsea
4554Redburn St, Chelsea
4555Carlyle Square, Chelsea
4556Carlyle Square, Chelsea
4557Conservative Club, Kings Rd, Chelsea
4558St Andrews Church, Chelsea
4562Queens House, Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
4563Mrs Gaskell’s House, Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
4564Seagulls at Battersea Bridge
4565Albert Bridge in Winter
4566Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
4567Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
4568Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
4569Lindsey House, Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
4570Cornwall Mansions, Chelsea, SW
4571Congregational Church, Edith Grove, SW
4572Fernshaw Mansions
4573St John’s Church, Chelsea
4574Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
4575Chelsea Embankment, SW
4576Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
4578Kings Rd, Chelsea
4580Cheyne Row, Chelsea
4581Cheyne House, Chelsea
4582Cheyne House, Chelsea, SW
45832nd London General Hospital, Chelsea, SW
4583St Marks College, Chelsea
45842nd London General Hospital, Chelsea, SW
4584St Marks College, Chelsea
4585Church St, Chelsea
4586The River at Chelsea
4587Battersea Bridge
4588Beaufort Mansions, Chelsea
4589Battersea Bridge
4590Albert Bridge
4591Turners Studio, Chelsea
4592Glebe Studios, Chelsea
4593Chelsea Library
4594Kings Road, Chelsea
4595Kings Road, Chelsea
4597Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
4598Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
10800Kings Rd, Chelsea
10801Kings Rd, Chelsea
10802Argyll Mansions, Chelsea
10803Mulberry Walk, Chelsea
10804Mulberry Walk, Chelsea
10805Mallord St, Chelsea
10806Vale Avenue, Chelsea
10807Chelsea Park Gardens, SW
10808Chelsea Park Gardens, SW
10810Chelsea Park Gardens, SW
10811Fulham Rd, SW
10812Evelyn Gardens, SW
10813St Peters, Cranley Gardens, SW
10814St Mary’s, The Boltons, SW
10815Onslow Gardens, SW
10816Onslow Gardens, SW
10817Onslow Gardens, SW
10818Onslow Gardens, SW
10819Cranley Gardens, SW
10820Onslow Square, SW
10821Onslow Square, SW
10822St Pauls, Onslow Square, SW
10823Evelyn Gardens, SW
10824Evelyn Gardens, SW
10825St Mary’s Priory, Fulham Rd, SW
10826The City of Westminster Hospital, Fulham Rd, SW
10827The City of Westminster Hospital, Fulham Rd, SW
10828Beaufort St, Chelsea
10829Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
10830The Old Church, Chelsea
10831Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
10832Sloane Square, SW
10833Queens Elm Sq, Chelsea
10834King Henry VIII Hunting Lodge, Chelsea
10835King’s Rd, Chelsea
10836Kings Rd, Chelsea
10837Kings Rd, Chelsea
10838Sussex Place, SW
10839Sussex Place, SW
10840Drayton Gardens
10841Cranley Gardens
10842Beaufort St, SW
10843Roland Gardens, SW
10844Elm Park Rd, SW
10845Chelsea Park Gardens, SW
10846Chelsea Park Gardens, SW
10847Chelsea Park Gardens, SW
10848Chelsea Park Gardens, SW
10849The Old Church, Chelsea
10850Cheyne Hospital, Chelsea
10852Paulton Sq, Chelsea
10853Paulton Sq, Chelsea
10854King’s Rd, Chelsea
10856Crosby Hall, Chelsea, SW
10857Crosby Hall, Chelsea
10858The Old Church, Chelsea
10859Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
10860Victoria Hospital, Chelsea
10861Victoria Hospital, Chelsea
10862Swan Walk, Chelsea
10863Royal Hospital Rd, SW
10864Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
10865Embankment Gardens, Chelsea
10866Carlyle Statue, Chelsea
10867Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
10868Chelsea Embankment
10869St Luke’s Church, Redcliffe Sq, SW
10870St Mary’s Church, The Boltons, SW
10871Redcliffe Square, SW
10872Redcliffe Sq, SW
10874Redcliffe Gardens, SW
10875Redcliffe Gardens, SW
10876Redcliffe Rd, SW
10877Harcourt Terrace, SW
10878Tregunter Rd, SW
10879Finborough Rd, SW
10880Cathcart Rd, SW
10882The Grove, The Boltons, SW
10883Fulham Rd, SW
10884Fulham Rd, SW
10885Fulham Rd, SW
10886Fulham Rd, SW
10887Fulham Rd, SW
10888Swan Court, Chelsea
10889Swan Court, Chelsea
10890Swan Court, Chelsea
10891Swan Court, Chelsea
10892Violet Melchett Welfare Centre, Chelsea
10894Oakley St, SW3
10895Oakley St, SW3
10896King’s Rd, Chelsea
10897Carlyle School, Chelsea
10898Guiness Trust, King’s Rd, Chelsea

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John Jones (Chelsea) Ltd., London S.W.

Under the advertising slogan “Ideal” Sanitary Fittings are right up-to-date, the manufacturers John Jones in 1909 commissioned Jack Walker to draw a set of six pen and ink cartoons, featuring both ancient and modern in the plumbing world.

The Primitive Drain — Modern Scientific Drainage
The First Thing in Hot Baths — The Last Thing in Hot Baths
The Old Order Changeth — Yielding Place to New
The Prehistoric Sanitary Inspector — Modern Inspection
The BC Shower Bath — The 20th Century Shower Bath
Washing up in the Stone Age — The Up-to-Date Scullery

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Timothy Jones, 340 Kings Road, Chelsea

A superb real photographic promotional card features Timothy Jones standing proudly in the doorway of his Cambrian Dairy in 1908.

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Judges Postcards Ltd., Hastings

Judges Ltd produced over 800 postcard views of London in their L Series; the following relate to Chelsea:

L.397Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
L.398Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
L.399Chelsea Old Church
L.696Chelsea Embankment
L.697Chelsea Embankment
L.698Embankment Gardens, Chelsea
L.699Thomas Carlyle, Embankment Gardens, Chelsea
L.700The Thames at Chelsea
L.701Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
L.730Chelsea Bridge
L.731Cheyne Row, Chelsea
L.732Thomas Carlyle’s House, Chelsea
L.733Whistler’s House, Chelsea
L.734Battersea Power Station
L.752London, Crosby Hall
L.752Crosby Hall, Chelsea

For good measure the following modern cards should be noted:
C 2443X Chelsea. Parish Church of St Luke
C14664X Moravian Close. Burial Ground, Manse Studios and Chapel, Chelsea, London

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Kardorama Ltd

One from the sixties by this national publisher:

KLV80 King’s Road, Chelsea, London

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F. Kehrhahn & Co., Bexley, Kent

Although Kehrhahn are justifiably noted for their extensive range of real photographic London street views, they also produced high quality collotype versions of many as well:

1087 Sloane Street
1088 Cadogan Place, London
1133 Lowndes Square
1342 Sloane Square, London, S.W.
1405 Lowndes Square, S.W. London
1407 Lowndes Street, S.W. London
1487 Pont Street, S.W. London
1498 Hans Road, S.W. London
1504 Hans Place, S.W. London
1532 Brompton Square, S.W.
1536 Cadogan Square, S.W. London
1541 Cadogan Square, S.W. London
1565 Lennox Gardens, S.W. London
1566 Hans Place, S.W. London
1569 Pont Street, S.W.
1570 Cadogan Square, S.W. London
1787 Brompton Church, London
U/N Cadogan Square, S.W. London

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K.F.A.S. Ltd., 26 Alfred Place West, S.W.7.

Alfred Place West has now changed its name to Thurloe Street and lies adjacent to South Kensington Station.    Apart from a large number of etchings by Whistler and others, K.F.A.S. published other sepia views under the name The Renshaw Series:

1011 Carlyle’s Statue, Chelsea
1012 Old Houses, Chelsea
1018 The Power Station, Chelsea
1020 Old Chelsea Church

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The Knight Series

Just one card from this national publisher has a Chelsea theme

1134 Eighteenth Century London: RANELAGH GARDENS.    From a rare contemporary print.

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D. Knights-Whittome, Sutton, Surrey

David Knights Whittome was born on 29 December 1876 in Greenwich; the hyphen was not added until 1905.    He was a successful portrait photographer working at 18 High Street, Sutton, Surrey.   He died on 4 November 1943 at Sandridge.   He also published postcards and two of his of Chelsea are known:

St Wilfrid’s, Chelsea
The Chapel, St Wilfrid’s, Chelsea

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Lansdowne Production Co., London

Published about 1955, a solitary card:

LP 8 London’s Chelsea Pensioners

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The Laverock Press, Gillingham, Kent

Published in 1970 a single card from a set of military uniforms is:

In Pensioner - Royal Hospital Chelsea

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C. & A.G. Lewis, Limited, Nottingham

The output from this publisher will be found at C. Degen, London

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Living Picture Post Card Co., Leicester

Henry Garner of Leicester produced a large number of romantic postcards with place name overprints including:

128 What the Moon saw at Chelsea

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LL & ND Phot

Louis Lévy merged in 1919 with Neurdein Frères to form a major worldwide French postcard publishing venture; only a few cards lie in Chelsea:

3LONDON. - Chelsea Bridge.
65LONDON. - Battersea Park.
115LONDON. - Albert Bridge.
127LONDON. - Chelsea Bridge.
130LONDON. - River Thames & Battersea Bridge.
131LONDON. - River Thames & Chelsea Bridge.
264LONDON. - Sloane Street.

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Lloyd’s, Stockwell

Nothing is known about this publisher except that he published a superb card of "The Roebuck" 350 King’s Road, Chelsea, S.W. Proprietor P. S. Clarke.

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Locomotive Publishing Co.

As L P Co., the Locomotive Publishing Company produced several cards for the Great Northern, Piccadilly and Brompton Railway including a few cards of Lots Road Power Station which had recently been built to provide power for their trains.   The numbers below do not appear on the cards themselves, but are those given in John Alsop’s seminal reference work “The Official Railway Postcard Book”.

GNPB-004 Great Northern, Piccadilly & Brompton Ry. Power House Chelsea (interior)
GNPB-009 Great Northern, Piccadilly & Brompton Ry. - Power House, Chelsea (exterior)
GNPB-010 - Power House - Boiler Room

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Anon - Lofthouse, Crosbie & Co.

This set of cards of ‘Views of Chelsea Polytechnic’ is, like the Faulkner set above, strictly anonymous, except that we know from the cover of an original envelope that they were published by Lofthouse, Crosbie & Co., of Hampton Hill, Middlesex.   The numbering would appear to suggest that the set should contain about 30 cards; but the envelope contains only 18 and no collector is known to have seen the ‘missing’ numbers.

1Chelsea Polytechnic S.W.3.
5Men’s Common Room Chelsea Polytechnic S.W.3.
6Women’s Common Room Chelsea Polytechnic S.W.3.
8The Library Chelsea Polytechnic S.W.3.
9Refreshment Room Chelsea Polytechnic S.W.3.
12Still Life Room Chelsea Polytechnic S.W.3.
13Life Room Chelsea Polytechnic S.W.3.
14Pharmaceutical Laboratory Chelsea Polytechnic S.W.3.
15Chemical Laboratory Chelsea Polytechnic S.W.3.
16Chemical Manufacturing Chelsea Polytechnic S.W.3.
17Botanical Laboratory Chelsea Polytechnic S.W.3.
19Geological Laboratory Chelsea Polytechnic S.W.3.
20Physiological Laboratory Chelsea Polytechnic S.W.3.
23Physical Laboratory Chelsea Polytechnic S.W.3.
24Cookery School Chelsea Polytechnic S.W.3.
27Rest Room Chelsea Polytechnic S.W.3.
28Gymnasium Chelsea Polytechnic S.W.3.
29Medical Gymnasium Chelsea Polytechnic S.W.3.

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ANON - 4472 or 5629

These cards are identified simply by a printer’s numbers on the back (4472 or 5629, consisting of two sets lettered A or B).   They are similar in style to cards known to have been published by Lofthouse, Crosbie & Co. below.

4472Convent of “Adoration Reparatrice” 28. Beaufort Street, Chelsea S.W.3.
5629A. St. Joseph’s School and Almshouses. Cadogan Street. S.W.3.
5629A. The Sanctuary. St Mary’s Cadogan Gardens, S.W.3.
5629B. Blessed Sacrament Chapel. St Mary’s Cadogan Gardens, S.W.3.
5629B. The High Altar. St Mary’s Cadogan Gardens, S.W.3.
5629B. The Nave. St Mary’s. Cadogan Gardens, S.W.3.
5629B. St Joseph’s Almshouses. Cadogan Street, S.W.3.
5629B. St Joseph’s Chapel. St Mary’s Cadogan Gardens, S.W.3.
5629B. St Mary’s Cadogan Gardens, S.W.3.
5629B. Shrine of our Lady of Chelsea. St Mary’s Cadogan Gardens, S.W.3.
5629B. Shrine of our Lady of Lourdes. St Mary’s Cadogan Gardens, S.W.3.

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Lofthouse, Crosbie & Co., Tower House, Trinity Square, London, E.C. - [later] Hampton, Middx.

Although noted as the ‘publisher’ of several sets of postcards, Lofthouse, Crosbie & Co., in fact acted as agents for various private institutions through which the cards were retailed.   Before the war printing was carried out by Trenkler of Leipzig [the distinctive printer’s numbers being the give-away]; after the outbreak of war they were printed at their own ‘works’ at Hampton Hill.   The cards for the Chelsea Polytechnic bore no imprint and are listed above.

The New Chapel of the Convent of "Adoration Reparatrice" 28 Beaufort Street, CHELSEA, S.W.12 40212
The New Chapel of the Convent of "Adoration Reparatrice" 28 Beaufort Street, CHELSEA, S.W.12 40216
Convent of "Adoration Reparatrice" 28 Beaufort Street, Chelsea, London, S.W.12 58148
Convent of "Adoration Reparatrice" 28 Beaufort Street, Chelsea, London, S.W.12 58173
Convent of "Adoration Reparatrice" 28 Beaufort Street, Chelsea. The ChapelHampton
Chelsea Hospital for Women, Fulham Road, S.W.14 45659

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LC & Co

This imprint is an alter ego of Lofthouse, Crosbie & Co. above.   A single card from a larger set of the Chelsea Hospital for Women is known:

Mary Adelaide Ward (9) Albert Edward Floor, Chelsea Hospital for Women, Fulham Road, S.W.

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London Photographic Co., 12 Baker Street, W

Chelsea Hospital for Women
Chelsea Infirmary - Ward 4

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The London Shoe Company, 21 & 22 Sloane Street, SW

Published their own impressive advertising card of the interior of the shop:

A West-End Shop

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London Transport Museum

LTM 366 Chelsea Flower Show. 1935 Panel Poster
LTM 462 Lots Road Power Station c.1935 - Image from the book A Journey Through Time 1992

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Lovering & Co., 24 Yeoman’s Row, S.W.

Miss Ida Rose Lovering was born in Greenwich late in 1853; based just outside the Chelsea border, she is noted for her sets of artist drawn cards.   Of special interest is the set of twelve front doors of houses of famous people in London; I only list below those in Chelsea:

Door of J.M. WHISTLER’S House 74 Cheyne Walk CHELSEA
Door of No 4 Cheyne Walk CHELSEA home of George ELIOT
Door of 119 Cheyne Walk Chelsea, where J.M. TURNER lived
Door of 24 Cheyne Row Chelsea, Home of Thos Carlyle from 1834 to 1881

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The Macrae Gallery, 16 Fulham Road, S.W.3.

Thomas Austen Brown, ARSA, RI (1857-1924), closely linked to the famous "Glasgow Boys" group of artists, married on 15 June 1897 in Edinburgh to Elizabeth (Lizzie) Christie Macrae (1869-1942), also a talented artist and eldest daughter of John Macrae, Cabinet Maker, & Grace; he produced privately in 1920 a scarce (?)set of postcard lithographs of Chelsea views, published anonymously by the Macrae Gallery, including:-

Old Church, Chelsea

About the same time the Macrae Gallery published the following quarto volume:-

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Simon McBride Prints

Produce a night time coloured view of an illuminated:-

PC 635 Albert Bridge, built in 1873

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Malin & Cooper, 303 Fulham Road

Situated just on the Chelsea side of Fulham Road, this publisher (as might be expected) included views on both sides of the border.   For the sake of completeness all his known views, both in Chelsea and in Kensington are listed.

141653Gilston Road, SW
141654“Parkholme”, Fulham Road, SW
141655Evelyn Gardens, SW
141656St Mary’s Church, The Boltons, SW
141657Elm Park Gardens, SW
141658St George’s Infirmary, Fulham Road, SW
141659Drayton Gardens, SW
141660St Peter’s Church, Cranley Gardens, SW
141661Elm Park Gardens, SW
141662Beaufort Street, SW
141663Elm Park Mansions, SW
141664St Peter’s Church, Cranley Gardens, SW
141665Consumption Hospital, Fulham Road, SW
There are also two different anonymous later printings from the same plate.

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Marshall, Keene & Co., Hove, Sussex

This company published postcards for any number of private individuals and organisations, including:

14 49351 Church of the Holy Redeemer, Cheyne Row, Chelsea, S.W.
14 49355 Church of the Holy Redeemer, Cheyne Row, Chelsea, S.W. Sacred Heart Altar
14 49359 Church of the Holy Redeemer, Cheyne Row, Chelsea, S.W. St Joseph’s Altar
14 49363 Church of the Holy Redeemer, Cheyne Row, Chelsea, S.W. Lady Altar
14 49367 Church of the Holy Redeemer, Cheyne Row, Chelsea, S.W.
14 51807 Church of the Holy Redeemer, Cheyne Row, Chelsea, S.W. Sanctuary
14 52454 Church of the Holy Redeemer, Cheyne Row, Chelsea, S.W. Pieta

Chapel of the Convent of Adoration Reparatrice. 28, Beaufort Street, Chelsea, S.W.
Chapel of the Convent of Adoration Reparatrice. 28, Beaufort Street, Chelsea, S.W. different
Convent of Adoration Reparatrice. 28, Beaufort Street, Chelsea, S.W. Stations of the Cross

The New Fives Court, 134, Sloane Street, SW

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These nice real photographic cards published about 1925 are recognisable from the hand written titles bearing the name Martin in a cursive script:

Chelsea, Old Church
Cheyne Gardens
Cheyne Walk
Cheyne Walk, Chelsea Different view
Kym’s, Chelsea
Mallord Street
Mulberry Walk
Old Houses, Cheyne Walk
Royal Hospital
Sloane Monument, Physic Garden
Swan Walk
Swan Walk Different view
Upper Cheyne Row

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Charles Martin, 39 Aldermanbury, London E.C.

Major local publisher.   Like Gordon Smith, Charles Martin produced a prolific output of postcard titles of local London views.   There was some overlapping of areas between them - notably Chelsea - else they appear to have come to an amicable arrangement as to which areas each would cover.

122Old Chelsea Church
125Chelsea - Sloane Square
126Chelsea - Royal Hospital
127Chelsea - The Barracks
128Chelsea - Carlyle’s House
129?Chelsea - King’s Road
132The Albert Bridge
133Chelsea - Duke of York’s School
134Chelsea - St Luke’s Church
135Chelsea - King’s Road
271Chelsea Bridge
504The Cancer Hospital, Fulham Road
505Consumption Hospital, Fulham Road
506Brompton Parish Church
510Elm Park Gardens, Fulham Road
512Carlyle Statue, Chelsea
513Old Houses, Chelsea
515Chelsea Hospital for Women, Fulham Road
537Hospital for Consumption & Diseases of the Chest, Fulham Road
546Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
568Cheyne Hospital, Chelsea
569Battersea Bridge
846Chelsea - Albert Bridge
849Chelsea - Old Houses, Royal Hospital Road
850Chelsea Embankment
852Old Chelsea Church
897Turner’s House, Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
898Victoria Hospital for Children, Tite Street, Chelsea
899Kings Road, Chelsea
900Chelsea Embankment
901Flood Street, Chelsea
902Clock House, Chelsea Embankment
903St George’s Infirmary, Fulham Road
1399Lower Sloane Street
1514Tite Street, Chelsea
1526Elm Park Gardens, Fulham Road, S.W.
1527Fulham Road, S.W.
1543The Steamboat Pier, Battersea Park
1577Holy Trinity Church, Sloane Street, S.W.
1610Chelsea Bridge
1611Royal Avenue, Chelsea
1612Kings Road, Chelsea
1634Kings Road, Chelsea
1635Beaufort Street, Chelsea
1764Marlborough Road, Chelsea, S.W.
1765Walton Street, Chelsea, S.W.
1766Oakley Street, Chelsea, S.W.
1767Sydney Street, Chelsea, S.W.
1850Chelsea Embankment, S.W.
1851Royal Hospital, Chelsea, S.W.
1852Congregational Church, Markham Square, Chelsea, S.W.
1900Royal Hospital Road, Chelsea, S.W.
1931Chelsea Barracks
1932Burton Court, Franklins Row, Chelsea, S.W.
2000Cheyne Court, Chelsea, S.W.
2001Chelsea Embankment Gardens, S.W.
2002Chelsea Court, Chelsea Embankment, S.W.
2004Sloane Square Station, Chelsea, S.W.
2006Royal Hospital Road, Chelsea, S.W.
2007Christ Church, Chelsea Embankment, S.W.
2054Elm Park Gardens, Fulham Road, S.W.
2056Fulham Road, South Kensington, S.W.
2057Kings Road, Chelsea, S.W.
2058College Street, Chelsea, S.W.
2059Marlborough Road & Schools, Chelsea, S.W.
2108St Leonard’s Terrace, S.W.
2204Swan Walk, Chelsea, S.W.
2272Cadogan Court, Marlborough Road, Chelsea, S.W.
2293Beaufort Street, Chelsea, S.W.
2294St Loo Avenue & Rosetti Mansions, Chelsea, S.W.
2385Fulham Road, S.W.
2386Chelsea Infirmary, S.W.
2388Brompton Fire Station, Trafalgar Square, Chelsea, S.W.
2389Chelsea Workhouse, S.W.
2440Fulham Road, S.W.
2441Royal Hospital, Chelsea, S.W.
2442Walton Street, Chelsea, S.W.
2443Sydney Street, Chelsea, S.W.
2519Manor Street, Chelsea, S.W.
2569Kings Road, Chelsea, S.W.
2649Chelsea Hospital Gates opposite Royal Avenue, S.W.
2826Christ Church, Chelsea, S.W.
2831St Luke’s Church, Sydney Street, Chelsea, S.W.
2892Fulham Road, S.W.
2899Sydney Street, Chelsea, S.W.
2900King’s Road, Nr Sloane Square, S.W.
2902Royal Avenue (East Side), Chelsea, S.W.
2903King’s Road, Chelsea, S.W.
2904Albert Bridge & Chelsea Pier, S.W.
3022Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, S.W.
3028Beaufort Street, Chelsea, S.W.
3029Chelsea Embankment, shewing Albert Bridge
3026King’s Road, Chelsea, S.W.
3031Paulton’s Square, Chelsea, S.W.
3033Carlyle’s House, Cheyne Row, Chelsea, S.W.
3035Glebe Place, King’s Road, Chelsea, S.W.

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J. Maxwell & Son, Dumfries

Thomas & Mrs Carlyle in their Drawing-Room at Cheyne Row, Chelsea

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Misch & Co. Ltd.

This national publisher produced in their “Aristochrom” Series, Photo: Bassano [25 Old Bond Street], set 506 of six cards with a Chelsea Pensioner theme:

506/5 Please tell me a story
506/6 His little favourite

These are similar pictures to those used by Bell, Pickard & Co. in their Finsbury Series.

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MLM Series, 17 Moor Lane, E.C.

This small publisher produced an artist drawn Chelsea Pensioner card by Peill:

754 All ready for the Germans. The Army (Past, Present,-& Future)

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H. B. Moody, 345-7 Fulham Road, S.W.

A local newsagent, who published his own small selection of postcards and, of course, sold those of others.

St George’s Home, Fulham Road, S.W.
St Mark’s College, Chapel & Day School
St Mark’s College, Church and Day Schools reissue of the above
St Mark’s College, Interior of Chapel
St Mark’s College, Interior of Church
St Mark’s College, The Library two different views
St Mark’s College, The Principals House
St Mark’s College, South West View
St Mark’s College, The Smoking Room

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Anon - Blessed Thomas More

This set of artist drawn cards bears a monogram comprising the letters EMCB closely entwined:

Chelsea Old Church Blessed John Larke, Rector, 1531. Here Blessed Thomas More, Chancellor of England, daily served Mass.
Crosby Hall, ancient home of Blessed Thomas More, removed to his old garden, Chelsea, from Bishopsgate 1908
Monmouth House, Lawrence Street, Chelsea, a wing of the older building in which Tobias Smollett lived for a few years
The More Tomb in Chelsea Old Church
The Thames, whose “unstable element has proved a more durable record than brass or marble.”

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F. C. Morgan & Co., Ltd., London E.C.

Another national publisher of local cards.   As with other such series, some of the views are identical to those of other publishers, notably Alwin & Vedy.   A printer’s number appears in red at the bottom right on the address side of the earlier coloured cards.

 Series 239Colour 
239-1S. Peter’s, Eaton Square85966 
239-2Chelsea Hospital, The Quadrangle85967 
239-3Carlyle’s Statue, Cheyne Walk, Chelsea8596896656
239-4Chelsea, St. Luke’s Church8596996657
239-5Albert Bridge, Chelsea8597096658
239-6Chelsea Bridge8597196659
239-7Chelsea Hospital, The Old Gate85972 
239-8Entrance to Chelsea Bridge.No printer’s number 
239-9King’s Road, Chelsea, Whitelands College.No printer’s number 
239-10Sloane Square and Court Theatre.No printer’s number 
239-11Town Hall, King’s Road, Chelsea.No printer’s number 
239-12Chelsea BarracksNo printer’s number 
239-13World’s End, Chelsea.No printer’s number 
 Series 248Artist drawnThis set has been noted in an envelope sold by H B Moody
248-1A Chelsea Charity of the Olden Days - Petyt’s School.  
248-2Chelsea in the Olden Days - The White Horse Inn, Church Street, 1820.  
248-3Cheyne Walk in 1812, Shrewsbury House.  
248-4Chelsea in the Olden Days - The Clock House.  
248-5Chelsea in the Olden Days - Church Place in 1641.  
248-6The World’s End Tavern, Chelsea, in 1830.  
248-7The Moravian Chapel, Chelsea, in 1830.  
248-8Chelsea in 1800 - King James College.  
248-9Old Chelsea - Ranelagh Chapel, 1818.  
248-10The Shady Avenue, Ranelagh Gardens, in 1750.  
248-11Hans Place in 1800 - The Pavilion.  
248-12St. Luke’s, Chelsea, in 1815.  

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L. E. Muller, 454 Kingsland Road, E.8

Successor to Gibbs & Co. above from 1910, as college photographer to the newly combined College of St Mark and St John in 1926 he advertised that he “can supply books of 19 views of the College, with cover decorated with the College Arms in colour at 4s., post free.    He can also supply copies of any group taken at St Mark’s from 1897 onwards, and at St John’s, Battersea, from 1913.”

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