The “National” Series

Millar & Lang of Glasgow produced this Series, which includes the following:

1953 The Glad Eye at Chelsea
S 53 The Last Motor Bus from Chelsea
S 53 The Last Motor Bus from World’s End
S 170 The Last Train from Chelsea
Carlyle’s House, Chelsea. London

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J. Newbury, 96 Fulham Road, S.W.

Published a few local cards:

Chelsea Hospital for Women
The Brompton Hospital, Fulham Road, S.W.   Ex Wrench 6389
Later retitled as Brompton, The Hospital
Nurse’s Home, Hospital for Consumption

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Oxford University Press

Printed for the Victoria and Albert Museum:

P.8. Cheyne Walk, Chelsea. Watercolour drawing by James Miller 1776

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Pageantry Postcards

Produced:- “Founder’s Day at The Royal Hospital Chelsea”

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Pamlin Prints, Croydon

In the 1960s Pamlin Prints published two sets of five postcards for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Libraries Series: Set 1 comprised the Kensington views; and Set 2 the Chelsea views, as follows:

6 Old Ferry Wharf, Chelsea, c.1860/70
7 Chelsea from across the River 1744
8 Beaufort House, Chelsea, c.1700
9 The Royal Hospital, Chelsea, c.1700
10 Cheyne Walk c.1850

C 1401 Old Battersea - The Church and Distant View of Chelsea c.1752
M 2437 LGOC Horse Bus at World’s End Inn, Chelsea, 1907

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U. W. A. Parkes

This group of artist drawn colour tinted cards signed U.W.A.Parkes bears no details of a publisher; only two titles are currently known.

Carlyle’s House, Cheyne Row, Chelsea
Chelsea [Corner of Cheyne Walk and Old Church Street]

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Park’s Press Photographic Agency, Ltd., 89 Fleet Street, E.C.

Park’s Press published a solitary real photographic card of Chelsea:

The New Bowling Green, Chelsea Conservative Club 193 King’s Road

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A. G. Parry, 134 Earl’s Court Road, S.W.

Parry published a solitary card of Chelsea:

Lexham Gardens, S.W.

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Pastel Publishing Coy., Ltd., 6 Gough Square, E.C.

An original packet of Pastel Postcards in their Black & White Series “Old London” No.3. ‘Chelsea’; Six Original Lithographs Drawn by Thos. R. Way.

4 Cheyne Walk (George Eliott)
118 Cheyne Walk (J.M.W. Turner)
Carlyle’s house, 24 Cheyne Row, Chelsea
Lindsay House, 96 to 100 Cheyne Walk (J.M. Whistler)
Queen’s house, 16 Cheyne Walk (D.G. Rosetti)
The Old Church, Chelsea

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Pathé Frères Cinema Ltd. Series

These are stills from their newsreels of 1924:

1043 Felix the cat, is going to Chelsea Arts Ball
1090 London. Inspection of Royal Chelsea Pensioners

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F. Pattison, 53 Hollywood Road, Chelsea, S.W.

Only a single card of Pattison is known:

Emmanuel Church, late Park Chapel, Chelsea, S.W.

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Peter Jones

A single promotional real photographic card posted in 1907 is untitled and unattributed:

[Peter Jones]

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One of the big league of national publishers.   These cards were available in a number of styles including:the ‘EXCLUSIVE Grano SERIES’ and ‘ REAL PHOTO’.   They were also available overprinted with the name of the retailer; ‘A. R. Sidders and Co., 55 King’s Road’ and ‘H. Flack, 315 King’s Road’, both of whom appear elsewhere in this listing.

CelesqueLondon Types: The Chelsea Pensioner
V5896Chelsea, Cheyne Row
51321Chelsea. The Old Church.
51322Chelsea. The Albert Bridge.
51324Chelsea. Beaufort Street.
51325Chelsea. Mulberry Walk.
51327Chelsea. Sloane Square.
51328Chelsea. Whitelands College and King’s Road.
51329Chelsea. Duke of York’s Headquarters.
51330Chelsea. The Cross. Sloane Square.
51354Chelsea. Cheyne Hospital for Children.
51355Chelsea. The Embankment.
51356Chelsea. The Library & South Western Polytechnic.
51357Chelsea. Cheyne Hospital for Children.
64304Chelsea. Carlyle’s House.
64307Chelsea. Sloane Square.
68730Chelsea. Kings Road.
68731Chelsea. Upper Cheyne Row.
68732Chelsea. The Home of the Artists, Cheyne Walk.
68733Chelsea. The House where J M W Turner lived and worked.
68734Chelsea. Thomas Carlyle, Dec 4 1795 - Feb 5 1881.
68735Chelsea. Embankment
68736Chelsea. The Home of Whistler, 1834-1903, 96 Cheyne Walk.
68737Chelsea. Embankment & Albert Bridge.
68738Old Chelsea Church. Where Henry VIII was “once” married.
68739Chelsea. Cheyne Walk, East.
68740Chelsea. Embankment Gardens.
78740Chelsea. Embankment Gardens. Photographic version of 68740 above
 Promotional un-numbered cards
 The Royal Court Hotel, Sloane Square, London, S.W.1. Pencilette Series
 The Royal Court Hotel, Sloane Square, London, S.W.1. standard sepia card
 The Royal Court Hotel, Sloane Square, London, S.W.1. - Main Entrance Hotel & restaurant. Lettercard
 Post War un-numbered cards
 Inspection of the Scots Guard at Chelsea Barracks (Soldiers of the Queen)

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The Photographic Greeting Card Co. Ltd., London

A solitary card, posted in 1964, by this publisher:

200 Carlton Tower and Cadogan Square, London

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Photo Tourists Association, Turnham Green, W

An early card on undivided back from this well known West London publisher represents Chelsea, followed by sets of later cards of the Servite Church and St Mary’s Cadogan Street:

19960 St Wilfred’s Convent, Cale Street, Chelsea
A later volume of 12 views of ‘St Wilfred’s Convent, Daughters of the Cross, Cale Street, Chelsea’ which was published in small booklet format includes the above under the description ‘View from Lawn’.

Church of the Holy Redeemer, Chelsea. Catholic Repositary, Cheyne Row, Chelsea

Servite Church and Monastery, Fulham Road, S.W.
Servite Church, Fulham Road, S.W. High Altar
Servite Church, Fulham Road, S.W. Our Lady’s Chapel
Servite Church, Fulham Road, S.W. Sacred Heart Altar
Servite Church, Fulham Road, S.W. St Joseph’s Altar
Servite Church, Fulham Road, S.W. St Mary Magdalen’s Altar
Servite Church, Fulham Road, S.W. St Philip’s Altar
Servite Church, Fulham Road, S.W. The Seven Holy Founders’ Altar
St Mary’s Cadogan Street
St Mary’s Cadogan Street. Sanctuary
St Mary’s Cadogan Street. B. Sacrament Chapel
St Mary’s Cadogan Street. Shrine of Our Lady
St Mary’s Cadogan Street. High Altar

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Pictorial Stationery Co. Ltd., London

Only two Chelsea themed cards are known by this important national publisher.   They appear as ‘Platino-Photo’ postcards in their Peacock Brand:

5203B Crosby Hall, Bishopsgate
5229B Statue near Chelsea Hospital

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Pirie, Randall & Co.

A single outline map card of West Chelsea is known by this publisher:

X marks the spot to aim for. Crosby Hall is indicated

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Pomona Toys

Mary Vermuyden Wheelhouse was a Yorkshire lass, born in Leeds in 1868, the daughter of Claudius Galen Wheelhouse (1827-1909) a successful surgeon.   She studied art at the Académie Delecture in Paris and became an artist and illustrator of children’s books; Mary clearly inherited her father’s manual dexterity and, working in Pomona Studios at 111 New Kings Road, Fulham, started her own toy making business in about 1915, which she named Pomona Toys.    She was a friend of fellow artist Marion Dawson and was persuaded by her to take over the shop below her flat at 64 Cheyne Walk vacated when The Good Intent restaurant moved out in 1917.    Not only did Mary make her own toys, she also operated a ‘dolls hospital’.   As a trade advertisement she published a real photographic postcard of her shopfront shewing some of the production clearly visible in the window.   The shop did not remain here in Chelsea very long, moving to 14 Holland Street in Kensington in 1927; her factory, however, stayed at 28 Gunter Grove, Chelsea, until the outbreak of war in 1939 and supplied Fortnum & Masons, Liberty & Co and Harrods as well as the LCC with Nursery School bricks; Mary Wheelhouse died in 1947 aged 78.    Click here to read more about Pomona Toys.

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Kate Pragnell

Kate Pragnell was born in Newport, Isle of Wight, in 1853 and was an artist and photographer living at 39 Brompton Square.   Although she died there on 19 November 1905 when aged only 49, her business continued under her name for a few years longer by Alice Mary Stewart, her executrix.   The Chelsea Historical Pageant was held in the Old Ranelagh Gardens, Royal Hospital, between 25th June and 1st July 1908 and was performed in 10 episodes, as listed below.   The Kate Pragnell studio was commissioned to photograph the event and produced a large number of postcards of each episode (EP) together with portraits of most of the historical characters portrayed.   Each card was produced in small numbers and is hard to find; the following titles are noted:

EP1. The Romans cross the Thames at Chelsea in 53BC
EP2. The Synod of Chelsea in AD 786
EP3. May Day in Chelsea Fields 1500
(EP3) May Day in Chelsea Fields 1500 Different
(EP3) May Day in Chelsea Fields 1500 Different
EP4. Part 1. Sir Thomas More Visited by Henry VIII and his family; drawn by Holbein in 1547
EP4. Part 2. Sir Thomas More’s Farewell to Chelsea in 1534
EP5. The Princess Elizabeth and Lady Jane Grey at the Manor House in 1547
EP6. Funeral of Anne of Cleves from Chelsea Manor House in 1557
EP7. Queen Elizabeth at Lord Howard of Effingham’s Chelsea in 1592
EP7. Children’s Masque of Spencers “Faerie Queen”
EP8. The Founding of Chelsea Hospital by Charles II 1681
EP9. The Institution of “Doggett’s Coat and Badge” in 1714
EP10. Different
EP10. Royal Fête at Ranelagh Gardens in 1749
(EP10) Minuet of Chelsea China Figures, 1749

CHARACTERS - over 40 known
The Blue Druid
Julius Caesar
Roman Officer
Herald Bard
British Women and Children
Offa, King of Mercia
Saxon Soldier
Papal Legate (Theophylact of Todi)
Saxon Noble
The Grey Nuns
Sir Reginald de Bray
Minstrel and Citizen
Galliarde Dancers
Dargason Dancers
Gypsy Dancer
King Henry VIII
Margaret Roper
Cecily (Cis) Heron & Bess More
William Patteson
Queen Katharine Parr
Princess Elizabeth
King Edward VI
Ling of Arms and a Mourner
Priest at the Funeral of Anne of Cleves
Queen Elizabeth
Lord Howard of Effingham
Edmund Spenser
Lady Mary Howard
St George, Una & Lion
“Lucifera” Queen of Pride
Chelsea Reach boy and girl
Old Soldier
Charles II This card is also noted bearing the rubber stamp of Gordon Smith
Nell Gwyn
Duchess of Cleveland
Duke of Buckingham
Sir Hans Sloane
The Duchess of Ormonde
Joseph Addison and Sir Richard Steele
Court Lady of the Period
Dr. Johnson
George II
A Masquerader
Chelsea China Figure
J. H. Irvine, Esq. - Master of the Chelsea Pageant

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Promographics 0181-203 2798

A single card of Chelsea is known by this 1990s publisher:

SO 109 The Kings Head and Eight Bells, 50 Cheyne Walk

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Qualis Photo Company, 733 Fulham Road, London, S.W.6

Nothing is known about this publisher:

Shrine of our Lady of Lourdes, St Mary’s Cadogan Gardens, S.W.
St Anthony’s Altar, St Mary’s Cadogan Gardens, S.W.

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R.A. (Postcards) Ltd., London, E.C.4

Originally the Rapid Photo Printing Co., Ltd., London, E.C. and represented by a plate-sunk RP:

227-13 London, Chelsea Bridge

a later post-war (1950)set of six coloured postcards followed:

Royal Hospital, Chelsea - Chapel
Royal Hospital, Chelsea - Colonnade
Royal Hospital, Chelsea - Figure Court
Royal Hospital, Chelsea - Great Hall
Royal Hospital, Chelsea - A Long Ward
Royal Hospital, Chelsea - North Front
Royal Hospital, Chelsea. 1950 Uniforms worn by In-Pensioners

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Real Britain Ltd., 22 Park Street, Bristol 1

Real Britain published a solitary card of Chelsea:

23 “Chelsea Pensioners” in the grounds of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, London

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Real London, 9/11 Kensington High Street, W8

Included within their portfolio a coloured close-up portrait of an archetypal Chelsea Punk Rocker:

No. 34 Chelsea Girl

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H. Reid, 52 Ellerby St., S.W.6

During the 1950s this local newsagent/stationer published a number of real photographic postcards of the Fulham neighbourhood, including a handful of Chelsea real photographic cards.   These are quite hard to find and, for the moment, only the following titles have been noted; no doubt there are more yet to find.

174Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, London
175Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, London
176Chelsea Old Church, London
178Albert Bridge, London
183Chelsea Bridge, London
185Chelsea Bridge Road, London
187The Royal Hospital, Chelsea, London
191Guns in Royal Hospital, Chelsea, London
194King’s Road, Chelsea, London
224Chelsea Town Hall, London
226Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square, London
227Sloane Terrace, London
235Chelsea Parish Church of St Luke, London

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One card from a set of six, artist drawn by Ace in 1998, showing frogs dressed up in various costumes is of a:-

Chelsea Pensioner

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Richardson & Company [R. & Co. London], 2 & 3 Titchfield Street, Soho, London, W.

Either on its own, under R. & Co. London, or with the imprint ‘Titchfield Series’ it is now known that these cards were published by William Richardson and Company.   They specialised in the “Greetings from ....” type of card where the place name could be added to order.   The following Chelsea cards have been noted:

Picked up in Chelsea! Drawing of a baby’s dummy Is it yours?
374 The Chelsea Costume is not a patch on what I'm wearing
501 I’m Resting at Chelsea

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Robertson, 43 King’s Road, Chelsea,S.W.

Only two cards are currently known bearing Robertson’s imprint; the first is clearly just a retailer’s mark on a collotype card - the second is a very nice real photographic card of Royal Avenue with his name on the picture side.

Duke of York’s School, Chelsea
Royal Avenue, Chelsea

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Rotary Photographic Series

Rotary are noted especially for their London Life cards, but also published a full range of topographical views, including the following of Chelsea:

6747C Thomas Carlyle. His House at Chelsea

10500-2 General View, Chelsea Hospital, London
10500-3 The Terrace, Chelsea Hospital, London
10500-4 Statue of King Charles, Chelsea Hospital, London

10513-34 London Life. Chelsea Pensioner
10514-A London Life. Chelsea Pensioner   the same, but colour tinted
10513-70 London Life. Football. Chelsea v. Aston Villa at Stamford Bridge

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The Royal Court Hotel, Sloane Square, London SW1

Published their own artist drawn card of the hotel by O'Halloran

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Royal Hospital, Chelsea

The gift shop at the Royal Hospital today offers for sale a selection of modern postcards.    These are sold in support of the Chelsea Pensioners’s Appeal.

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J. Russell & Sons, Windsor

From the year 1904 J. Russell & Sons secured an exclusive contract with Whitelands College to produce postcards for their students featuring both the buildings of the college and the famous annual May Queen Day.    Initially there was a set of six collotype cards; in later years, however, the range became mostly real photographic and prolific - the final year of publication being 1927.

E 20213 Chapel, Whitelands College
E 20214 Chapel Screen, Whitelands College
E 20215 Recreation Room, Whitelands College
E 20216 Dining Room, Whitelands College
E 20217 Whitelands College
E 20218 Whitelands College, May 1st

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J. Salmon Ltd., Sevenoaks, Kent

A well known and prolific national publisher, who also printed cards for others:

1-00-00-52 Rutland Court Hotel, 21 Draycott Place, Sloane Square, Chelsea, London, S.W.3
301 We miss the patter of your little feet at Chelsea
1-42-02-38/3706c Chelsea Pensioners, London
5373 Sydney Street, Chelsea, London, S.W.3
Kindest Remembrance from Chelsea

For E. Mack, King Henry’s Rd, Hampstead. Life at CHELSEA BARRACKS I don't think! by Reg Carter

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Samuels Ltd., Strand, London, W.C.

A major London stationer and publisher included the following real photograph:

London: Old Chelsea Church

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The Scientific Press Ltd., London

Just a few cards under this imprint are known:

The Cancer Hospital (Free) London S.W.

And four cards of “The Opening of the New Offices of the Royal National Pension Fund for Nurses, July 4th, 1908” 15 Buckingham Street, Westminster.   The Chelsea interest is in the garden party which followed the royal opening of the new building, which had been designed by Paul Waterhouse:

The Chairman of the Fund presenting an address to the Queen
The Garden Party at the Royal Hospital Chelsea
The Garden Party at the Royal Hospital Chelsea
The Garden Party, before the Bandstand
The King addressing the Nurses

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Douglas Scott, Fulham Road, South Kensington

Published a one-off real photographic study of the offices of the Chelsea Electric Supply Co. 19 Cadogan Gardens in about 1910.

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A. Severn

A single artist drawn card is known ‘Etch’d by A. Severn’:

Chelsea Old Church and Cheyne Walk

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Anon - SH2010

Nothing is known as to who published this charming set of six cards.   One suggestion is that SH may be the national publisher S Hildesheimer.

Chelsea. Carlyle Statue, Embankment Gardens
Chelsea. Cheyne Walk from Battersea Bridge
Chelsea Embankment
Chelsea. Embankment & Albert Bridge
Chelsea Old Church
Chelsea Old Church Different View

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Shamrock & Co., Photographic Printers & Publishers, London, E.C.

Published a set of real photographic ‘song’ cards with a Chelsea theme including:

281 Boys of the Chelsea School
282 Boys of the Chelsea School

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Maud Shelley, London SW

Nothing is currently known about Miss Maud Shelley, other than that she published around 1929 a real photographic postcard entitled “Crosby Hall”.

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Shepherd 753 Fulham Road, S.W.

Although not strictly speaking a publisher, Shepherd had his name overprinted on cards published by others; an example being that of Stengel’s card of Chelsea Embankment numbered 26281, which appears with no publisher named - simply “Sold by SHEPHERD 753, Fulham Road, S.W.” instead.

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Shurey’s Publications

Perhaps the most frequently encountered old postcard of Chelsea is a view entitled “Old Chelsea Gate”, published by Shurey’s as a free insert in their “Smart Novels”, “Yes or No” and “Daimty Novels”.

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A. R. Sidders & Co., King’s Road - Sidders Series

Alexander Rufus Sidders (1860 - 1926), stationer and art bookbinder, carried one of the largest ranges of Chelsea postcards; most of these carried his imprint as well - although many of the images derive from cards previously published by others, notably Wrench and Cook .   His production centres around a comprehensive series of Real Photographic cards, supplemented later by a set of high quality plate-sunk sepia views of Chelsea, a poorer quality (anonymous, but distinctive) set of similar views and rounded off by another numbered set of twelve poorer views of Chelsea and Battersea Park.    Wherever possible these are cross referenced to the photographic cards from which they derive.

The listing commences with the Real Photographic cards.   These appear to carry on from the Wrench numbering system, which was also used by the distinctive ‘Semaphore t’ Real Photo printer, now believed to be Bender Brothers, who were German nationals who published widely for many different retail outlets; at the outbreak of war they were taken over by Sidney Smith.   With the exception of the Whitelands College card, the earlier cards bear no publisher imprint but are included here as they are almost certainly Sidders Series cards.    The anonymous 9304 was later republished as 164750 by Sidders; from 9366 onwards they are all clearly marked Sidders Series.    After 11134 a new series was begun at 400 and ran through (?continuously) to 438; this included some views of Battersea Park and these are listed for completeness, although not all of these are currently known.    The listing continues with the sepia cards and finishes with two double view photographic cards, published after 1926 under the imprint G. M. Sidders, clearly his widow Georgina Mary née Boyle, whom he had married in 1883.

 Chelsea, Whitelands College Wrench 8969 
9267Chelsea Barracks  
9271Old Church & Embankment, Chelsea Seasons Greetings
9272Chelsea Barracks  
9299Sloane Square, London  
930?Chelsea or Victoria Bridge, London  
9302Chelsea Bridge Seasons Greetings
9303Chelsea Hospital, S.W.  
9304Chelsea Gardens, showing Carlyle Statue  
9366St Leonard’s Terrace, S.W.  
9367Tedworth Gardens  
9368Ormonde Gate  
9372View on Embankment  
9378Lower Sloane Street  
9380Rosetti Statue & Fountain, Chelsea Gardens  
9460Territorials’ Headquarters Chelsea  
9467Sloane Square showing Holy Trinity Church  
10352Royal Avenue, Chelsea  
10353St Lukes Church, Chelsea  
10354Childrens’ Hospital, Chelsea  
10356Sutton Dwellings, Chelsea  
10357Carlyle’s House, Cheyne Row, Chelsea  
10358Guardian Offices, Chelsea  
10367Markham Square, Chelsea  
10490Wellington Square, Chelsea  
10492Chelsea Palace & Town Hall  
10493Wesleyan Church & King’s Road  
11123Cheyne Hospital, Chelsea  
11124St Leonards Terrace, Chelsea  
11125Old Church & Embankment, Chelsea  
11126Tedworth Square, Chelsea  
11127Clock House & Embankment, Chelsea  
11128The White House, Chelsea  
11129Embankment, Chelsea  
11130Walpole Street, Chelsea  
11131Cheyne Walk, Chelsea  
11132Tedworth Square, Chelsea  
11133Oakley Street  
11134Tite Street  
400Chelsea Palace  
401Chelsea Embankment  
402Chelsea Town Hall Cook 
403Chelsea Bridge  
404Old Church, Chelsea  
405Old Church, Chelsea Cook 
406Christ Church, Chelsea Cook 
408Barracks, Chelsea  
409Royal Hospital, Chelsea Cook 
410Terrace Gardens, Royal Hospital, Chelsea Cook H 
411The Hall, Royal Hospital, Chelsea Cook Q1 
412East Gate, Royal Hospital, Chelsea  
413“Pensioners”, Royal Hospital, Chelsea Cook E1 
414South Front, Royal Hospital, Chelsea  
415From the Avenue, Royal Hospital, Chelsea Cook 
416Chelsea Embankment Gardens Cook 
417Clock House, Chelsea Embankment  
418The Rustic Bridge, Battersea Park  
419The Avenue, Battersea Park  
422The Drive, Battersea ParkCook 
423Lakeside Tea Rooms, Battersea Park  
424Battersea Park  
425Battersea Park  
430Burton Court  
431Markham Square  
434Cheyne Walk  
436Albert Bridge Road  
438Beaufort Mansions  
 Battersea ParkCook 
 St Mary’s, Cadogan Place, S.W.  
LW249Chelsea War Memorial  
 Sloane CourtCook 
 Sloane Square showing War Memorial  
 Greetings from ChelseaMultiview 
 Greetings from ChelseaChristmas405 & 409
 Greetings from ChelseaDouble viewG. M. Sidders
 Greetings from ChelseaDouble viewG. M. Sidders
 Wellington SquareCook 
Nowthe plate-sunk set  
 “Carlyle Statue”, Chelsea Embankment Gardens  
 Chelsea Embankment 401 
 Chelsea Town Hall 402 Cook
 Duke of York’s R.M. School, Chelsea  
 Old Church Chelsea 405 Cook
 Royal Hospital, Chelsea  
 St Luke’s, ChelseaExteriorCook
 St Luke’s, ChelseaInterior Cook
 Sloane Square  
 Terrace Gardens, Royal Hospital Chelsea 410 Cook H
 The Hall, Royal Hospital, Chelsea 411 Cook Q1
andthe sepia cards  
 Chelsea Bridge9302 
 Carlyle’s House, Cheyne Row, Chelsea 10357 
 Old Church & Embankment, Chelsea 11125 
 Greetings from Chelsea Multiview 
164745Duke of York’s Headquarters Territorials 9460 
164746Terrace Gardens, Royal Hospital, Chelsea 410 Cook H
164747Royal Hospital, Chelsea 409 Cook IIII
164748Old Church Chelsea 405 Cook
164750Chelsea Gardens, showing Carlyle Statue 9304 
164751Chelsea Town Hall 402 Cook
164752Chelsea Embankment401 
164753Sloane Square, London9467 
164754The Rustic Bridge, Battersea Park418 
164755Battersea Park425 
164756Battersea Park Cook

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Edward Gordon Smith

One of the most prolific publishers of Chelsea cards.   A few cards of Battersea Park (together with a few of the Pimlico area) are included here for completeness as these lie within the same ‘number block’.    His total output is catalogued separately in his own section of the Exciting Postcards website.

393Pensioners’ Gardens, Chelsea Hospital
394Ranelagh Gardens, Chelsea Hospital
395King’s Road, Chelsea
396Cheltenham Terrace, Chelsea
397Whitelands College
397AWhitelands College, Chelsea
399Wellington Square, Chelsea
399BWellington Square, Chelsea
400Royal Hospital, Chelsea(: South View)
400BChelsea Hospital
400CChelsea Hospital
404(A) Shady Avenue, Royal Hospital, Chelsea
405Royal Hospital Grounds, Chelsea
406Chelsea Old Church
407Albert Bridge & Embankment, Chelsea
408Battersea Bridge
409Cheyne Walk, East, Chelsea
410Duke of York’s School, Chelsea
411Chelsea Embankment
411AChelsea Embankment
413Carlyle’s House & Cheyne Row, Chelsea
414Battersea Park, The Ladies’ Pond
415Battersea Park, The Avenue & Band Stand
416Battersea Park, Boating Lake
416BLake, Battersea Park
417Battersea Park, Sub Tropical Garden
418Carlyle’s Statue, showing Cheyne Row, Chelsea
419Sloane Square, looking West
420Sloane Square, looking East
421Albert Bridge, Chelsea
422Oakley Street, Chelsea
422AOakley Street, Chelsea
423Old Houses, Glebe Place, Chelsea
424Sloane Square, Chelsea
425Royal Avenue, Chelsea
425ARoyal Avenue, Chelsea
426A Grotto, Old Cremorne Gardens, Chelsea
427Turner's House, Chelsea
427Old Chelsea from the River
427AOld Chelsea from the River
427BTurner’s House, Chelsea
428A bit of Cremorne Gardens, Chelsea
429Old Moravian Chapel, Chelsea
430Sloane Street
431The Vale, King’s Road, Chelsea
432King’s Road from Sloane Square, Chelsea
432AKing’s Road from Sloane Square, Chelsea
433South Western Polytechnic, Chelsea
434Battersea Park, The Deer Enclosure
435Battersea Park, The Rockery
436Battersea Park
437Wellington Buildings, Pimlico
437AWellington Buildings, Pimlico
437BWellington Buildings, Pimlico
437CWellington Buildings, Pimlico
439Victoria Station, New Entrance
440Chelsea Barracks
440AChelsea Barracks
441Chelsea Bridge
442Carabiniers’ Memorial, Chelsea (Bridge)
444Chelsea Waterworks, SW
445Gatliff Buildings (Interior) Pimlico
445AGatliff Buildings (Interior) Pimlico
445BGatliff Buildings (Interior) Pimlico
446Old Houses (on Embankment), Chelsea
446AOld Houses, Chelsea
446BOld Houses & More’s Garden, Chelsea
448Chelsea Baptist Chapel, Chelsea
511New Flats, Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
511Moores [sic] Gardens, Chelsea    later version of same view
511AChelsea Embankment Gardens
512Tedworth Square, Chelsea
513Whistler’s House, Chelsea Embankment
514Edith Grove, Chelsea
514AFernshaw Road, Chelsea
515World’s End, Chelsea
515AWorld’s End, Chelsea
516Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
517St Johns Church and Ashburnham Mansions
517AAshburnham Mansions, Chelsea
518Paultons Square, Chelsea
518ACarlyle Square, Chelsea
519Chelsea Secondary School
520New Town Hall, Chelsea
521King’s Road, Chelsea
522Tite Street, Chelsea
522ATite Street, Chelsea
523George Elliot’s House, Chelsea Embankment
523ARosetti’s House, Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
523BThe Clock House, Chelsea Embankment
524Cheyne Hospital for Children, Chelsea
524ACheyne Court & Royal Hospital Road, Chelsea
525Swan Walk, Chelsea
526Sloane Court West, Chelsea
526ASloane Gardens
528Victoria Hospital, Chelsea
913Beaufort Street, Chelsea
914St Mark’s College, Chelsea
914Military Hospital    later version of above
915Carlyle Gardens, Chelsea
916Statue to Hans Sloane, Physic Gardens, Chelsea
916APhysic Gardens, Chelsea
2503Chelsea Pensioners
5003Greetings from Chelsea
5006Greetings from Battersea
 Un-numbered Views
 Burton Court, Chelsea
 St Luke's Church, Chelsea

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Anon - No. 664

Although no publisher's name appears upon this distinctive framed style set of cards, apart from the simple imprint No. 664, the views are clearly derived from Gordon Smith originals, whether copied by agreement or simply pirated one cannot say precisely.   The printer is clearly identifiable as one used by Gordon Smith and the numbers assigned to each card include the date element 10 for 1910.    This number is in the first column and links to a view of the card itself; the link in the right hand column is to a view of the Gordon Smith original for comparison.   Several titles have yet to surface and the higher numbers do not all appear to be derivatives.

10 53702Chelsea Hospital 400C
10 53703South Western Polytechnic, Chelsea 433
10 53704Duke of York’s School, Chelsea 410
10 53705Old Church, Chelsea 406
10 53706  
10 53707  
10 53708Royal Hospital, Chelsea 400
10 53709Chelsea Bridge441
10 53710Oakley Street422A
10 53711Chelsea Secondary School 519
10 53712  
10 53713  
10 53714Carlyle Statue, Chelsea 
10 53715  
10 53716  
10 53717  
10 53718  
10 53719Cheyne Walk, Chelsea 
10 53720  
10 53721  
10 53722Carlyle’s House, Cheyne Row, Chelsea 

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Stackman, Brough & Co. Richmond

Stackman, Brough & Co. published for Whitelands College a set of six cards:

The Art Room, Whitelands College, Chelsea, London S.W.
The Chapel, Whitelands College, Chelsea, London S.W.
The Common Room, Whitelands College, Chelsea, London S.W.
The Dining Room, Whitelands College, Chelsea, London S.W.
The Library, Whitelands College, Chelsea, London S.W.
The Quadrangle, Whitelands College, Chelsea, London S.W.

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Stanesby & Co., 179 Sloane Street, SW

Stanesby published a set of numbered collotype cards; some of these together with others also appear in real photo format un-numbered, but with the titles enclosed in a distinctive lined box.

501 Knightsbridge, London, S.W.
502 Sloane Street, London, S.W.
503 Sloane Street, London, S.W.
504 Hans Crescent, London, S.W.
Sloane Street, SW Same view as 503
Sloane Street, S.W. (168-174)
Hans Crescent, S.W. Same view as 504
Cadogan Place, S.W.
Hans Place, S.W.
Lennox Gardens, S.W.
Lowndes Square, S.W.
Pont Street, S.W.

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Stengel & Co, 39 Redcross Street, London, E.C. & Dresden (ST & Co. D)

Another big national publisher.   The titles are printed in a distinctive script and are coloured red, very similar indeed to the undivided back cards noted above; one card is noted overprinted Sold by SHEPHERD 753, Fulham Road, S.W.   The slightly later cards with the numbers prefaced by E bear the publisher’s imprint ST & Co. D within a double triangle.

26281Chelsea EmbankmentChelsea
26282The Embankment, Cheyne WalkChelsea
26283ChelseaOld Chelsea Church
26284Albert BridgeChelsea
26285King’s RoadChelsea
26286Thomas Carlyle’s House, Cheyne RowChelsea
26287Chelsea HospitalChelsea
26288ChelseaLeigh Hunt’s House
26289Embankment Gardens and Carlyle StatueChelsea
E 26950Ward, Cancer HospitalBrompton
E 26992The Cancer HospitalBrompton
E 26993??
E 26994Recreation Room,Chelsea Hospital
E 26995The Chapel,Chelsea Hospital

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Stills Publishing

Two modern cards with a Chelsea theme © Peter Moore:-

LS010 The No.22 Bus
LS012 King’s Road, Chelsea

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St Columba’s (Church of Scotland) Pont Street, London, S.W.1.

Commissioned by the church itself in 1955 and using photographs by Pamela Chandler four cards are known:

The Church looking towards the Sanctuary
Lennox Gardens Entrance
Pont Street Entrance
The Pulpit and the Holy Table

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St Joseph’s Convent

Situated at 42 Cadogan Street, St Joseph’s Convent of Our Lady of Mercy published anonymously a few interior RP views, including:

The Studio, St Joseph’s Convent, Chelsea

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St Mark’s College, Chelsea

Commissioned by St Mark’s College itself and probably using photographs by Gibbs and later L. E. Muller, two separate sets are known: the earlier lettered, the later numbered:

A. North Wing
B. From College Gate
C. The Quadrangle
D. Principal’s House and South Wing
E. Practising Schools, Playground and Laboratory
F. The Common Room
G. East Wing
H. South Wing

This later set has also been noted made up into an album, with the title St M C and college arms in blue

    The College Chapel   Not actually numbered
2. The College Chapel
3. View from King’s Road
4. South Building
5. South Building
6. Demonstration Lesson
7. Large Lecture Room
8. Physics Room
9. Gymnasium
10. Gymnasium
11. Common Room
12. Reading Room
13. Principal’s House
14. Principal’s House
15. College Staff

Following the merger with St John’s College in 1926, new anonymous cards were produced on plain backs, including:

Library & Chapel College of S. Mark & S. John, King’s Road, Chelsea, S.W.10.

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Sunshine Comic

A modern card with a Chelsea Pensioner theme - artist not signed:-

5874 Remember that stuff they put in our tea when we were recruits - I think it's beginning TO TAKE EFFECT NOW!

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