1 St Mary’s Church, Stoke Newington
2 St Mary’s Church, Stoke Newington
3 Old Church, Stoke Newington
4 Old and New Churches from Clissold Park
7 Clissold Park, Stoke Newington
8 Clissold Park, Stoke Newington
9 Clissold Park, Stoke Newington
9A New River, Clissold Park
10 Clissold Park, Stoke Newington
12 Clissold Park, Stoke Newington
13 Paradise Row, Stoke Newington
13A St Mary’s Church & the Crescent,Stoke Newington
13B Paradise Row, shewing Paradise House School, from Clissold Park
16 Band Stand, Clissold Park, Stoke Newington
16A Clissold Park, Stoke Newington
21 Highbury New Park
22 Clissold Park, Stoke Newington
23 Clissold Park, Stoke Newington
25 Old Church Yard, Stoke Newington
26 Finsbury Park
27 Finsbury Park: The Lake
27A The Lake, Finsbury Park
28 Canonbury Tower
29 Christ Church & Clock Tower, Highbury Park
29A Christ Church and Clock Tower, Highburgy [sic]
30 Highbury Fields
31 Highbury Fields
32 Highbury Fields
33 Newington Green
34 Seven Sisters Road and Woodberry Down
34 Woodberry Down and Seven Sisters Road
35 Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park
36 (The) Lake (in) Finsbury Park
36A Finsbury Park
37 Finsbury Park: A Shady Walk
38 Amhurst Park, N
39 Amhurst Park, N
40 Holy Trinity, Stroud Green
41 Mount View Road, Crouch End
41A Mount View Road
41B Mount View Road
42 Park Church, Grosvenor Road, Highbury, N
43 Crouch Hill
44 Hornsey Lane, Crouch End
44A Hornsey Lane
45 Ferme Park Road, Stroud Green
45 Ferme Park Road, Stroud Green  Different view
46 New Court Church, Tollington Park
47 St Mark’s Church, Tollington Park
48 Park Church, Crouch End
49 Whiteman Road, Harringay
50 Finchley (Parish) Church
51 Hendon Lane(, Finchley)
51A Hendon Lane, Finchley
52 Church Fields, Finchley
53 Dollis Brook, Finchley
54 The Viaduct, Finchley
55 (Regent’s Park Road,) Church End, Finchley
56 The Avenue, Finchley
57 Church Fields from Dollis Brook(, Finchley)
58 Mill Hill Church & Green
59 Totteridge Ponds  Early view
59 Totteridge Ponds  With swans
59A Totteridge Ponds
59B Totteridge Ponds  Same as early 59
60 Totteridge Church
62 High Street, North Finchley
62A High Street, North Finchley
62A High Street, from the Tally-Ho. North Finchley
63 High Street, North Finchley
63 (The Great North Road at) Whetstone
63A High Road, Whetstone
63B High Road, Whetstone
63C High Road, Whetstone
64 Dollis Brook, Finchley
65 Moat and East End Road(, Finchley)
66 St Mary Schools & Hendon Lane
67 Mill Hill Pond
68 Friern Barnet Church
69 Footpath from Nether Street to Mill Hill
70 All Saints’ Church, Friern Barnet
70A Oakleigh Park Road & Congregational Church, Whetstone
71 Mill Hill School
72 Mill Hill School
72A Mill Hill School
73 Finchley (Parish) Church
74 Nether Street, North Finchley
74 Nether Street, North Finchley Different view
74A Nether Street, Finchley
75 St Mary’s Schools, Finchley
76 East Finchley
77 Fortis Green Road, East Finchley
77A Fortis Green Road, East Finchley
77A Fortess Green Road
78 Railway Cottage, East End Road, East Finchley
79 East End Road, East Finchley
79A East End Road, East Finchley
80 Field Path to Highgate from East Finchley
81 Bishops Avenue, East Finchley
81A Bishops Avenue, East Finchley
81C Corner of Bishops Avenue & Hampstead Lane
82 The Golf Links, East Finchley
84 Moat, Mount, Highwood Hill
85 The Woods, Moat, Mount, Highwood Hill
86 Dollis Brook, Finchley
87 Old King of Prussia, Finchley
88 The Moat, Finchley
89 East End Lane, Finchley
90 Mill Hill
91 Dollis Brook, Finchley
92 Friern Barnet Church
93 Woodside Park Road, North Finchley
93 Woodside Park Road, North Finchley  Different
94 Totteridge Green & Schools
95 (The Village,) Totteridge
96 The Avenue, leading to Totteridge Church
97 The Vicarage, Totteridge
98 (The) Avenue on the Green, Totteridge
99 Poynters Hall, Totteridge
99A Poynters Hall, Totteridge
99B Poynters Hall, Totteridge
99C Poynters Hall, Totteridge
100 Agapemonite Church, Clapton Common
101 (The) Skinners’ (Co) School, Stamford Hill
102 West Hackney Church (&) High Street(, Stoke Newington)
102A West Hackney Church & Stoke Newington Road
103 Stamford Hill
105 High Street, Stoke Newington
105 Ancient Whipping Post
106 The Pond, Lower Clapton
106A The Pond, Lower Clapton
106B The Pond, Lower Clapton
107 St Matthew’s Church, Upper Clapton
107A St Matthew’s Church, Clapton
108 Clapton Common & St Thomas’ Church
109 Clapton Common: The Pond
110 River Lea, Spring Hill, Clapton
111 Stamford Hill(, N)
111 Hackney Downs  Should be 113
112 (The) Grocers’ School, from Hackney Downs
113 Church Street & Public Library, Stoke Newington  Should be 123
113 Hackney Downs
113A Hackney Downs
113B Hackney Downs
113C Downs Chapel, Clapton
113D Downs Road, Clapton
114 Hackney Parish Church
114A St John’s Church, Hackney
114A Hackney Gardens  Different card
114A Hackney Downs  Should be 113A
115 Clapton Park Congregational Church
115 The Round Chapel, Lower Clapton Road  Same view
115A The Round Chapel, Lower Clapton
116 Alexandra Theatre & Stoke Newington Road
117 Lordship Road, Stoke Newington(, N)
117A Lordship Road, Stoke Newington
118 Woodberry Down, Stoke Newington
119 New River from Lordship Road(, Stoke Newington)
120 New River from Lordship Road(, Stoke Newington)
121 Congregational Church, Stamford Hill
122 Church Street, Stoke Newington
123 Church Street, Stoke Newington & Public Library
124 Queen Elizabeth’s Walk, Stoke Newington
125 Marlborough Theatre, Holloway, N
126 Marlborough Theatre, Holloway Road
127 Salvation Army Congress Hall, Lower Clapton
128 St John’s Church, Finsbury Park
129 Moonlight on the Lake, Finsbury Park
129 The Pond, Clapton Common  Should be 109
130 Devonshire Square Baptist Chapel
131 (The) Waterworks, Green Lanes, N
132 Highbury Quadrant Church
133 The Pond, Upper Clapton
134 St Matthew’s Church, Upper Clapton
134A St Matthew’s Church & Mount Pleasant Lane, Clapton
134A Finsbury Park, Manor House Gate  ?Should be 146A?
134B Seven Sisters Rd & Woodberry Down from Finsbury Park
135 Old Church, (Stoke Newington,) from Clissold Park
136 Old Tower, Hackney
137 Hackney Tower (Winter)
137 Hackney Church Yard (Winter)  Same view
138 Warwick Road, Clapton
139 Lordship Road, Stoke Newington
140 Church Street, Stoke Newington
141 The Avenue, Finsbury Park
141A The Avenue, Finsbury Park
142 Dunsmure Road, Stamford Hill(, N)
143 River Lea, Clapton
144 Stamford Hill
145 The Lake, Finsbury Park
146 Manor Gate, Finsbury Park
150 Hornsey (Old) Church
150A Hornsey Church
151 Priory Road, Hornsey
151A Priory Road, Hornsey
151B Priory Road, Hornsey
152 High Street, Hornsey
152A High Street, Hornsey
152B High Street, Hornsey
153 Hornsey Recreation Ground
153 The Gardens, Hornsey  Different view
153A The Gardens, Hornsey
153B The Gardens, Hornsey
153C The Gardens, Hornsey
153D The Gardens, Hornsey
153E Hornsey Gardens
154 Hornsey Recreation Ground
155 Old Houses (in Tottenham Lane), Crouch End
156 The Clock Tower, Crouch End
157 Muswell Hill
157A Muswell Hill
158 Muswell Hill: from Priory Road
159 Muswell Hill Road
159A Muswell Hill Road
160 Hillfield Park, Muswell Hill, N
161 Duke’s Avenue(, Muswell Hill)
161A Duke’s Avenue, Muswell Hill
163 Tetherdown, Muswell Hill
163A Tetherdown shewing Tollington School
164 Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill
164A Colney Hatch Lane
164B Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill
165 Alexandra Palace from the Grove
166 Alexandra Palace & Park
167 The Lake, Alexandra Palace
168 Alexandra Palace
168 The Alexandra Palace  different
168A Alexandra Palace
168B Alexandra Palace, London, N
168C Alexandra Palace, from Duke’s Avenue
168D Alexandra Palace
168E Tram Road, Alexandra Palace
169 The Grove, Alexandra Palace
169A Entrance to Grove, Alexandra Palace
170 Collingwood Avenue, Muswell Hill
171 Queen’s Wood, Muswell Hill
171A Queen’s Wood, Muswell Hill
171B Hornsey Wood
172 Highgate Woods, Muswell Hill Road
172B Highgate Woods
172C Highgate Woods
173 Presbyterian Church, Muswell Hill
174 Alexandra Palace
174A Alexandra Palace
174B Alexandra Palace
175 (Old) St James’s Church, Muswell Hill (in 1899)
175A St James’s Church, Muswell Hill
175F St James Church, Muswell Hill  with spire
176 Old Hornsey Church
177 Crouch End Hill in 1890
178 Crouch End Hill in 1890
179 Old Smithy, Crouch End in 1890
180 Old Smithy, Crouch End in 1890
181 Crouch End Hill in 1890
182 Priory Road, Hornsey in 1882
183 View from Hog’s Back (Oakfield Road in 1878)
184 Where Crouch End now is in 1878
184 View from Shepherds Hill in 1879  Same view
185 View from Alexandra Palace
186 The Green Man, Muswell Hill
187 Muswell Hill
188 Muswell Hill (Winter) in 1890
188 [Untitled version of previous]
188 Lordship Lane, Tottenham  A Happy Christmas
189 Muswell Hill
190 Muswell Hill in 1890
191 Priory Road in 1882, The Old Pound
192 Queen’s Wood, Muswell Hill (Winter)
193 High Street, Hornsey
194 Wesleyan Methodist Church, Hornsey
195 Priory Road, Hornsey (Winter)
196 The Priory, Hornsey
196A Entrance to Grove, Alexandra Palace  Should be 169A
197 Middle Lane, Hornsey
197 Middle Lane, Hornsey  Different
198 The Broadway, Crouch End
198B Clock Tower, Crouch End
199 (The) Broadway, Crouch End
200 Tower Bridge  Noted with Thomas Gowans imprint
200A Tower Bridge, London
200B Tower Bridge, London
200C Tower Bridge, London
200D Entrance to Tower Bridge, London
200E Tower Bridge, London
201 Tower of London
201A Tower from Lower Bridge
201B Tower of London
201C Byward Tower
201D Tower of London
201J Beauchamp Tower
202 London Bridge
202A London Bridge  Noted with Thomas Gowans imprint
203 St Paul’s (Cathedral): West Front(, London)
204 St Paul’s: The Dome
204 St Paul’s Cathedral. West Front  Should be 203
205 St Paul’s: The Reredos
206 (The) Mansion House & Cheapside(, London)
206A Bank and Mansion House, London
207 Royal Exchange(, London)  Noted with Thomas Gowans imprint
207A Royal Exchange, London
208 (The) Law Courts
209 Westminster Abbey: (West Front)
209C Henry VII Chapel, Westminster Abbey
209D Henry VII Chapel, Westminster Abbey, London
209I Shrine of Edward the Confessor, Westminster Abbey
210 Westminster Abbey
211 Westminster Abbey(, Choir E)
211 Westminster Abbey(, Interior)  Different view
212 Thames Embankment
212B Cleopatra’s Needle, Embankment
212C Sphinx on the Embankment
213 Trafalgar Square
214 Horse Guards  Noted with Thomas Gowans imprint
214A The Horse Guards, Changing Guard(, London)
215 Rotten Row, Hyde Park
215A Rotten Row
215B Rotten Row, Hyde Park
215C Rotten Row, Hyde Park
215D Rotten Row, Hyde Park, London
216 (The) Albert Hall(, London)
216A Royal Albert Hall, London
217 Houses of Parliament (Westminster, London)
217 Albert Memorial  Should be 219
217D The Houses of Parliament, London
217D Horse Guards, Whitehall, London  Should be 2500
218 Buckingham Palace
218 Buckingham Palace  Different
218A Buckingham Palace( with new front), London  Noted with Thomas Gowans imprint
219 Albert Memorial(, London)
220 Fleet Street
221 Oxford Street
222 The Old Curiosity Shop
223 Criterion Restaurant & Piccadilly Circus
224 The Monument(, London)
225 Piccadilly(, London)
225C Piccadilly, St James’s Hotel
225 London from top of the Monument, looking SW
225 London from top of Monument showing Westminster  Same view
226 London from top of the Monument, looking W
226 London & St Paul’s Cathedral from top of the Monument  Same view
226 St Paul’s & GPO from top of the Monument  Same view
226A St Paul’s, GPO and King William Street from top of the Monument
227 London from top of the Monument, looking N
227 Gracechurch Street from top of the Monument  Same view
228 London from top of the Monument, looking NE
228 St Margaret Pattens from top of the Monument  Same view
229 London from top of the Monument, looking E
229 Tower Bridge,The Tower & The Mint from top of the Monument  Same view
230 London from top of the Monument, looking SE
230 (The Pool &) Tower Bridge from (top of) the Monument  Same view
231 Central Meat Market, Smithfield
232 University College, Gower Street
233 University College, Gower Street
233A University College, London
234 The Slade School, Gower Street(, London)
235 University College Hospital
235A University College Hospital
237 Crosby Hall, Bishopsgate Street
238A The Serpentine, Hyde Park
238B Hyde Park, London
238C Hyde Park Corner
238D Kensington Palace. London
240 St Bartholomew the Great, Smithfield
240A Entrance to St Bartholomew the Great(, Smithfield)
240A Gateway of St Bartholomew’s Church  Same view
241 St Bartholomew the Great (Smithfield): The Choir
242 St Bartholomew the Great, Prior Bolton’s Window
243 (St Bartholomew the Great,) The Founder’s Tomb (& North Transept)
244 St Bartholomew the Great: (The) Lady Chapel
245 St Bartholomew the Great(: The Chancel)
247 Waterloo Bridge( & Somerset House), London
248 Leicester Square, London
249 St Bartholomew’s Hospital X (About this spot is where the Martyrs were burnt)
249A Dogs Cemetery, Hyde Park, London should be 2491A?
250 St Bartholomew’s Hospital, King Henry’s Gate
251 St Bartholomew’s Hospital: The Quadrangle
253 St Bartholomew’s Hospital, (Smithfield,) (The Quadrangle)
254 "The Quadrangle", St Bartholomew’s Hospital
255 President Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
255A President Ward
256 Mark Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
256A Mark Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
256B No.2 Mark Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
257 Stanley Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
258 Luke Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
258A Luke Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
258B Luke Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
258C Luke Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
258D Luke Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
259 The Hall, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
260 The Quadrangle, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
261 The Museum, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
261 The Temple Church: Laced Arches  Should be 267
261A Museum, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
262 St Barts the Less
263 Charity Ward
264 The Hall, Inner Temple  Should be 284
265 Gateway St Barts the Great
266 (The) Temple Church: (The Nave) (looking East)
267 The Temple Church: Laced Arches
267A Temple Church looking West
268 The Temple Church & Cloisters
268A Temple Church
269 The Inner Temple Gardens
270 The Inner Temple Gardens
271 The Hall, Inner Temple
272 King’s Bench Walk, Inner Temple
273 (The Middle Temple:) Fountain Court
273 Fountain Court  Should be 274
274 Fountain Court, Middle Temple(, WC)
277 The Middle Temple: Pump Court
281 The Door of the Temple Church
281 The Porch, Temple Church  Should be 281A
281A The Porch, Temple Church
282 (The) Tombs of the Crusaders, Temple Church
283 Goldsmith’s Tomb, Temple
283A The Middle Temple, looking E  Should be 285A
284 The Hall, Inner Temple
285 The Middle Temple Hall looking West
285A The Middle Temple Hall looking East
286 Staple Inn, Holborn
286A Staple Inn
286B Staple Inn, London
286C Staple Inn, Holborn
287 St John’s Gate, Clerkenwell
288 Cloth Fair, Smithfield
288B Clock Tower, St James’s Palace, London
289 Guy’s Hospital - (Balconies,) Surgical Ward(s)
290 Guy’s Hospital - The Colonnade
290A Guy’s Hospital - The Colonnade
290B Guy’s Hospital - The Colonnade
291 Guy’s Hospital( - Front Quadrangle)
291A Guy’s Hospital - Front Quadrangle
292 Guy’s Hospital - Henriette Raphael Nurses Home
292A Guy’s Hospital - Henriette Raphael Nurses Home
293 Guy’s Hospital - Surgical Buildings
294 The College, Guy’s Hospital
294A The College, Guy’s Hospital
295 The Chapel, Guy’s Hospital
297 Bright Ward, Guy’s Hospital
297A Bright Ward, Guy’s Hospital
297B Bright Ward, Guy’s Hospital
298 "Mary Ward", Guy’s Hospital
299 Stephen Ward, Guy’s Hospital
299A Stephen Ward, Guy’s Hospital
300B Addison Ward, Guy’s Hospital
304D Addison Ward, Guy’s Hospital should be 300D?
300 Opening of Kew Bridge by the King & Queen, May 20th 1903
301 Opening of Kew Bridge by the King & Queen, May 20th 1903
301 The New River Reservoir, Enfield
302 The Parish Church, Enfield
302 Parish Church, Enfield Later view
302A Enfield Parish Church
303 Wesleyan Chapel, Chase Side, Enfield
304 Temple Bar (in Theobald’s/Lady Meux’s Park) (near Enfield)
305 Golf Links & Club House, Enfield
306 View from Golf Links, Enfield
307 Enfield Park
307A New Library, Enfield
308 (New) River & Gardens, Enfield
309 Enfield(, The) Town
309A Enfield Town
310 The Old Mill & St Mary’s Church, Enfield
311 Silver Street, Enfield
312 New River, Enfield
312 River Walk, Enfield  Same view
312A River Walk, Enfield
312B River Walk, Enfield
313 Enfield Town
314 Enfield Town
314 Church Street, Enfield  Same view
315 Chase Side, Enfield
315 Church Street, Enfield  Same view
316 Ridgway Road, Enfield
317 Slades Hill, Enfield
317 Albert Memorial  Should be 219
318 East Barnet Road, Enfield
319 Bycullah Road, Enfield
320 Cocker Lane, Enfield
321 Chase Side, Enfield
321A Chase Side, Enfield
322 Clay Hill, Enfield
323 Old Park Road, Enfield
324 Hilly Fields, Enfield
325 The Parish Church, Edmonton
325 Edmonton Parish Church
325A Edmonton Church
325B Edmonton Church
325C Edmonton Church
325D The Old Church
326 Edmonton Green
326A Edmonton Green
326B The Green, Edmonton
327 Weir Hall Lane, (Silver Street,) Edmonton
328 Lamb’s Cottage, Edmonton
328A Lamb’s Cottage, Edmonton (The Back)
329 Church Street, Lower Edmonton
329 Edmonton Parish Church  Should be 325
329A View from County Bridge, Church Street (Edmonton)
330 Church Lane, Lower Edmonton
331 Bury Hall, Edmonton
331 Public Library, West Green
332 Pymm’s Brook, Edmonton
333 The Old Lake, Pymme’s Park, Edmonton
333A Old Lake, Pymme’s Park, Edmonton
334 The Bell at Edmonton
335 Jolly Butchers’ Hill, Wood Green
336 Bounds Green Road, Wood Green
337 Home and Colonial Training College, Wood Green
338 St Michael’s Church & Printers Almshouses, Wood Green
339 Bowes Park Church
340 Brook in Powys Lane, Bowes Park
341 Alderman’s Hill, Palmers Green
341A Alderman’s Hill, Palmers Green
341B Alderman’s Hill, Palmers Green
342 Broomfield Park, Palmers Green
342A The House, Broomfield Park
343 Broomfield Park, The Bathing Lake
344 Broomfield Park, The Lake
344A The Lake, Broomfield Park
345 Broomfield Park
346 The Obelisk, Bounds Green Road
347 Bourne Hill, Southgate
347A Bourne Hill(, Palmers Green)
347B Old Pound, Bourne Hill
347C Old Cottages in Bourne Hill
348 Fox Lane, Palmers Green
349 The Avenue, Broomfield Park
350 Bruce Castle, Tottenham
350A Bruce Castle Park, Tottenham
350B Sexton’s Cottage & Entrance to Park, Tottenham
350C Bruce Castle Park, Tottenham
350C Bruce Castle Park, Tottenham  Different
351 Tottenham Parish Church
352 Holy Trinity Church (& Old) Pump (& Fire Station) (, Tottenham)
353 Tottenham Cross (& High Road)
354 Down Hill Park, Tottenham(, Avenue in the Wood)
354A Down Hill Park, Tottenham  from the negative of the first state of 357
355 Down Hill Park, West Green
355 Down Hill Park, Tottenham
355A Down Hill Park, Tottenham
356 Down Hill Park: The Hornbeam Avenue
357 Down Hill Park: The Rockery  First state
357 Down Hill Park, Tottenham, The Rockery  Second state
357A Down Hill Park, Tottenham
358 St Ann’s Church & Schools(, South Tottenham)
359 The Chestnuts, South Tottenham
360 The Ferry Boat, Tottenham (Winter)
360A The Ferry Boat, Tottenham
361 Congregational Church, Tottenham
362 Wesleyan Methodist Church, Tottenham
363 Tottenham Hospital
363 Prince of Wales’s General Hospital  Same view
363C Howard Ward, Tottenham Hospital
363D Howard Ward, Tottenham Hospital
364 Bruce Castle, Tottenham
365 Jewish Hospital, Tottenham
366 Tottenham Polytechnic
367 Tottenham Church from Bruce Castle Park
368 Tottenham Church
369 Seven Sisters Corner, Tottenham
369A Seven Sisters Corner, Tottenham
370 Chingford Old Church
371 The Lake, Highams Park
372 Walthamstow Parish Church
373 Epping Forest, Chingford & Forest Hotel
374 Epping Forest: High Beech
375 Epping Forest: Monks’ Wood
376 Epping Forest: Old Roman Encampment, Ambersbury Banks
377 High Road, Tottenham
377A High Road, Tottenham
377B High Road, Tottenham
378 Tottenham High School
379 High Road, Tottenham
380 Tottenham Green
381 High Cross Congregational Church & High Road, Tottenham
382 Tottenham Grammar School
383 Seven Sisters Trees, Tottenham
384 Old Footbridge, Pymme’s Park, Edmonton
385 Angel Place, Edmonton
385 Near Angel Bridge, Edmonton
387 Angel Bridge, Edmonton
388 The Town Hall, Edmonton
389 New Lake, Pymme’s Park, Edmonton
389A Old English Garden, Pymme’s Park
390 The Law Courts  Should be 208
390C Bury House, Edmonton
391 From Angel Bridge, Edmonton
392 County Bridge, Church Street
392A View from County Bridge, Church Street, Edmonton  See 329
393 Pensioners’ Gardens, Chelsea Hospital
394 Ranelagh Gardens, Chelsea Hospital
395 King’s Road, Chelsea
396 Cheltenham Terrace, Chelsea
397 Whitelands College
397A Whitelands College, Chelsea
399 Wellington Square, Chelsea
399B Wellington Square, Chelsea
400 Royal Hospital, Chelsea(: South View)
400B Chelsea Hospital
400C Chelsea Hospital
404 (A) Shady Avenue, Royal Hospital, Chelsea
405 Royal Hospital Grounds, Chelsea
406 Chelsea Old Church
407 Albert Bridge & Embankment, Chelsea
408 Battersea Bridge
409 Cheyne Walk, East, Chelsea
410 Duke of York’s School, Chelsea
411 Chelsea Embankment
411A Chelsea Embankment
413 Carlyle’s House & Cheyne Row, Chelsea
414 Battersea Park, The Ladies’ Pond
415 Battersea Park, The Avenue & Band Stand
416 Battersea Park, Boating Lake
416B Lake, Battersea Park
417 Battersea Park, Sub Tropical Garden
418 Carlyle’s Statue, showing Cheyne Row, Chelsea
419 Sloane Square, looking West
420 Sloane Square, looking East
421 Albert Bridge, Chelsea
422 Oakley Street, Chelsea
422A Oakley Street, Chelsea
423 Old Houses, Glebe Place, Chelsea
424 Sloane Square, Chelsea
425 Royal Avenue, Chelsea
425A Royal Avenue, Chelsea
426 A Grotto, Old Cremorne Gardens, Chelsea
427 Turner’s House, Chelsea
427 Old Chelsea from the River
427A Old Chelsea from the River
427B Turners House, Chelsea
428 A bit of Cremorne Gardens, Chelsea
429 Old Moravian Chapel, Chelsea
430 Sloane Street
431 The Vale, King’s Road, Chelsea
432 King’s Road from Sloane Square, Chelsea
432A King’s Road from Sloane Square, Chelsea
433 South Western Polytechnic, Chelsea
434 Battersea Park, The Deer Enclosure
435 Battersea Park, The Rockery
436 Battersea Park
437 Wellington Buildings, Pimlico
437A Wellington Buildings, Pimlico
437B Wellington Buildings, Pimlico
437C Wellington Buildings, Pimlico
439 Victoria Station, New Entrance
440 Chelsea Barracks
440A Chelsea Barracks
441 Chelsea Bridge
442 Carabiniers’ Memorial, Chelsea (Bridge)
444 Chelsea Waterworks, SW
445 Gatliff Buildings (Interior) Pimlico
445A Gatliff Buildings, Pimlico
445B Gatliff Buildings, Pimlico
446 Old Houses (on Embankment), Chelsea
446A Old Houses, Chelsea
446B Old Houses & More’s Garden, Chelsea
448 Chelsea Baptist Chapel, Chelsea
450 Fitzroy Lodge, Highgate
451 School House, Highgate
452 North Road & Grammar School, Highgate
453 Highgate, from Parliament Fields
453 Lych Gate, East Barnet Church  Should be 753
454 Highgate Pond(s)
454 Highgate Station   ?See 464?
455 Waterlow Park, Highgate: The Lake, showing St Joseph’s Retreat
456 Waterlow Park, Highgate: The Small Lake
457 Highgate Woods: A Shady Path
457A Highgate Woods
457B Highgate Woods
458 Highgate Road
459 Highgate Archway
459 New Archway Highgate   same view
459A The Old Archway, Highgate
459B Highgate Archway & Electric Car
459C Archway Road, Highgate
459D Highgate Archway
459E Old Highgate Archway (Showing old Mile Stone-4 Miles to Barnet)
460 The Cascade, Waterlow Park
461 The Lake, Waterlow Park, Highgate
462 Bathing Pond, Highgate
463 Southwood Lane, Highgate
463A Southwood Lane, Highgate
464 Highgate Station
464A Archway Road & Highgate Station
465 Southwood Lane, Highgate  Charles Martin 294
466 Southwood Lane, Highgate
467 Highgate Hill
467 Trafalgar Square  Should be 213
468 High Street, Highgate
469 Waterlow Park, Highgate
470 The Lake, Waterlow Park
471 Lauderdale House
472 Grand Parade, Highgate
473 Jackson’s Lane, Highgate
474 Church Row, Hampstead
475 The Lake, Golder’s Hill, Hampstead
475 The Lake, Golders Hill  but marked 4750
476 Hampstead Heath, looking towards Harrow
477 Golder’s Hill, Hampstead
477A The House, Golder’s Hill
478 Hampstead Heath
479 Vale of Health, Hampstead (Heath)
479A The Vale of Health, Hampstead Heath
480 North End (Road), Hampstead
481 Bathing Pond, Hampstead Heath
481 Hampstead Ponds  ?Should be 484
482 Near Bull and Bush, Hampstead
483 Hampstead from Parliament Hill/Fields
484 Leg of Mutton Pond, Hampstead Heath
484A Leg of Mutton Pond, Hampstead Heath
485 Old Trees , Hampstead Heath
485 The Firs, Hampstead Heath  Different view
485A Firs on Hampstead Heath
486 Bracken on Hampstead Heath
487 The Viaduct, Hampstead Heath
487A Hampstead Heath, showing the Viaduct
488 White Stone Pond, Hampstead
488 Church Row, Hampstead  Should be 474
488A White Stone Pond, Hampstead
489 Bull and Bush Lane, Hampstead
490 Flask Walk, Hampstead
491 Willow Walk, Hampstead
492 The Avenue, Hampstead (Heath)
493 The Spaniards, (Hampstead) (Heath)
493A The Spaniards, Hampstead
493B The Spaniards, Hampstead
494 Jack Straw’s Castle, Hampstead Heath
494B Jack Straw’s Castle, Hampstead
494C Jack Straw’s Castle, Hampstead
495 Hampstead Heath
496 The Old Bull and Bush, Hampstead
496A The Old Bull and Bush, Hampstead
497 Old Cottages in North End Road, Hampstead
498 Judge’s Walk, Hampstead
499 Hampstead Heath, near the Firs
500 High Street, Clapham
501 Lord Macaulay’s School House(, Clapham Common)
502 South Side, Clapham Common
503 Clapham Common, showing Parish Church
504 Island Pond, Clapham Common
505 Clapham High School
506 Tree Planted by Captain Cook
507 The Lake, Clapham Common
511 New Flats, Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
511 Moores [sic] Gardens, Chelsea  later version of same view
511A Chelsea Embankment Gardens
512 Tedworth Square, Chelsea
513 Whistler’s House, Chelsea Embankment
514 Edith Grove, Chelsea
514A Fernshaw Road, Chelsea
515 World’s End, Chelsea
515A World’s End, Chelsea
516 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
517 St Johns Church and Ashburnham Mansions
517A Ashburnham Mansions, Chelsea
518 Paultons Square, Chelsea
518A Carlyle Square, Chelsea
519 Chelsea Secondary School
520 New Town Hall, Chelsea
521 King’s Road, Chelsea
522 Tite Street, Chelsea
522A Tite Street, Chelsea
523 George Elliot’s House, Chelsea Embankment
523A Rosetti’s House, Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
523B The Clock House, Chelsea Embankment
524 Cheyne Hospital for Children, Chelsea
524A Cheyne Court & Royal Hospital Road, Chelsea
525 Swan Walk, Chelsea
526 Sloane Court W.
526A Sloane Gardens
527 Old Toll House on the Common  Should be 587
528 Victoria Hospital, Chelsea
529 St Margaret’s Church, Putney
530 Fulham Palace, The Courtyard
530A Fulham Palace & Chapel
531 Putney Hill
532 Putney Bridge
533 Putney Heath
534 Old Pound, Putney Heath
535 Boathouses, Embankment, Putney
536 Embankment, Putney
537 Putney Heath
538 The Lower Common, Putney
539 East Putney Station
540 Parson’s Green
541 Fulham Road
542 Bishops Park, Fulham
543 South Park, Fulham
544 The House, South Park, Fulham
545 The Lake, South Park, Fulham
546 Munster Park Chapel & Fulham Road
547 Walham Green, The Granville
548 Broadway & Station, Walham Green
548A Walham Green Station, Entrance
548B Walham Green Station
549 Town Hall, Fulham
549A Fulham Road & Town Hall
550 Putney Bridge
550A Putney Bridge
551 Putney Wharf
552 The Parade, Putney
553 Fulham Church & River from Putney
554 The Windmill, Wimbledon Common
554A The Windmill, Wimbledon Common
555 Fulham Church & Bishop’s Park
555A Entrance to Fulham Church
555B The Almshouses, Fulham
556 "Margate Sands" in Bishop’s Park, Fulham
557 Queens Mere, Wimbledon Common
557A Wimbledon Park Side, Wimbledon Common
558 Fulham Road
559 Fulham Road
560 High Street, Putney
560A High Street, Putney
560A Putney Church
561 Putney Church
561A St Mary’s Church, Putney, from the Bridge
562 Putney from Putney Hill
563 Putney Bridge
563A Putney Bridge
564 Putney Heath
565 The Old Bridge, Putney
566 Bracken on Putney Heath
567 Near Queensmere, Wimbledon Common
568 Fulham Road, Munster Park
568 The Harmonious Blacksmith’s Tomb, Whitchurch  Should be 658
569 Walham Green, The Broadway
570 Walham Green, Station
571 High Street, Roehampton
572 Roehampton Church
572A Roehampton Church from the Common
573 Roehampton Church
574 Roehampton Church
579 Great Wheel, Earls Court
579 Putney Park Lane
579A Putney Park Lane & St Margaret’s Church
580 Wimbledon Common
581 Kingsmere, Wimbledon Common
581A Kingsmere, Wimbledon Common
582 Old Roman Well, Wimbledon Common
583 Upper Richmond Road, Putney
583A Upper Richmond Road, Putney
584 The River and Bishop’s Park from Putney Bridge
584A Putney Bridge Station
585 Bishop’s Park, Fulham
586 Old Houses on the Common, Putney (Where Putney Hospital now stands)
586A Putney Hospital
587 Old Toll House on the Common
588 Entrance to Ranelagh Club
589 A Shady Walk, Embankment, Putney
590 Lower Richmond Road
591 Queen’s Ride, The Lower Common, Putney
591A Queen’s Ride, Putney
592 The Lower Common, Putney
593 All Saints’ Church, Putney
594 St John’s Church, Putney  Same as 597
594A The Fountain, Upper Richmond Road
595 Thatched Cottage, Roehampton Lane
596 Bishop’s Park from Putney Bridge
597 St John’s Church, Putney  Same as 594
597 Putney Park Lane  Should be 579

598 The Hippodrome, Putney
599 Kenilworth Court, Putney
600 Hurlingham Court, Putney
600A Entrance to Hurlingham Club
601 River Wandle, Croydon
602 Old Mill, Waddon, Marsh Lane, Croydon
603 Old Mill, Beddington
604 Beddington: showing Plough Inn
605 View from Crohamhurst Woods
606 Path in Crohamhurst Woods
607 Wandle Park, Croydon
609 Bridleway to Addington
610 Beddington Church from Royal Asylum, Croydon
611 High School for Girls, Croydon
612 High School for Boys, Croydon
614 A "Taxi" Cab, London  London Life
615 Hansom Cab  London Life
620 ‘Cornelius Ward’, Guy’s Hospital
620A 'Cornelius Ward’, Guy’s Hospital
621 ‘Dorcas Ward’, Guy’s Hospital
621A ‘Dorcas Ward’, Guy’s Hospital
621B Dorcas Ward, Guy’s Hospital
621C ‘Dorcas Ward’, Guy’s Hospital
622 ‘Job Ward’, Guy’s Hospital
623 ‘Charity Ward’, Guy’s Hospital
624 ‘Lazarus Ward’, Guy’s Hospital
624A ‘Lazarus Ward’, Guy’s Hospital
624B ‘Lazarus Ward’, Guy’s Hospital
625 ‘Astley Cooper Ward’, Guy’s Hospital
626 Wills Library & Medical School, Guy’s Hospital
627 Lydia Ward, "Guy’s Hospital"
627A Lydia Ward, Guy’s Hospital
627B Lydia Ward, Guy’s Hospital
627C "Lydia Ward", Guy’s Hospital
628 Esther Ward, Guy’s Hospital
628A Esther Ward, Guy’s Hospital
629 Martha Ward, Guy’s Hospital
629A Martha Ward, Guy’s Hospital
629B Martha Ward, Guy’s Hospital
630 Naaman Ward, Guy’s Hospital
631 Operating Theatre, Guy’s Hospital
631A Operating Theatre, Guy’s Hospital
634 "An Ambulance", Guy’s Hospital
639 "Miriam Ward", Guy’s Hospital
640 John Ward, Guy’s Hospital
643 Dental Ward, Guy’s Hospital
644 Nurses Terrace, Guy’s Hospital
645 Sterilising Room, Guy’s Hospital
646 Founders Monument, Guy’s Hospital
647 "The Cottage", Honor Oak Park
647A "The Cottage", Honor Oak Park
649 Surgery, Guy’s Hospital
649A New Surgery, Guy’s Hospital
650 Whitchurch, Edgware
651 Old Houses, Edgware
652 High Street & Church, Edgware
653 Parish Church, Edgware
654 High Street, Edgware
655 Station Road and Church, Edgware
656 High Street, Edgware
657 High Street, Edgware
658 The Harmonious Blacksmith’s Tomb, Whitchurch
659 The Old George Inn, Edgware
660 Whitchurch, Edgware
661 The Chandos, High Street, Edgware
662 Elsworthy Terrace, NW
662A Elsworthy Road, NW
662B Wadham Gardens, NW
662C King’s College Road, NW
662D Primrose Hill, NW
662E Harley Road, NW
662F Winchester Road, NW
662G Adelaide Road, NW
662H King Henry’s Road, NW
663 Belsize Avenue
663A St Peter’s Church & Belsize Avenue
664 Hampstead General Hospital
668 Corner of Willifield Way and Hampstead Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb
669 Finchley Road, Golders Green
669A West Heath Avenue
670 Hoop Lane, Golders Green
671 Addison Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb
672 Near North End Hampstead
673 North End Road, Hampstead
673A North End Road
675 Finchley Lane, Hendon
676 Holder’s Hill, Hendon
677 Garden City, Temple Fortune, Hendon
679 Brent Street, Hendon
680 Recreation Ground, Hendon
680 The Prince Albert, Golders Green Road
682 Corner of Meadway and Temple Fortune Lane, Hampstead Garden Suburb
683 Hampstead Garden Suburb
683B Hampstead Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb
683C Hampstead Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb
684 Tube Station, Golders Green
685 South Hill Park & South Hill Park Gardens
686 The Avenue, Parliament Fields
687 The House, Golder’s Green Park
688 View from the Bridge, Golders Green Park
689 A Shady Walk, Golders Green Park
689A Entrance to Golders Hill Park
690 Bull and Bush Lane
692 Old English Garden, Golders Hill
692A Old English Garden, Golders Hill
692B Old English Garden, Golders Hill
692C Old English Garden, Golders Hill
693 Parliament Hill Road
693A Parliament Hill Road
694 Spaniards Road, Hampstead
694A Spaniards Road, Hampstead
694B Spaniards Road, Hampstead
694C View from Spaniards Road, Hampstead
695 White Stone Pond, Hampstead
696 The Cycle Track, Hampstead
697 Shady Walk, Lower Heath, Hampstead
698 Rustic Bridge, Golders Hill
698A The Sundial, Old English Garden, Golders Hill
699 The Viaduct, Hampstead
700 Forest Hill Station
700A Theological College, Finchley Road, Hampstead
701 Christ Church, Forest Hill
703 Horniman’s Museum, Forest Hill
704 Horniman’s Museum Grounds & Band Stand
705 Entrance to Horniman’s Museum
705 Ancient Whipping Post  Should be 105
706 Sydenham Recreation Ground
707 Sydenham Recreation Grounds
707 North End Road, and Bull & Bush, Hampstead
708 Hampstead Heath near Spaniards Road
708A Hampstead Heath towards the Vale of Health
708B Hampstead Heath from Judge’s Walk
709 Keeper’s Cottage, Hampstead Heath
710 Vale of Health, Hampstead
711 Rotten Row, Hampstead
712 Near the Spaniards Road, Hampstead
713 The Cross Roads, Golders Green
713A Golders Green
714 Golders Green Road
714A Golders Green Road
714B Golders Green Road
714C Golders Green Road
715 Temple Fortune Lane, Hampstead Garden Suburb
715A Temple Fortune Lane & Farm Walk, Hampstead Garden Suburb
715B Temple Fortune Lane, Hampstead Garden Suburb
716 Asmun’s Hill, Hampstead Garden Suburb
716A Asmun’s Hill, Hampstead Garden Suburb
716B Asmun’s Hill, Hampstead Garden Suburb
717 Hampstead Garden Suburb
718 Entrance to the Grove, Hampstead
719A Finchley Road, Hampstead
719C College Crescent Hampstead
720 Rosslyn Hill, Hampstead
720 Town Hall, Leyton
721 Public Library, Leyton
722 Football Ground, Leyton
723 The School, Markhouse Road, Leyton
724 Park Drive, Golders Green
725 Templar’s Avenue, Golders Green
726 Temple Grove, Golders Green
727 Royal Parade, Golders Green
727A Royal Parade, Golders Green
728A Temple Fortune House, Hampstead Garden Suburb
729 Hampstead Garden Suburb
730 Golders Green
731 Erskine Hill, Hampstead Garden Suburb
731A Erskine Hill, Hampstead Garden Suburb
731B Erskine Hill & the Free Church, Hampstead Garden Suburb
731C Erskine Hill & Home of Rest, Hampstead Garden Suburb
732 The Orchard, Hampstead Garden Suburb
734 The Woods, Hampstead Garden Suburb
734A The Woods, Hampstead Garden Suburb
735 Wordsworth Walk, Hampstead Garden Suburb
736 Willifield Green, Hampstead Garden Suburb
737 Waterloo Court, Hampstead Garden Suburb
738 Willifield Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb
738A Willifield Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb
739 St Jude on the Hill, Hampstead Garden Suburb
739A St Jude’s on the Hill, Hampstead Garden Suburb
740 Temple Gardens, Golders Green
741 The Club House, Hampstead Garden Suburb
742 Coleridge Walk, Hampstead Garden Suburb
743 Hogarth Hill, Hampstead Garden Suburb
744 Corner of Meadway and Hampstead Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb
745 The City Walls, Hampstead Garden Suburb
746 Wild Hatch, Hampstead Garden Suburb
747 Lucas Square, Hampstead Garden Suburb
748 Temple Fortune Hill, Hampstead Garden Suburb
750 East Barnet (Parish) Church
751 East Barnet Lane
752 Hadley Woods
753 Lych Gate, East Barnet Church
753 Nether Court Farm, Woldingham  Should be 1753
754 East Barnet Lane & Churchyard
755 East Barnet Churchyard
756 Russell Lane, Whetstone
757 Cat Hill, East Barnet
758 New Barnet from Cat Hill
759 Hadley Woods
760A Hadley Woods
763 Road to Cockfosters, Hadley Wood
764 On Hadley Green
766 Private Road to Friern Barnet Church
767 Pond, Hadley Woods
768 Footpath from Cat Hill to Cock Fosters
769 Pond at Cock Fosters
770 Cock Fosters Church
778 Dingwall Gardens, Golders Green
779 Corringham Road, Golders Green
780 The Schools, Hampstead Garden Suburb
781 Temple Fortune Court, Hampstead Garden Suburb
782 Hill Close, Hampstead Garden Suburb
783 Arcade House, Hampstead Garden Suburb
783A Arcade House, Hampstead Garden Suburb
784 Oakwood Road, Hampstead Garden Suburb
784A Oakwood Road, Hampstead Garden Suburb
785 Road through the Woods, Hampstead Garden Suburb
786 Chatham Close, Hampstead Garden Suburb
787 North Square, Hampstead Garden Suburb
800 (Bank Parade,) New Southgate
801 Clock & Watchmaker’s Asylum(, New Southgate)
801A Clock & Watchmaker’s Asylum, New Southgate
802 Woodhouse Lane, New Southgate
802A Woodhouse Road
803 Corner of Friern Lane(, New Southgate)
804 Brook in Waterfall Lane(, New Southgate)
805 The Waterfall, New Southgate
807 Southgate Church
808 The Green, Southgate
808A The Green, Southgate
808B The Green, Southgate
8080 The Green, Southgate  Should be 808A
809 St Paul’s Church, New Southgate
810 Friern Lane, Friern Barnet
811 (Old Cottages in) Colney Hatch Lane(, Friern Barnet)
812 Friern Lane, New Southgate
813 St John’s Church, Friern Barnet
814 Waterfall Lane & Church, Southgate
815 Top of Alderman’s Hill, Southgate
816 "The Cherry Tree", Southgate
816A "The Cherry Tree", Southgate
817 Bowes Road, New Southgate
817A Bowes Road, New Southgate
817B Bowes Road
818 Friern Barnet Road, New Southgate
819 Friern Barnet Road, New Southgate
820 Colney Hatch Asylum, New Southgate
820A Colney Hatch Asylum, New Southgate
821 Great Northern Cemetery Gates, New Southgate
822 Chase Side, Southgate
823 Winchmore Hill Road
824 Chase Side Southgate
824A Chase Side, Southgate
825 Recreation Ground, New Southgate
826 Waterfall Lane, New Southgate
827 Bounds Green Road
828 Corner of Bowes Road, New Southgate
829 Brunswick Park Road, New Southgate
830 St Paul’s Hall, New Southgate
830 Colney Hatch Asylum, New Southgate  Should be 820
831 Friern Barnet Road
832 Woodhouse Road
832A Woodhouse Road
833 Congregational Church, New Southgate
835 Corner of Friern Lane, New Southgate
835A Friern Lane, New Southgate
836 St John’s Church & Friern Barnet Road, New Southgate
837 The Green, Southgate
837A The Green, Southgate
838 Alderman’s Hill, Southgate
839 Top of Alderman’s Hill & Green, Southgate

858 London Bridge  Should be 202A

892 Hampstead Heath, near the Bull and Bush
893 Steps leading to Judges Walk, Hampstead
894 Judges Walk, Hampstead Heath
895 East Heath Road, Hampstead
896 The Old Pound & Vale of Health, Hampstead
897 West Heath Road, Hampstead
898 Horse’s Ride, Hampstead
899 Well Walk, Hampstead
900 Wesleyan Church, Lady Margaret Road
902 Albany Street
903 Temperance Hospital, Hampstead Road
904 The Gardens, Regents Park
906 Gloucester Gate, Regents Park
907 Regents Park
913 Beaufort Street, Chelsea
914 St Mark’s College, Chelsea
914 Military Hospital later version of above
915 Carlyle Gardens, Chelsea
916 Statue to Hans Sloane, Physic Gardens, Chelsea
916A Physic Gardens, Chelsea


1000 University College Hospital, Gower Street
1001 University College Hospital, Gower Street
1002 The New River, Finsbury Park
1003 River & Cricket Field, Finsbury Park
1005 Northern Polytechnic, Holloway Road
1006 Lordship Road
1007 St George’s Church, Tufnell Park
1007 The Woods, Winchmore Hill  Snow scene ?should be 1007S
1008 Holloway Castle, N
1009 Camden Athenaeum
1009S Bourne Hill  Snow scene
1010 All Saints’ Church, Aden Grove
1010A Aden Grove & All Saints’ Church
1011 Highbury New Park & St Augustine’s Church
1011A St Augustine’s Church & Highbury New Park
1011S Springfield Park  Snow scene
1012 Highbury Grange
1012A Highbury Grange
1012S The Lake, Clissold Park  Snow scene
1013 Canonbury Square & Tower
1013B Canonbury Tower
1013S The House, Broomfield Park  Snow scene
1014 Highbury Quadrant Church
1015 Northfield Road
1016 Linthorpe Road
1017 St Andrew’s Pavement, Dunsmure Road
1017A St Andrew’s Pavement, N
1017S The Pond, Lower Clapton
1018 St Andrew’s Church, Stoke Newington
1019 West Bank, Amhurst Park, N
1021 Fairholt Road, Stoke Newington
1021S Totteridge Ponds
1022 Bethune Road, Stoke Newington
1022B Bethune Road, Stoke Newington
1023 Albion Road, Stoke Newington
1024 Mildmay Park
1025 Newington Green & Radical Club
1026 Park Lane, Stoke Newington
1027 View from Woodberry Down, Stoke Newington
1027 New River, Woodberry Down  Same view
1028 Stamford Hill
1029 East Bank
1030 High Street, Stoke Newington
1030S Footpath to Totteridge  Snow scene
1031 Stamford Hill
1032 Finsbury Park
1033 (Boating Lake, )Finsbury Park
1034 Finsbury Park(, Flower Beds)
1035 Finsbury Park
1036 Finsbury Park
1037 Finsbury Park
1037A Finsbury Park
1037S Bruce Castle Park  Snow scene
1038 Clissold Park, The Band
1038S Tottenham Church  Snow scene
1039 Clissold Park, Band Stand
1040 Clissold Park(, Band Stand)
1041 The House, Clissold Park, Stoke Newington
1041S Waterlow Park  Snow scene
1042 Bowling Green, Clissold Park
1042S The Park, Enfield  Snow scene
1043 Old & New Churches, from Clissold Park, Stoke Newington
1043 Clissold Park  Same view
1043S Parish Church, Enfield  Snow scene
1044 Finsbury Gate, Finsbury Park
1044 Finsbury Park Gates  Same view
1045 Amhurst Park
1046 Seven Sisters Road
1047 Manor Road, Stoke Newington
1047S Bishops Avenue  Snow scene
1048 Woodberry Down
1049 Clissold Park, Bowling Green
1052 Holcombe Hill, Mill Hill
1052S Highbury Fields  Snow scene
1054 Mill Hill
1056 East Finchley
1057 The North Road, East Finchley
1057 High Road, East Finchley  Different view
1057A High Road, East Finchley (2)
1057C High Road, East Finchley
1058 East End Road, East Finchley
1059 High Road, East Finchley
1060 Broadway, Church End, Finchley
1060B Regents Park Road & Hendon Lane, Finchley
1060S Alderman’s Hill  Snow scene
1061 Parish Church, Finchley
1062 St Mary’s Church, Finchley
1063 St Paul’s Church, Finchley
1063A St Paul’s Church, Finchley
1063B High Road, North Finchley (& Skating Rink)
1064 Princes Parade, Finchley
1065 Ballards Lane, Finchley
1065A Ballards Lane, North Finchley
1065S [NO TITLE]  Snow scene
1066 Dollis Road, Finchley
1067 Dollis Park, Finchley
1067S [NO TITLE]  Snow scene
1068 Nether Street, Finchley
1068A Nether Street, Finchley
1068B Nether Street, Finchley
1069 Recreation Ground, Finchley
1069A Victoria Recreation Ground, Finchley
1069B Victoria Recreation Ground, Finchley
1069C Victoria Recreation Ground, Finchley
1070The Schools & Orange Tree, Totteridge
1071 The Green, Totteridge
1071A The Green, Totteridge
1072 Footpath from Totteridge to Woodside Park
1072A Footpath to Totteridge
1073 High Street, North Finchley
1074 Christ Church, North Finchley
1075 Regent’s Parade, North Finchley
1076 Ballards Lane, North Finchley
1077 Woodside Park Station
1077A Woodside Park Station
1079 St Joseph’s Foreign Missionary College, Mill Hill
1081 St Edward’s Convent, Totteridge
1083 St Vincent’s, Mill Hill
1084 St Vincent’s School, Mill Hill
1085 Tally-Ho Corner, North Finchley
1085A Tally-Ho Corner, North Finchley  Same view as 1085
1085B Tally-Ho Corner, North Finchley
1086 Mill Hill School
1086A Mill Hill School
1087 Mill Hill Church & Schools
1087 St Paul’s Church and Schools, Mill Hill  Same view
1088 Linen & Woollen Drapers’ Cottage Homes, Mill Hill
1088 A London Policeman Later renumbered to T.24 in the Types of London Life series
1089 Linen & Woollen Drapers’ Cottage Homes, Mill Hill
1090 High Road, East Finchley
1090 Electric Car, East Finchley  Same view
1091 New Electric Car
1092 Wesleyan Chapel, Mill Hill
1093 The Plough, Mill Hill
1094 Highwood Hill
1095 Hendon Lane, Finchley
1095A Hendon Lane[, Finchley]
1096 St Joseph’s College[, Mill Hill]
1097 The Grove, Mill Hill
1098 Mylespit Hill, Mill Hill
1098 Goldbeaters Farm, Mill Hill
1099 King’s Head Hill, Mill Hill
1100 Springfield, Upper Clapton
1100 Springfield, Upper Clapton  Different view
1100A Springfield Park, Upper Clapton
1101 Springfield Park, Upper Clapton
1102 The Lake, Springfield
1103 The Shrubbery, Springfield
1103 Springfield Park, Upper Clapton
1104 Springfield Park, Upper Clapton
1104 The Pond, Lower Clapton
1104A Springfield Park, Clapton
1105 Mare Street, Hackney
1105 Springfield Park, Upper Clapton
1105A Springfield Park, Clapton
1106 Hackney Town Hall
1107 Hackney Old Tower
1109 Lower Clapton Road
1109A Lea Bridge Corner
1109B Lower Clapton Road
1110 Old Churchyard, Hackney
1110 Hackney Old Tower  Same view
1111 Lower Clapton Road
1111A Lower Clapton Road, showing the Rink
1112 Lower Clapton Road
1113 Entrance Gates, Victoria Park
1114 City of London Hospital, Victoria Park
1115 Parmiter’s Schools. Approach Road. Victoria Park
1116 Boating Lake, Victoria Park (Evening)
1117 Victoria Park, The Avenue
1118 Victoria Park, The Old Lake
1119 Victoria Park, The Boat House
1121 Clapton Common
1122 The Pond, Clapton Common
1123 Clapton Common
1124 River Lea, Clapton
1125 River Lea, Clapton
1125A River Lea, Clapton
1125B River Lea, Clapton
1126 Spring Hill, Clapton
1126A Spring Hill, Clapton
1127 Pond, Lower Clapton
1128 Gardens, Lower Clapton
1128A The Pond, Lower Clapton
1128B The Pond Gardens, Lower Clapton
1129 Clapton Common, West Side
1130 St Thomas’ Church & Old Hill Street, Clapton
1130A St Thomas’ Church, Clapton
1131 Clapton Common
1131A Clapton Common, showing Agapemonite Church
1131A Clapton Common  Different view
1132 Darenth Road, Clapton
1133 Upper Filey Avenue, Clapton
1134 Osbaldeston Road, Clapton
1134A Osbaldeston Road, Clapton
1135 Kyverdale Road, Clapton
1136 Clapton Common, East Side
1136A Clapton Common
1137 Lower Clapton Road
1138 Evering Road, Clapton
1139 German Hospital, Dalston
1140 Dalston Lane
1141 Dalston Lane
1142 Queens Road & St Bartholomew’s Church
1143 Dalston Lane & German Hospital
1143 Church Lane, Hornsey  Possibly 1173?
1144 Richmond Road & St Paul’s Church, Dalston
1145 Kingsland Gate
1146 Kingsland Road
1147 Kingsland Road
1148 High Street, Kingsland
1149 Buccleugh Terrace, Clapton
1150 Crouch End Hill
1151 Crouch End Hill
1152 Crouch End Hill
1153 Hornsey Lane, Crouch End
1154 Hornsey Lane, Crouch End
1155 Hornsey Lane, Crouch End
1156 Hornsey Lane, Crouch End
1157 Hornsey Lane, Crouch End  Charles Martin 290
1158 Birklands, Hornsey Lane
1159 Playing Fields, Crouch End
1159 The Park, Enfield  ?Should be 1470?
1160 Playing Fields, looking towards Muswell Hill
1161 Playing Fields, Crouch End
1162 Playing Fields, Crouch End
1163 Crescent Road, Crouch End
1164 Weston Park, Crouch End
1165 Avenue Road, Crouch End
1166 Wolseley Road, Crouch End
1167 Crouch Hall Road, Crouch End
1168 Shepherd’s Hill, Highgate
1168A Shepherd’s Hill, Highgate
1169 Coolhurst Road, Crouch End
1171 Tottenham Lane & Fire Station, Hornsey
1172 Hornsey Station
1174 Topsfield Parade, Crouch End
1175 1st Middlesex V.B. Headquarters, Hornsey
1176 Park Road, Crouch End
1177 St George’s Church, Hornsey
1178 Crouch End Station
1179 Crouch End Hill
1180 Green Lanes
1181 Hornsey Cottage Hospital
1184 Totteridge
1186 The Village, Totteridge
1187A Totteridge Lane
1188 Totteridge Fields
1189 Totteridge Park, West Corner
1189A The Broad Walk, Totteridge Park
1192 Old Cottages, High Road, Whetstone
1193 Copped Hall, Totteridge
1193A The Bulwer Lytton Arbour, Copped Hall, Totteridge
1194 The Priory, Totteridge
1195 The Village, Totteridge [or] Totteridge Village
1196 The Grange, Totteridge
1198 The Green, Totteridge
1199 On the Green, Totteridge
1199A On the Green, Totteridge
1200 Bush Hill Park, Enfield
1201 Queen Anne’s Gardens & Golf Club, Bush Hill Park
1202 Wellington Road, Bush Hill Park
1202A Wellington Road, Bush Hill Park
1203 Curious Tree in Village Road, Bush Hill Park
1204 Dryden Road, Bush Hill Park
1205 Tennis Club, Bush Hill Park
1206 Queen Anne’s Place, Bush Hill Park
1207 Bush Hill Park Station
1208 Queen Anne’s Gardens
1209 Station, Bush Hill Park
1210 St Mark’s Church, Bush Hill Park
1211 St Mark’s Institute, Bush Hill Park
1212 Bush Hill Park
1213 The Schools, Bush Hill Park
1214 St Michael’s Church, Gordon Hill
1215 Parsonage Lane, Enfield
1216 Bagshot Road, Bush Hill Park
1217 Tramroad between Winchmore Hill & Bush Hill Park

1238 Firs Lane, Winchmore Hill  Should be 1288

1246 Grovelands
1247 Lake and Avenue, Grovelands
1248 The House, Grovelands
1249 The Lake, Grovelands N
1249A Entrance Gates, Grovelands
1249B The Lake, Grovelands
1250 Winchmore Hill
1250A Church Hill, Winchmore Hill
1251 Green Lanes, Winchmore Hill
1252 (Entrance to) Woods, Winchmore Hill
1252A Road through the Woods, Winchmore Hill
1253 (St Paul’s)(Parish) Church, Winchmore Hill
1254 Winchmore Hill, The Village Green
1254 The Green, Winchmore Hill
1254A The Green, Winchmore Hill
1254B Green, Winchmore Hill
1254D The Green, Winchmore Hill
1255 Compton Road, Winchmore Hill
1256 Road to Edmonton, Winchmore Hill
1257 Winchmore Hill Station
1257A Winchmore Hill Station
1259 Ford’s Grove, Winchmore Hill
1259A Ford’s Grove
1259B Ford’s Grove, Winchmore Hill
1260 Green Lanes, Winchmore Hill
1260A Green Lanes, Winchmore Hill
1261 Green Dragon Lane, Winchmore Hill
1261A Green Dragon Lane, Winchmore Hill
1262 Entrance to the Woods, Winchmore Hill
1262A The Woods, Winchmore Hill
1263 Bush Hill, Winchmore Hill
1264 The Woods, Winchmore Hill
1264A The Woods, Winchmore Hill
1265 Church Hill, Winchmore Hill
1265A The Green, Winchmore Hill
1267 Station Road, Winchmore Hill
1268 Entrance to Woods, Winchmore Hill
1269 Hopper’s Road, Winchmore Hill
1270 Bart’s Hospital Ground, Winchmore Hill
1272A Northern Hospital, Winchmore Hill
1272B Near the Hospital, Winchmore Hill
1273 Green Dragon, Winchmore Hill
1273 Green Lanes, Winchmore Hill  Same view
1274 Hopper’s Road, Winchmore Hill
1275 Grange Drive, Winchmore Hill
1276 Vicar’s Moor Lane, Winchmore Hill
1277 Firs Lane, Winchmore Hill
1278 Wade’s Hill, Winchmore Hill
1279 The Rookery, Winchmore Hill
1280 Tom Hood’s Cottage, Winchmore Hill
1281 Bourne Hill, Winchmore Hill
1283 The Stile, Winchmore Hill
1284 Holy Trinity Church, Winchmore Hill
1285 Beaulieu, Winchmore Hill
1285A The Green, Winchmore Hill
1285B Halliwick House, Bush Hill
1286 Collegiate School, Winchmore Hill
1287 Green Dragon Lane
1287A Green Dragon Lane, Winchmore Hill
1288 Firs Lane, Winchmore Hill
1288 Lincoln Road, Enfield  Possibly 1484?
1289 Wade’s Hill
1290 Hopper’s Road
1291 Old Park Ridings, Winchmore Hill
1292 Firs Lane, Winchmore Hill
1293 Station Road, Winchmore Hill
1294 The Broadway, Winchmore Hill
1295 Eversley Park Road, Winchmore Hill
1296 Footpath from Wade’s Hill to Green Dragon Lane, Winchmore Hill
1297 Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park
1298 Nelson Road, Stroud Green
1299 Ossian Road, Stroud Green
1300 Ferme Park Road
1300A Ferme Park Road
1301 Stapleton Hall Road & Library
1302 Stapleton Hall Road, showing Stroud Green Station
1302A Stapleton Hall Road, showing Stroud Green Station
1303 Upper Tollington Park
1304 Holly Park, Crouch Hill
1305 Stroud Green Road
1306 Stroud Green Road
1307 Grand Parade, Harringay
1308 Green Lanes, Harringay
1308A Seven Sisters Road & Woodberry Down, N
1309 Crouch Hill
1309A Crouch Hill, N
1310 Oakfield Road, N
1310A Oakfield Road
1311 Wightman Road, N
1312 Stroud Green Road
1314 Grand Parade, Haringay
1315 Seven Sisters Corner, Holloway
1315A Seven Sisters Road
1315B New Post Office, Holloway
1316 Holloway Road & Marlborough Theatre
1316A Nag’s Head, Holloway
1317 Stroud Green Baptist Chapel
1318 Stroud Green Road, N
1319 Hanley Road and St Saviour’s Church
1320 Tollington Park
1321 Ridge Road
1322 Stroud Green
1323 Wray Crescent
1324 Finsbury Park Empire
1337 Noel Park Schools, Wood Green
1338 Rowton Avenue, Wood Green
1339 St Mark’s Church. Wood Green
1350 Grand Avenue, Muswell Hill
1351 Curzon Road, Muswell Hill
1352 Muswell Road, Muswell Hill
1353 The Exchange, Muswell Hill
1353A The Exchange, Muswell Hill
1354 Church Crescent, Muswell Hill
1355 Muswell Avenue, Muswell Hill
1355A Muswell Avenue
1356 Baptist Church, Muswell Hill
1357 Woodland Rise, Muswell Hill
1358 Muswell Hill, N
1359 Queen’s Avenue
1359A Queen’s Avenue, Muswell Hill
1360 Muswell Hill Station
1361 Muswell Hill Road
1362 Woodland Gardens, Muswell Hill
1363 Woodland Villas, Muswell Hill Road
1363A Woodland Villas, Muswell Hill Road
1364 Methuen Park
1364 The Woods, Winchmore Hill  Should be 1264
1365 Elms Avenue
1366 Creighton Avenue, Muswell Hill
1367 Wellfield Avenue
1368 Colney Hatch Lane
1369 Hornsey Isolation Hospital, Muswell Hill
1370 Hornsey Isolation Hospital, Muswell Hill
1371 Queen’s Wood Avenue
1372 Prince’s Avenue, Muswell Hill
1372 Kings Avenue
1372A King’s Avenue, Muswell Hill
1372C Kings Avenue, Muswell Hill
1374 Footpath in Highgate Woods
1374 Footpath near Old Golf Links  Same view
1375 Muswell Rise, Muswell Hill
1376 Cranley Gardens Station
1377 Wesleyan Church, Muswell Hill
1377A Wesleyan Church, Muswell Hill
1378 St James’s Church, Muswell Hill
1379 St Andrew’s Church, Muswell Hill
1380 Onslow Gardens, Muswell Hill
1381 Leaside Mansions, Fortis Green Road
1382 Prince’s Avenue, Muswell Hill
1383 Firs Avenue, Muswell Hill
1384 Leaside Avenue, Muswell Hill
1385 St James’s Parade, Muswell Hill
1385A Birchwood Mansions, Muswell Hill
1385B Athenaeum, Muswell Hill
1386 Cranley Gardens, Muswell Hill
1386A Cranley Gardens
1387 Congregational Church, Muswell Hill
1388 Muswell Hill Station
1388A Muswell Hill Station
1389 Birchwood Avenue, Muswell Hill
1390 Woodberry Crescent, Muswell Hill
1391 Coppetts Road, Muswell Hill
1392 Page’s Lane, Muswell Hill
1393 Alexandra Park Road
1394 Midhurst Avenue, Muswell Hill
1395 Rookfield Avenue
1396 The Gables, Fortis Green Road
1397 The Avenue, Muswell Hill
1398 Hillfield Gardens, Muswell Hill
1400 Trinity Gardens, Wood Green
1401 Bounds Green Road, Wood Green
1401B Bounds Green Road(, New Southgate)
1402 Cottage Hospital, Bowes Park
1403 Whittington Road, Bowes Park
1404 Middleton Road, Bowes Park
1405 Palmerston Road, (Palmers Green)(Bowes Park)
1405A Palmerston Road, Bowes Park
1405B Palmerston Road
1406 Bowes Park Station
1407 Bowes Road, Palmers Green
1408 Bowes Park Congregational Church

1445 Cuffley
1445A Cuffley
1446 The Plough, Cuffley
1447 Cuffley Station
1448 Road to Goff’s Oak, Cuffley
1448A Goff’s Oak, Cuffley
1449 Enfield Lock
1450 London Road, Enfield
1451 King and Tinker, Enfield
1452 London Road, Enfield
1453 Jesus Church, Forty Hill, Enfield
1454 Jesus Church, Forty Hill
1455 Forty Hill, Enfield
1456 White Webb’s Lane, Enfield
1457 White Webb’s, Enfield
1458 White Webb’s Park, Enfield
1459 Wilkinson’s Woods, Enfield
1460 Forty Hill, from Maiden’s Bridge, Enfield
1464 Presbyterian Church, from River, Enfield
1466 Cottage Hospital, Enfield
1467 The River, Enfield
1468 Baker Street, Enfield
1469 Enfield Station
1469A Enfield Station
1470 The Park, Enfield
1470 Playing Fields, Crouch End  Should be 1159
1471 Great Eastern Station, Enfield
1472 St Stephen’s Church
1473 Gordon Hill, Enfield
1474 Tram Terminus, Enfield
1475 Village Road, Enfield
1476 Lamb’s Residence, Chase Side, Enfield
1477 The Parish Church, Enfield
1478 Chase Farm Schools, Enfield
1479 Forty Hill, Enfield
1480 St Luke’s Church, Enfield
1481 New Technical Schools, Enfield
1482 Phipp’s Hatch Lane, Enfield
1484 Lincoln Road, Enfield
1485 Fir Trees, Baker Street, Enfield (The Old Rectory)
1486 Gentleman’s Row, Enfield
1492 Albion Road, Stoke Newington
1493 The Reservoir
1494 New River, from Green Lanes
1496 Fire Station, Blackstock Road
1496A Police Station, Blackstock Road
1497 St John’s Church & Broadway, Highbury
1498 Brownswood Road
1499 Digby Road
1500 Cranwich Road
1501 Durley Road, (Stoke Newington)
1502 The Hall, Skinners’ School, Stamford Hill
1503 The Gymnasium, Skinners’ School, Stamford Hill
1504 New River, Paradise Row (Winter)  Same as 1506B
1505 Clissold Park & Old Church (Winter)
1506 Clissold Park (Winter)
1506A Clissold Park
1506B Clissold Park
1507 Finsbury Park (Winter)
1508 Finsbury Park (Winter)
1508A Finsbury Park (Winter)
1508B The Lake, Finsbury Park (Winter)
1508C Finsbury Park
1508D Finsbury Park (Winter)
1509 Lordship Park, Stoke Newington
1509A Lordship Park
1509B Lordship Park, N
1510 The Birdcage, Stamford Hill, N
1510A Stamford Hill
1511 High Street, Stoke Newington
1513 Stamford Hill
1514 Heathland Road, Stoke Newington
1515 The Fire Station, High Street, Stoke Newington
1516 Stoke Newington Station
1517 Cazenove Road
1517A Cazenove Road
1517B Cazenove Road
1518 Old Houses, Church Street, Stoke Newington
1519 Allerton Road, Stoke Newington
1520 Brownswood Park
1521 Green Lanes, Clissold Park
1522 Green Lanes, Clissold Park
1523 Highbury New Park
1524 The New River, from Park Lane
1525 Lynmouth Road, Stamford Hill
1526A Fountayne Road, Clapton
1529 St Michael( & All Angel)’s Church, Stoke Newington
1530 Stoke Newington Road, N
1531 Stamford Hill
1531A (Tram Terminus, )Stamford Hill
1532 Burma Road, N
1534 Springdale Road, Stoke Newington
1535 Stoke Newington Common
1536 Durlston Road
1537 Geldeston Road
1538 Northwold Road
1539 Stamford Hill
1540 Stamford Hill Mansions
1541 Stamford Hill
1541A Stamford Hill, N
1542 The Bowling Green, Clissold Park
1544 Green Lanes, Brownswood Park
1544B Green Lanes, Clissold Park
1545 The Lodge, Clissold Park
1547 Stoke Newington Common
1548 Portland Avenue, Stamford Hill
1549 Maury Road, Stoke Newington
1549A Benthal Road
1550 Lambton Road, Raynes Park
1551 Durham Road, Raynes Park
1552 Golf Club, Raynes Park
1553 Coombe Lane, Raynes Park
1560 "The Old Oak", Hersham
1561 River Mole, Hersham
1562 Hersham Green
1563 Esher Road, Hersham
1564 Esher Road, Hersham
1565 Esher Bridge
1566 Back Green & St Peter’s Church, Hersham
1567 West Carrs Lane, Hersham
1570 St Catherine’s Church, Feltham
1571 Hanworth Church
1572 Hanworth Park, Feltham
1573 Feltham High Street
1574 High Street, Feltham
1575 Lower Feltham
1580 The Post Office, Downside
1581 The Island, Downside
1582 The Girl’s School, Downside
1583 The Infants’ School, Downside
1584 Downside Common
1585 The Avenue, Horsley Road, Downside
1586 Walton Street, Walton on the Hill
1587 The Green, Walton on the Hill
1588 Mere Pond, Walton on the Hill
1589 Chequers Lane, Walton on the Hill
1590 The Church, Walton on the Hill
1592 The Golf Links, Walton on the Hill
1593 High Street, Walton on the Hill
1594 The Village Green, Walton on the Hill
1595 The Street, Walton on the Hill
1600 Vange Church
1601 Vange School
1602 Hope Hall & Gordon Hall, Vange
1603 High Road, Vange
1604 Pitsea Church
1605 Pitsea Station

1625 Leverstock Green Church
1626 Coxpond, Leverstock Green
1627 The Vicarage, Leverstock Green
1628 Leverstock Green, West
1629 Leverstock Green & Church
1630 Leverstock Green
1631 Quadrangle, showing Superintendent’s House, Guy’s Hospital
1636 Dining Hall, Nurses Home, Guy’s Hospital
1638 Bright Ward, Operating Theatre
1639 Bright Ward, Guy’s Hospital
1639A Bright Ward, Guy’s Hospital
1639B Bright Ward, Guy’s Hospital
1639C Bright Ward, Guy’s Hospital
1639D Bright Ward, Guy’s Hospital
1639E Bright Ward, Guy’s Hospital
1645 Medical School, Guy’s Hospital
1650 St Nicholas’ Church, South Ockendon
1651 High Street, South Ockendon
1652 North Road, South Ockendon
1653 National Schools, South Ockendon
1654 The Green, South Ockendon
1655 Mill & Moat, South Ockendon
1660 Orsett Hall
1661 The Schools, Orsett
1663 Orsett Rectory
1664 Orsett Union
1665 The Square, Orsett
1666 Orsett Church

1675 The Village Green, Blackmore
1676 The Village, Blackmore
1677 St Laurence Church, Blackmore
1678 St Laurence Church, Blackmore
1679 Jericho, Blackmore, Essex
1680 Baptist Chapel & River, Blackmore
1681 The Leather Bottle Inn, Blackmore

1697 Standon, from the Bridge
1698 The Schools, Standon
1699 Standon
1700 Standon Church
1701 Paper Mill Lane, Standon
1702 Standon Street
1702 Standon Mill    Should be 1703
1703 Standon Mill
1704 High Street, Puckeridge
1704A High Street, Puckeridge
1705 St Edmund’s College, near Puckeridge
1706 St Edmund’s College, near Puckeridge
1707 Braughing Church
1708 Braughing Village
1709 Puckeridge
1710 Standon Road, Puckeridge
1711 Braughing Church
1712 Braughing Square
1713 Braughing High Street
1714 Puckeridge
1715 Braughing
1715A Braughing
1716 The Vicarage, Braughing
1717 General View of Braughing
1718 Braughing Village
1719 Old Houses, Braughing
1720 Station Road, Braughing
1725 Old Oxted
1726 Oxted Church
1727 Limpsfield Church
1728 Charing Cross Convalescent Home, Limpsfield
1729 Church Missionary Home, Limpsfield
1730 Caxton Convalescent Home, Limpsfield
1731 High Street, Limpsfield
1732 Limpsfield, Surrey
1733 New Holland, Oxted
1734 Holland, Oxted
1735 Hurst Green, Oxted

1741 New Savings Bank, W. Kensington

1750 Godstone Road, Woldingham
1751 New Church (Exterior), Woldingham
1753 Nether Court Farm, Woldingham
1754 Village & Green, Woldingham
1755 The Beeches, near Woldingham
1756 New Church & Village Green, Woldingham
1757 Station, Woldingham
1757 Old Church, Woldingham  ?Wrong number
1758 New Church, Woldingham

1775 Warlingham Church
1776 Warlingham School
1777 Warlingham Green
1778 Chelsham Church
1779 Croydon Mental Hospital
1780 Chelsham Church

1800 Mill Path & Pond, Three Bridges
1801 Lych Gate, Worth Church
1802 Worth Church
1803 Mill Path, Three Bridges
1805 Hazelwick Mill, Three Bridges

1825 Post Office Road, Crawley
1826 Entrance to the Monastery, Crawley
1827 Brighton Road & Railway Station, Crawley
1828 High Street, Crawley (South)
1829 High Street, Crawley (North)
1830 St Peter’s Church & Ifield Road, Crawley

1857 Birchanger Church, near Stansted

1877 Literary Institute, High Wycombe
1881 Wycombe Abbey School

1900 George Hotel & High Street, Buntingford
1901 Coles Park, Buntingford
1902 Coles Park, Buntingford
1905 Sandy Hole, Buntingford
1906 West Mill, Buntingford
1907 Aspenden Hall & Lawn
1910 Aspenden Hall “Entrance”

1928 Hall Lane, Great Hormead
1931 Great Hormead School
1932 Great Hormead
1933 Great Hormead Bury
1934 Glebe House, Little Hormead
1938 Aspenden, near Buntingford

1960 High Street, Burnham
1966 St Peter’s Church, Burnham

1983 Old Passage, Lincoln’s Inn
1984 The Square, shewing Old Hall, Lincoln’s Inn
1985 The Square, Lincoln’s Inn
1986 Entrance & Hall, Lincoln’s Inn
1987 York Water Gate, Embankment, London
1990 The Record Office(, Chancery Lane, London)
1991 Old Gateway, Lincoln’s Inn  Two different
1992 Lincoln’s Inn Entrance, Carey Street
1993 St Saviour Southwark
1994 The Strand, from Charing Cross
1999 Cheapside, looking E
2000 The Carlton Hotel, London
2003 The Carlton Hotel (Ladies Reading Room)
2004 The Carlton Hotel (Grill Room)
2005 The Carlton Hotel (Palm Court)
2007 Crosby Hall, Bishopsgate  Re-issue of 237
2010 Piccadilly Circus
2012 Prudential Assurance Co.(, High Holborn)
2015 Savoy Hotel, from Embankment Gardens
2016 Savoy Hotel, Terrace Restaurant
2017 Savoy Hotel, The Foyer
2018 Savoy Hotel
2019 The Old Hall, Lincoln’s Inn
2019A The Old Hall, Lincoln’s Inn
2020 Stone Buildings, Lincoln’s Inn
2020A Stone Buildings, Lincoln’s Inn
2021 Old Square, Lincoln’s Inn
2022 Clifford’s Inn
2024 First Avenue Hotel Buildings, Holborn
2027 King’s Cross Station
2028 St Pancras Station, Midland Hotel
2028A St Pancras Station
2029 Hotel Cecil, Strand Entrance
2031 Hotel Cecil, Terrace Restaurant
2032 Hotel Cecil, Terrace Drawing Room
2033 Fields Court, Gray’s Inn
2035 Finsbury Square
2035A Finsbury Square
2035B Finsbury Square
2036 "Barracks" City Road
2037 High Holborn
2040 Ludgate Hill
2047 East India United Service Club
2050 Squires Lane,Finchley
2050A Squires Lane, Finchley
2051 The Moat, Finchley
2052 Finchley Station
2053 Dollis Brook, Finchley
2054 Dollis Brook, Finchley
2055 Church Fields, Finchley
2056 Dollis Brook, Finchley
2057 East End Road, Finchley
2058 Finchley Church
2059 The Avenue, Finchley
2060 Dollis Brook, Finchley
2060A New Bridge over Dollis Brook, Finchley
2060B New Bridge over Dollis Brook, Finchley
2061 Dollis Road, Finchley
2063 High Street, North Finchley and Tally-Ho
2063A High Street, North Finchley
2064 Lodge Lane, North Finchley
2065 Torrington Park, North Finchley
2066 Friern Park, North Finchley
2067 Holden Road, North Finchley
2069 Woodside Avenue, N. Finchley
2070 Woodside Lane, N. Finchley
2071 The Grove, Finchley
2072 Princes Parade, Finchley
2072A Princes Parade, Finchley
2072B Princes Parade, Finchley
2073 Redbourne Avenue, Finchley
2074 Nether Street, from Railway Bridge
2075 Dollis Avenue, Finchley
2076 Gravel Hill & Nursing Home, Finchley
2078 Regent’s Park Road, Finchley
2079 Private Road to Friern Barnet Church, N. Finchley
2080 Nether Street & Alexandra College, Finchley
2081 Home for Homeless Children, Great North Road, Finchley
2082 Dollis Brook, Finchley
2083 Finchley Cottage Hospital
2084 Summers Lane, Finchley
2085 Bow Lane, Finchley
2086 Woodside, Grange Road
2087 Finchley Garden Village
2088 Waverley Nursing Home, Finchley
2088 Ossulston Convalescent Home, Waverley Grove, Hendon Same view
2089 The Well, Friern Barnet Lane
2090 The Old Pound, Friern Barnet Lane
2091 Torrington Park, North Finchley
2093 Granville Road, Finchley
2094 Woodside Grove, North Finchley
2096 Friary Park, North Finchley
2096B The Lake, Friary Park
2096C The House, Friary Park, North Finchley
2096D The Avenue, Friary Park
2096E Friary Park, North Finchley
2097 Finchley Station (Interior)
2097A Church End, Finchley
2098 Arden Road, Finchley
2099 Crooked Usage, Finchley
2100 West Hill, Highgate
2100A Old Fox, Highgate, in 1890
2101 Mill Field Lane, Highgate
2102 Pond Square, Highgate
2103 Highgate Ponds
2104 South Grove, Highgate
2104A South Grove, Highgate
2105 The Grove, Highgate
2105A The Grove, Highgate
2106 Ye Old Gate House, Highgate
2106A The Shoeing Forge, Highgate
2106B Ye Old Gate House, Highgate
2107 Entrance to Highgate Cemetery
2108 ?Swains Lane, Highgate  See 2608
2109 Waterlow Park, Highgate
2110 The Woodman, Highgate
2111 Talbot Road, Highgate
2111B Channing House School, Highgate
2112 Coleridge Buildings, Highgate
2113 St Joseph’s, from Waterlow Park
2113A St Joseph’s Retreat, Highgate Hill
2114 St Pancras Infirmary, Highgate
2115 Highgate Hill
2115A Highgate Hill, shewing Dick Whittington Stone
2115A Dick Whittington Stone, Highgate Hill, N
2116 St Pancras Infirmary
2116A Holborn Infirmary, Highgate
2117 Whittington College, Highgate
2117A Whittington College, Highgate
2118 Waterlow Park, The Lake
2118A Flower Beds, Waterlow Park
2119 Waterlow Park, The Bandstand
2120 Salvation Army Home, Clapton
2120A The Mothers Hospital, Clapton
2124 St James Church, Clapton
2124A St James Church, Clapton
2125 Thatched Cottage, Spring Hill, Clapton
2126 Police Station, Clapton
2127 Brook House, Clapton
2128 Cavendish Mansions, Clapton
2129 Rowhill Road, Clapton
2130 Clapton Square
2130A Clapton Square
2132 The Lake, Springfield Park
2133 The House, Springfield Park
2134 Public Library, Hackney
2135 Lower Clapton Road, shewing Brook House
2136 Upper Clapton Road
2137 Mare Street, Hackney
2138 Salvation Army Training College, Clapton
2138A Salvation Army Hospital
2138B Salvation Army Headquarters for Womens Social Work, Hackney
2139 Kenninghall Road, Clapton
2140 Forburg Road
2142 Springfield Park
2143 Springfield Park
2144 Springfield Park
2145A All Saints’ Church, Clapton
2146 St John’s Churchyard, Clapton
2147 Pond Gardens, Lower Clapton
2148 Lea Bridge Fields, Clapton
2150 East End Road, Finchley
2152 East End Road, East Finchley
2153 Oak Lane, East Finchley
2154 High Road, East Finchley
2155 East Finchley Station
2156 Long Lane, East Finchley
2156A Long Lane, Finchley
2157 Church Lane, East Finchley
2158 Footpath to North Finchley, from Oak Lane
2159 Holy Trinity Church, East Finchley
2160 Footpath to Southgate, from Great North Road
2170 Temple Church
2171 Middle Temple Lane
2171A Middle Temple Lane, London
2172 Master’s House & West End of Church, Inner Temple
2173 Fountain Court, Middle Temple
2176 Cloisters, Inner Temple
2177 Lamb Buildings, Inner Temple
2177 Firs Lane, Winchmore Hill  Should be 1277
2178 The Hall, Inner Temple
2179 Entrance to Temple Gardens
2180 Temple Bar
2181 Main Entrance to Law Courts
2183 Lincoln’s Inn Fields
2183A Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London

2200 The Cemetery, Edmonton
2201 Salisbury House, Bury Street
2202 Bury Street, Lower Edmonton
2202A Bury Street
2202B Bury Street, Edmonton
2203 White Hart Lane, Tottenham
2203A White Hart Lane, Tottenham
2204 Footpath to Tottenham Church
2205 Old Pond, White Hart Lane, Tottenham
2206 Municipal Buildings, Tottenham
2207 Sexton’s Cottage, Tottenham
2209 Montague Nursery, White Hart Lane, Tottenham
2210 The “Palace” Tottenham

2232 University College, from the Hospital
2233 No.3 Ward, University College Hospital
2235 No.14 Ward, University College Hospital
2235A Ward 14, University College Hospital
2237 Goldsmith Ward, University College Hospital
2239 Montefiore Ward, University College Hospital
2240 No.5 Ward, University College Hospital
2241 No.5 Edward Enfield Ward, University College Hospital
2242 "Blundel Maple Ward", University College Hospital
2243 No.13 Ward, University College Hospital
2244 Entrance Hall, University College Hospital  Curtis, the Porter
2245 Out Patients Ward, University College Hospital
2246 Operating Theatre No.2, University College Hospital
2246A No.2 Operating Theatre, University College Hospital
2247 Entrance, University College Hospital
2249 University College Hospital, Science Library, University of London
2251 Nurses Home, University College Hospital
2252 University College, Flaxman Gallery, University of London
2252A University College, Flaxman Gallery, University of London
2252B University College, Flaxman Gallery, University of London
2253 Flaxman Memorial, University of London
2254 University College, Mechanical Engineering Lab, University of London
2255 University College, General Library, University of London
2256 University of London, University College, Mocatta Library and Museum
2257 University of London, University College Hospital

2288 Footpath to Crouch Hill
2289 Womersley Road & Church of St Peter in Chains
2290 Inderwick Road, Stroud Green
2300 Waltham Cross
2301 Waltham Cross & Ye Old Four Swans
2302 Waltham Abbey, from River
2303 Waltham Abbey, showing restoration
2304 Old Entrance Gates, Waltham Abbey
2305 Old Market Square, Waltham Abbey
2306 Waltham Abbey, from West Porch
2307 King Harold’s Bridge, Waltham Abbey
2309 Waltham Abbey Vicarage
2311 River Lea, near Waltham Lock
2312 Powder Mill Lane & River
2317 Park Parade, Palmers Green
2318 The Mall, Southgate
2319 The Obelisk, Wood Green
2320 Bandstand & Gardens, Wood Green
2321 Trinity Road Wesleyan Church, Wood Green
2322 Skating Rink, Palmers Green
2323 Broomfield Park
2323A Broomfield Park
2324 Yacht Pond, Broomfield Park
2324A Yacht Pond, Broomfield Park
2325 Fox Lane, Palmers Green
2325A Fox Lane & New Council School
2326 Congregational Church, Fox Lane, Palmers Green
2327 Warwick Road, Bowes Park
2328 Wesleyan Church, Bowes Park
2329 Maryland Road
2330 (A Shady Path, )Broomfield Park
2330A Broomfield Park
2331 St John’s Church, Palmers Green
2331A St John’s Church, Palmers Green
2334 Thatched Cottage, Green Lanes, Palmers Green
2335 Cottage in Bourne Hill, Palmers Green
2336 Palmers Green Station
2337 Jolly Butcher’s Hill, Wood Green
2338 Old Cottages, Palmers Green
2338 Entrance to Broomfield Park  ?Should be 2348A?
2339 Printers Almshouses, Wood Green
2340 Waterfall Lane, Southgate
2342 Bowes Manor
2343 High Road, Wood Green
2344 High Road, from the Gardens, Wood Green
2345 New Library, Wood Green
2346 Broomfield Farm, Palmers Green
2346A Broomfield Farm, Palmers Green
2347 Powys Lane, Palmers Green
2347A Powys Lane, Palmers Green
2348 Broomfield Park, The Entrance
2349 The Woodman, Palmers Green
2350 The Mill, Broxbourne
2351 Broxbourne Bridge
2352 Broxbourne Church, from the River Lea
2354 St Catherine’s Estate, Broxbourne
2356 Broxbourne Village
2359 Market Place, Hoddesdon

2400 Park Cottages, Westerham
2402 Market Place, Westerham
2403 Long Pond, Westerham
2406 The Green Westerham
2407 Westerham Church
2408 The Monster, Pimlico
2409 Sutherland Street, Pimlico
2410 Brompton Parish Church

2468 Boadicea’s Statue, London
2469 New Archway, The Mall, London
2469 Queen Victoria Memorial Archway, The Mall, London
2469 Admiralty Arch, The Mall, London  Same view as above noted with Thomas Gowans imprint
2471 Whitehall, showing Duke of Cambridge Statue, London
2472 The Fountain, Park Lane
2474 Achilles Statue, Hyde Park
2475 London & St Paul’s Cathedral, from Fleet Street
2476 Westminster Abbey & St Margaret’s Church, London
2476A Westminster Abbey, shewing Coronation Annex, London
2477 Covent Garden Market, London
2478 Tower, from the River, London
2478A The Tower & Mint, London
2479 The Embankment, London
2479B Embankment and Training Ship "President", London
2480 National Gallery, London
2481 The Fountain, Piccadilly Circus, London
2482 Strand and Charing Cross, London
2482A Strand and Charing Cross, London
2484 Trafalgar Square, London
2484A Nelson’s Column & National Gallery, London
2485 Houses of Parliament & Westminster Hall, London
2485A Houses of Parliament & Westminster Hall, London
2486 Piccadilly Circus, London
2487 Oxford Circus, London
2488 Marble Arch, London  Noted with Thomas Gowans imprint
2488A Marble Arch, London
2489 Waterloo Place shewing Duke of Yorks Column & Crimea Statue, London
2490 Sir Henry Irving’s Statue
2491 The Fountain, Hyde Park
2492 New General Post Office, London
2492A New Central Post Office, London, The Interior
2494 Westminster Cathedral, London  See 2547
2496 Queen Victoria Memorial, London
2496A Queen Victoria Memorial, London
2496B Queen Victoria Memorial, London  Noted with Thomas Gowans imprint
2497 Petticoat Lane on Sunday Morning, London
2498 St James’s Park, London
2498A On the Sands, St James’s Park, London
2499 A Warder, Tower of London
2500 Horse Guards, Whitehall
2501 Old Curiosity Shop, London
2503 Chelsea Pensioners
2504 Lord Mayor’s Coach
2505 British Museum, London
2506 Home Office from St James Park, London
2508 The Quadriga Statue, Hyde Park Corner, London
2508A Quadriga, Constitution Hill, London
2508C Constitution Hill, shewing Quadriga Statue, London
2509 Oxford Street, London  Noted with Thomas Gowans imprint
2510 Royal Academy of Music, London
2511 Statue of Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens. Presented by J. M. Barrie.  Noted with Thomas Gowans imprint
2512 The Strand, showing Somerset House & St Mary’s Church, London
2512A The Strand & Wellington Street, from the Gaiety Theatre, London
2513 Westminster Bridge, St Thomas’ Hospital & Boadicea’s Statue, London
2514 Mansion House & Queen Victoria St, from the Royal Exchange, London
2515 Birdseye View of Waterloo Bridge & The Embankment, London
2516 The Thames, from London Bridge
2517 The Band in Hyde Park, London
2518Queen’s Bays, Drum HorseMillar
2519Sergt-Major, Life Guardsand
2520Officer, Life GuardsLang’s
2521The Royal Scots Fusiliers“National
25223rd Dragoon GuardsSeries”
2523Grenadier Guards1885
2524Officer, Gordon HighlandersMillar
2525Coldstream Guardsand
2526Gordon HighlandersLang’s
252793rd Highlanders“National
2528The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)Series”
2529Gordon Highlander (Piper)1884
2530 Tower and Tower Bridge, London
2531 Birdseye View of Houses of Parliament, St Margaret’s Church & the Thames, London
2532 Statue to Sir Robert Clive, Whitehall, London
2533 London Opera House, Kingsway
2534 New Oxford Street, London  Noted with Thomas Gowans imprint
2535 Oxford Street, London
2536 Gray’s Inn
2536A Field Court, Gray’s Inn
2536B South Square, Gray’s Inn, London
2537 Gray’s Inn, London
2538 Gray’s Inn Square, London
2540 Blackfriars Bridge, London
2542 The Dell, Hyde Park, London
2546 Holding Up the Traffic in the Strand, London
2547 Westminster Cathedral, London  Same as 2494
2548 The Cenotaph, London  Noted with Thomas Gowans imprint

2608 Swains Lane, Highgate  Should be ?2108

2689 Hotel Metropole, W

2992 Highbury Park
2992A Highbury Park
2993 Aberdeen Park, Highbury
2994 Highbury Hill, N
2995 Pathway through Highbury Fields
2996 Highbury Quadrant
2997 War Memorial, Highbury Fields
2998 Aberdeen Road
2999 St John’s College, Highbury
2999A Dining Room, St John’s College
3000 New River, Douglas Road, Canonbury
3001 Northampton Park
3002 St Paul’s Road, Highbury
3002 St Paul’s Road, Canonbury  Same as above
3003 Highbury Grove
3004 Highbury Grove
3005 Canonbury Park, South
3006 Canonbury Park, North
3007 Highbury Fields
3007A Highbury Fields
3008 Highbury Fields
3008A Highbury Fields
3009 Highbury Fields
3010 Highbury Fields
3011 Highbury Place
3012 Highbury New Park College & Grosvenor Road
3013 Petherton Road
3014 Highbury Crescent
3015 Highbury New Park
3016 Highbury Park Terrace
3017 Highbury Terrace
3018 The Cottage Hospital, Mildmay Park
3019 Conference Hall & Deaconess House
3020 Balfour Road, Highbury
3020 St Helen’s Church, Bishopsgate  ?Should be 3200
3021 Invalid’s Home, Aubert Park, Highbury
3023 Sotheby Road, Highbury
3024 Northolme Road, Highbury
3024 Highbury New Park College & Grosvenor Road  Should be 3012
3025 Church Street, Edmonton
3026 The House, Pymme’s Park
3026 Finsbury Park
3027 The Lake & Bowling Green, Pymme’s Park, Edmonton
3028 The Gates, Pymme’s Park
3029 Jew’s Corner, Church Street, Edmonton
3030 Lamb’s Grave, Edmonton
3031 Finsbury Park
3032 Finsbury Park

3100 Barnet Church
3100 Hadley Church  Should be 3101
3101 Hadley Church
3109 Station Road, Mill Hill
3110 Mill Hill Station
3111 Copt Hall, Mill Hill
3112 Hammer’s Lane, Mill Hill
3113 Dawes Lane, Mill Hill
3114 Hale Grove, Mill Hill
3116 Angel Pond, Mill Hill
3118 The Poplars, Mill Hill
3119 Wentworth Hall, Mill Hill
3119A Wentworth Hall, Mill Hill
3122 Sheepwash Pond & St Paul’s Church, Mill Hill
3123 River Walk, Enfield

3200 ?St Helen’s Church, Bishopsgate  See 3020
3201 St Margaret’s Church, Westminster
3201 St Giles’ Church, Cripplegate  Should be 3205
3202 St Andrew’s Undershaft
3203 St Olave’s Church, Hart Street
3203 Church of St Olave Hart Street, City of London
3204 Chapel Royal, Savoy
3205 St Giles’ Church, Cripplegate
3206 St Katherine Cree Church, London
3207 St Botolph’s Church, Bishopsgate

3670 Woodstock Avenue, Golders Green
3671 Golders Gardens
3672 Convent School (and) Golders Green Road
3673 West Heath Drive
3674 The Ridgeway, Golders Green
3674A The Ridgeway, Golders Green
3675 Montpelier Rise, Golders Green
3676 The Drive, Golders Green
3677 Woodstock Road, Golders Green
3678 North End Road (Golders Green)
3679 Golders Green Road, NW
3680 Golders Green, NW
3681 The Grove, Golders Green
3683 Gainsborough Gardens, Golders Green

4004 Hinton Road, Loughborough Junction

4105 Hampstead Lane, Highgate
4106 Hampstead Lane, Highgate
4107 High Street, Highgate
4108 Cromwell House, Highgate Hill

4155 Victoria Parade, Balham

4344A Charing Cross Hotel & Station

4750 The Lake, Golder’s Hill, Hampstead   Should be 475

5000 Greetings from Stoke Newington
5001 Greetings from Hackney
5002 Greetings from Clapton
5003 Greetings from Chelsea
5004 Greetings from ?
5005 Greetings from Muswell Hill
5006 Greetings from Battersea
5007 Greetings from Hampstead
5008 Greetings from Fulham
5009 Greetings from Putney
5010 Greetings from Crouch End
5011 Greetings from Hornsey
5012 Souvenir of St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5013 Greetings from Finchley
5014 Greetings from ?
5015 Greetings from ?
5016 Greetings from Highbury

No.1 Greetings from Edmonton
No.2 Greetings from Tottenham
         Greetings from Enfield

5958 Operating Theatre, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5958A Operating Theatre, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5958B Operating Theatre, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5958C Operating Theatre, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5959 Pathological Department, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5960 X Ray Apparatus, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5966 Hall with Dome, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5968 Kenton Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5968A Kenton Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5968B Kenton Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5968C Kenton Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5969 Hope Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5969A Hope Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5969B Hope Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5969C Hope Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5970 Pitcairn Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5970A Pitcairn Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5970B Pitcairn Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5971 Henry Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5971A Henry Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5972 Martha Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5972A Martha Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5973 Charity Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5973A Charity Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5974 Sitwell Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5974A Sitwell Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5974B Sitwell Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5974C Sitwell Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5975 Faith Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5975A Faith Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5975B Faith Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5976 Matthew Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5976A Matthew Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5976B Matthew Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5977 St Bartholomews’ the Less
5978 Rahere Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5978A Rahere Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5978B Rahere Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5978C Rahere Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5978D Rahere Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5979 Mark Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5979A Mark Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5980 President Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5980A President Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5980B President Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5980C President Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5981 Stanley Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5981A Stanley Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5981B Stanley Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5983 Alexandra Ophthalmic Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5983A Alexandra Ophthalmic Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5983B Alexandra Ophthalmic Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5984 New Clinical Theatre, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5987 New Lifts & Stairs, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5994 New Dispensary, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5995 Martyrs Memorial Stone, West Smithfield
5996 "The Middle Room Surgery", St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5996D Middle Room Surgery, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5997A New Wing, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5998 Little Britain, Gateway of St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5999 Outpatients Department, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
5999A Outpatients Hall, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6000 Lawrence Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6000A Lawrence Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6000B Lawrence Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6001 Matthew Ward
6002 Sitwell Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6003 Faith Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6003A Faith Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6004 Martha Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6005 Harley Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6005A Harley Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6005B Harley Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6006 Hope Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6006A Hope Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6007 Pitcairn Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6008 Kenton Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6009 Colston Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6009A Colston Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6009B Colston Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6009C Colston Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6010 John Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6010A John Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6011 Coborn Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6012 Rahere Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6013 Elizabeth Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6013A Elizabeth Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6014 Lucas Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6014A Lucas Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6014B Lucas Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6014C Lucas Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6014D Lucas Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6015 The Dispensary, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6016 "Mary Ward", St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6016A Mary Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6016B Mary Ward, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6017 "Darker Ward", St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6017A "Darker Ward", St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6017B "Darker Ward", St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6017C "Darker Ward", St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6017D "Darker Ward", St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6018 "Abernethy Ward", St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6019 "Paget Ward", St Bartholomew’s Hospital
6020 Kingsway
6021 Southampton Row Tramway
6021B Southampton Row Tramway

6025 Albert Edward Ward

6035 "Stanley Ward"

6045 Theatre A, St Bartholomew’s Hospital

The following untitled chromos of animals are included here for simplicity.    Although they bear numbers, these form no part of the main series:-

7476 (Kittens, Pram & Doll)
7477 (Kittens)
7478 (Cat & Chicks)
7479 (Rabbits & Chickens)      by Annetta Cresta
7480 (Geese & Dogs)