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An Explanation

This is the portal to the postcard side of my EXCITING website.


Well this title stems from the frustration of choosing a distinctive and relevant e-mail address, only to find that everything you try has been bagged already.

What you need is an exciting name that nobody else has chosen!   said my son Rhodri.

So that’s what we came up with!   But, nevertheless, I will strive to live up to the name.

Mission Statement

It is intended that this site will become a repository for an assortment of nuggets of original research, arising from my own postcard history studies.   Additions will be made from time to time, for now concentrating on earlier work and articles in Picture Postcard Monthly.   Do please let me know what you like best; this will give me encouragement for the future.


For now there are just a few links to constantly developing Postcard pages:

Gordon Smith Postcards

The Wren City Churches and the Postcards of H R Allenson

Unwin Bros and their City of London Interiors


F. C. Morgan - Postcard Publisher

Followed by a link to my allied site dedicated to genealogy:


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