A. & G. Taylor, 9 Long Acre, Aldersgate St., London E.C.

This important national publisher produced a set of (?six) cards of Chelsea Pensioners in their “Orthochrome” Series including:

2947 Guess who it is?
6080 Many Happy Returns of the Day

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Tichnor Bros., Inc., Boston 15, Mass

Produced for the Hotel Corporation of America a card of The Carlton Tower, Cadogan Place in about 1960 in “Lusterchrome”.

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Temprint (Beric Tempest) Ltd, TR26 3HT 01736 752500

Three modern postcards are still in print:

The Royal Hospital, View from the south-east
The Chapel, Royal Hospital Chelsea
Jack, Sam, Frank, Michael and Joe. Oil painting by June Mendoza of four Chelsea pensioners round a table.

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Time Out Postcard Advertising 071-221 5462

Produced for Blushes Café 52 Kings Road, Chelsea SW3 9HH in about 1995 a charming shopfront card drawn by Jane Lindsay

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Times Newspapers Ltd

Produced for Item 62 in their 1776 Exhibition a reproduction of a watercolour in the Victoria and Albert Museum of Cheyne Walk by James Miller.

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Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd

This important national publisher produced several artist drawn series of cards with a Chelsea theme:

529VView - Thames River Scenery - Series 5
 Suspension Bridge, Chelsea
2648Oilette - Connoisseur - Quaint Bits by Horace van Ruith
 Battersea Church, from the river
 Chelsea Old Church
 Chelsea Old Church, Interior
6170Oilette - Old Chelsea by Horace van Ruith
 Chelsea Embankment
 Cheyne Row, Chelsea
 The Gate, Royal Hospital, Chelsea
 The Quadrangle, Royal Hospital, Chelsea
 Quaint Houses in Franklin Street, Chelsea
 The Thames at Chelsea
6389Oilette - British Character Studies by Henrie Pitcher
 A Chelsea Pensioner
7941Oilette - The Royal Hospital Chelsea by Charles E. Flower
 The Hall
 The Chapel
 The Colonnade
 Pensioner’s Ward
 The Quadrangle
 From the Garden Pre 1911
laterFounder’s Day Parade 29th May 1911
andThe Quadrangle Another version
9251Oilette - Chelsea Pensioners by John A. Heyermans
 Waiting for Breakfast
 A Cosy Corner
 A Haven for Rest
 The Victoria Cross
9282Oilette - Chelsea Pensioners - Ser. II by John A. Heyermans
 The Chapel
 Church Time
 An Interesting Game
 Grandfather’s Birthday
 The Recreation Hall
 Meal-Time or Dinner Hour
Real Photograph - Crosby Hall, Chelsea International Hall of Residence for University Women
 Crosby Hall 1466-1927
 Residential Wing opened 1st July 1927
 Common Room
 Study Bedroom
 Crosby Hall Interior
 Crosby Hall Interior
 Commemorative Tablet
 1950s ‘L’ Series
L 118Chelsea Pensioners at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea

Note set 7941 was in print for many years and during that time different versions of some of the cards within have been noted.   In its final form the envelope and cards bear no number at all.

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University & City Association of London Ltd.

Over the years published a number of views of Crosby Hall for sale to their students.

Erected in Bishopsgate, 1466. Re-erected in Chelsea, 1910
Oak Roof, Crosby Hall, Chelsea
Old Doorway and Postern, Crosby Hall, Chelsea
Old Fireplace, Crosby Hall, Chelsea
The Oriel Window, Crosby Hall, Chelsea
The Oriel Window, Crosby Hall, Chelsea another view

Crosby Hall, Chelsea - Exterior
Crosby Hall, Chelsea (Reproduced by courtesy of The British Gas Council and the “Industrial Furnisher”
Crosby Hall, Chelsea - Commemorative Plaque
Crosby Hall, Chelsea - The Main Door & Dedication Tablet
Crosby Hall, Chelsea - Great Hall Fire Place
Crosby Hall, Chelsea - The “Margaret Roper” study-bedroom
Crosby Hall, Chelsea - Showing the gallery
Crosby Hall, Chelsea - Showing the picture of Sir Thomas More and his family, after Hans Holbein, presented by the Chelsea Society

Crosby Hall, London

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Valentines Series

This important national publisher added their six penn’orth of Chelsea cards.

47079Chelsea Pier
47080Sloane Street, Chelsea
47081Sloane Square and King’s Road, Chelsea
47082Royal Hospital and Obelisk, Chelsea
47083Duke of York’s School, Chelsea
47084The Gates of Burton’s Court, Chelsea
 CHELSEA [composite of five of the above views]
16793Servite Church, London,S.W. Published by B.F. Lasket & Co., 245 Brompton Road, S.W.
219767Duke of York’s Headquarters, Kings Road, Chelsea
219768Duke of York’s Headquarters, Kings Road, Chelsea
224080Chelsea Bridge, Battersea Park
M5290Royal Hospital, Chelsea
M5291Chelsea Old Church
M5292Chelsea Embankment
M5293Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
M5294Chelsea Reach
M5949Chelsea [composite of the above five views]
ET.117RChelsea Pensioners in their Uniform of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, London
ET.519Something Old, Something New at Margate

Together with a pull-out ‘Mailing Novelty’ of Bonzo in golfing mode:
1416 It’s a great game at Chelsea - A view or two inside for you

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A. F. Vedy, 249 & 420 King’s Road, Chelsea, SW

Son of Louis George Vedy, stationer, Alfred Frederick was born in Battersea in 1863 and owned two shops in the King’s Road, although he lived at no.420.   Naturally he sold postcards and decided to supplement the titles of other publishers with a range entirely of his own.   The card below of the Old Church proudly proclaims his entry into the ranks of postcard publishers.

Beaufort Street, Chelsea.
Chelsea Town Hall, S.W.
Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
Interior Old Chelsea Church.
Interior St Luke’s Church. Chelsea.
Old Chelsea Church.
Old Houses, Glebe Place, Chelsea.
The Palace Theatre, Chelsea.
The Public Library and Polytechnic, Chelsea.
Renaissance, Upper Cheyne Row, S. W.
St Lukes Church, Chelsea.
St Marks College, Chelsea.
Carlyle Square, Kings Road Showing King & Queen in carriage

Then some Real Photographic cards:
Carlyle Square S.W. 2 different views
Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
Chelsea Police Station
More’s Garden, Chelsea
Old Church, Chelsea
Paulton Square S.W.

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Ian G WALKER, South Godstone, Surrey

As Garden Architects Ian G Walker DRHU, FRHS produced real photographic postcards of their exhibits at the Chelsea Flower Show:

Souvenir of Chelsea. Ian G Walker’s Garden. Chelsea Flower Show
Souvenir of 1952 Chelsea Flower Show

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John Walker & Co. Ltd. - “Bells” Series

The most prolific national publisher of high quality real photographic local postcard views, as might be expected, produced a number of cards of Chelsea:

1201Sloane Sq. S.W.
1202Sloane Sq. S.W.
1205Sloane Sq. S.W.
1206Sloane Sq. S.W.
1207Sloane Sq. S.W.
1208Holy Trinity Upper Chelsea
1208Holy Trinity Sloane St. S.W.
1211Cadogan Place S.W.
1212Cadogan Place S.W.
1213Cadogan Place S.W.
1215Sloane St. S.W.
12??Sloane St. S.W.
1253Sloane St. S.W.
1257Sloane St. S.W.
1264Sloane St. S.W.
1271Chelsea Hospital
1272Chelsea Hospital
1274Chelsea Hospital
1275Chelsea Barracks
1276Duke of Yorks School
1277Chelsea Bridge
1280Burton Court S.W.
1281Chelsea Gardens S.W.
1290Sloane Gardens
1291King’s Road
1293Sloane Square
1294King’s Rd. S.W.
2370Sloane Sq. S.W.
3484Sloane Ct. S.W.
7691Royal Hospital Rd. S.W.
7692Cheyne Court S.W.
7697Battersea Bridge S.W.
7702Cheyne Walk S.W.
7706Cheyne Walk S.W.
7707Cheyne Walk S.W.
7729St Mark’s College S.W.
8598Egerton Gardens S.W. Just outside Chelsea
8603Ovington Square S.W.
8604Brompton Square S.W. Just outside Chelsea
8608Lennox Gardens S.W.
25172Cadogan Place S.W.
25182Cadogan Gardens S.W.
25189Sloane St. S.W.
25190‘St Simons’ Upper Chelsea
25192‘Holy Trinity’ Upper Chelsea
25197Cadogan Square S.W.
25211Lennox Gardens S.W.
25216Ovington Square S.W.
25270Sloane Gardens S.W.
25272Sloane Gardens S.W.
25283Sloane Gardens S.W.
25324Sloane Ct. W. S.W.
25340Lister Institute Chelsea S.W.
25342Chelsea Gardens S.W.
28268Willett Buildingss S.W.
28270Sloane Gardens S.W.
28273Pimlico Road S.W.
28446Hans Place S.W.
34140Chelsea Gardens S.W.
34163Cadogan Street S.W.
34177Milner Street S.W.
34184Cadogan Gardens S.W.
34188Lennox Gardens S.W.
34192Lennox Gardens S.W.
34197Cadogan Square S.W.
34198Cadogan Square S.W.
34200Cadogan Square S.W.
34201Cadogan Square S.W.
34205Draycott Place S.W.
34291Burton Court S.W.
34300Sloane Gardens S.W.
34390Hans Place S.W.

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Waterlow & Sons Ltd.

Printed for the National Gallery, Milbank:

CDLXXXIII Bonington 1719 Cheyne Walk

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Watkins & McCombie Ltd.

Watkins & McCombie had a kiosk at the very first Chelsea Flower Show, known then as the Royal International Horticultural Exhibition, in 1912.   To mark the occasion they published a set of six postcards - undivided backs on buff coloured card:


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The Wellington Series

This is the trade name of the well known military publishers Gale & Polden Ltd. , who published a set of twelve cards of the Duke of York’s Royal Military School.

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Frank Wells, 190 Ebury Street, S.W. - later 40 Pimlico Road

Local photographer, who published in 1908 a photo of “William Adams, age 86, Veteran of Punniar 1843-46”.   This is the man previously noted as being photographed by Frank Hill.   On 25 July 1914 Adams, now 92, returned to the new Wells studio (at 40 Pimlico Road) for an updated portrait.   He died on 28 October 1916 at the age of 93 and was buried at Woking Cemetary.

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Wesleyan Church, Manor Street, Chelsea

Two anonymous cards, presumably printed specially for this church, are known:-

Exterior view
Interior view

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A. J. West, F.R.G.S.

The following series entitled “OUR ARMY” contained a number of views of the Royay Military School:

25 Grand Day at the Duke of York’s Royal Military School.
36 Sports Day at the Duke of York’s Royal Military School, Chelsea.   Featherweights boxing for Championship and Shield.   “Time!”

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Wildt & Kray, London

Examples of two Wildt & Kray comics with a Chelsea imprint have been noted:

2259 You have to be careful at Chelsea
2262 For a total eclipse of the Blues come to Chelsea

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The Woodbury Series

This is the trade name of Eyre & Spottiswoode.   These artist drawn cards form part of a larger series of nine or possibly more by H. Medlycott, of which only the Chelsea related titles are listed:

No. 806 Wharf at Cheyne Walk, under Old Chelsea Church
No. 809 The Foreshore at Chelsea and Old Chelsea Church
No. 810 Barges at Battersea
No. 811 Old Battersea Church, from the Albert Bridge

Also noted is the following:-
No.2455 Crosby Hall, Bishopsgate Street, London

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The World of Brewing

The World of Brewing specialised in producing postcards of pubs:

The Cross Keys, Chelsea
Princess of Wales, Dovehouse Street

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The Wrench Series

Wrench was a major player in the early years of postcard publishing; he produced an enormous range and variety of cards, including literally thousands of local views throughout the country, before eventually overstretching himself and going bankrupt.   In later years the same views were republished anonymously, but from the same printing blocks which by now had become very worn; quality was much reduced.

3645 Chelsea. The Duke of York’s School
3646 Chelsea. Embankment and Albert Bridge
3647 Chelsea Barracks
3648 Chelsea. Carlyle’s House
3649 Chelsea. St Luke’s Church
3650 Chelsea. Embankment Gardens
3651 Chelsea. Old Parish Church
3652 Chelsea Bridge
3653 Chelsea. Embankment Gardens
3654 Chelsea. Six Bells and Town Hall
3655 Chelsea. Cheyne Walk
3656 Royal Chelsea Hospital
3657 Chelsea. The Royal Hospital
3658 Chelsea. Sloane Square
6389 The Brompton Hospital Fulham Road S.W.
6392 London. Cadogan Square
8968 Chelsea. The Chapel, Whitelands College
8969 Chelsea. Whitelands College    Later in Sidders Series
11233 Albert Bridge London
11350 Battersea Bridge London

And a superb un-numbered card, artist drawn by LEN, from the series London & Londoners:

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Wright’s Dairy Farm, 46 Church Street, Chelsea

“A constant visitor to the farm was Thomas Carlyle, who lived but a few yards away in Cheyne Row, and who was supplied with milk by the late W. H. Wright and his father before him. .........Thirty years ago the delightful old cottage and farmyard disappeared to make room for the school, and then the business was removed to 46, Church Street, where it has grown at a rapid rate until it has become one of the most substantial and progressive of its kind in the metropolis.”   So we read about the dairy on a drawing entitled:

Wright’s Dairy Farm as it was over 100 years ago.

There are also black & white cards of their donkey drawn milk float:
Jennie Donkey
“Dolly & Daisy” - The Chelsea Favourites;
and their shopfront.

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Young & Cooper, Teddington

A well known publisher of local cards, Richard Young, produced the following real photographic postcards of the Brompton Hospital:

 2. Brompton Hospital
 5. Brompton Hospital
 8. The Chapel, Brompton Hospital
12. Brompton Hospital

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Totally Anonymous Cards

Until more research is successfully undertaken a small body of cards remain incapable of assignment to any known publisher.

A top quality real photographic numbered series:
1. Royal Hospital, Chelsea
2. Chelsea Bridge
4. Old Chelsea Church
5. King’s Road, Chelsea
7. St Luke’s, Chelsea
8. Albert Bridge
14. Pimlico Road S.W.
18. Whitelands College, King’s Road S.W.

Individual one-off cards:
GRAMOPHONE CONCERT given in the Royal Chelsea Hospital under the patronage of Field-Marshal Sir George White, January 7th, 1908.
Oakley Street
Chelsea Old Church and Cheyne Walk artist drawn by Arthur Severn
Sloane Street, S.W.

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